Bring That Spring Feeling To Your Holiday Home


Whether you own your own holiday home here in the UK, are looking to buy a caravan or lodge, or have simply booked a staycation away from a holiday home, we wanted to show you some simple ways to get that spring feeling in your holiday accommodation – that doesn’t break the bank.

When thinking about spring breaks, you don’t have to go too far to find something amazing to do. With lots of places you can visit, there’s always an adventure waiting for you when you reach your destination.

With spring holidays on the agenda, we wanted to look at some simple ways you could add a touch of spring to your staycation escape, with the addition of one or two items.

So, whether you own your own holiday home or are renting one for spring, here are a few things you could add to your accommodation to give it a homely, spring-like feel:


One easy, yet effective way to bring spring into your accommodation is to add a vase of freshly cut flowers.

The aroma of the florals will fill your home with a sweet, spring floral smell that will instantly put you at ease. Not only this, but spring blooms add a dash of color to any room, making the place feel more inviting and homely.

Flowers that are in season during springtime include daffodils, roses, tulips and hydrangeas, just to name a few.

Easter Decorations


Easter falls within the season of spring, so why not bring an Easter to feel to your accommodation? You just need the help of a few Easter inspired decorations, including wooden rabbits, Easter bunting and so many more Easter themed decorations available to buy.

This is a lovely thing to do, especially if you’re away for a week or two around the Easter holidays.

Chocolate Bird’s Nests

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 5, 10 or even 50, there’s something about making chocolate bird’s nests that make you feel warm and fuzzy. Plus, we don’t know who says no to a chocolate bird’s nest!

Easy to make, you could make these before you head to your accommodation or even whilst you’re away. All you’re going to need is:

  • 200g of milk chocolate (or an alternative dairy-free option)
  • 85g of shredded wheat, or cornflakes (or an alternative wheat-free option)
  • 2x 100g of mini chocolate eggs (or a suitable dairy-free alternative)
  • Cupcake cases

After making the nests, leave them in the fridge for two hours (if you can resist them for that long) and enjoy!

Spring Scent


Within the holiday home you own yourself, you could bring with you a spring-inspired scented candle, this will help bring a warm, spring-like scent to your accommodation, whilst also adding a homely feel when the candle is lit.

If you’re renting the accommodation, you’ll need to check if lit candles are permitted within the accommodation, before lighting your candle.

Adding Colorful Accents

Adding ornate and colorful accents to your holiday home can give it a festive air and bring the feeling of spring into your room. You can choose from products such as throws, cushions, rugs, artwork, or wall hangings to create the look you want. Here are some decorating tips you can use to make an impactful statement with your accents:

  • Choose bright colors with high contrast – Bright colors draw attention and can help create a festive atmosphere in your living area. Use various shades of the same color such as pink, orange and yellow for a vivid contrast that will grab the eye and instantly make any space vibrant.
  • Look for metallic accents – Metallics are not only visually appealing but also add texture and shine to traditional décor. You may find pillows or cushion covers with beads, sequins or metal threadwork that have just enough sparkle to inject life into a dull room.
  • Use bold prints – Bold prints are a great way to add visual interest without overwhelming the space with too much color. Look for boldly printed cushion covers in motifs like abstract lines, zig-zags or geometrical shapes – they will bring fun and character without becoming too over-the-top!

Enhancing the Outdoor Areas


Enhancing the outdoor areas is one of the best ways to bring that spring feeling to your holiday home. Whether it is by sprucing up the garden with a lick of paint or some new plants and flowers, or revamping certain elements of an existing patio, bringing more energy to your outdoor living space is definitely a great way to make it feel more upbeat and welcoming.

Consider ways in which you can add more visual elements of interest such as mosaic patterns on the floor, elegant lighting for evening entertainment or even potted plants by adding small flowering plants. Adding some wooden shutters or trellises will change the look of your walls, while an outdoor water feature such as a fountain or pond will certainly create a calming atmosphere.

Bringing natural elements into your outdoor spaces will create a sense of vibrancy, while splashes of bright colors or fresh foliage can make all the difference in making it appear alive and inviting. If you have space permits, consider bringing in some furniture such as loungers or bean bags so that visitors can relax outdoors too! You could also consider adding twinkly fairy lights outside to provide some little spots of added joy throughout springtime.–


With a few simple updates, you can bring some of that spring feeling into your holiday home. Whether it’s a bright and cheerful color scheme to enliven the space or light and airy curtains to let in more natural light, these easy changes will help make your vacation spot even more inviting for the season. Don’t forget to add some greenery with houseplants or outdoor plants, too! It doesn’t take much effort to give your holiday home that springtime makeover – just use our suggestions as a starting point and get creative with the decorating!