Here’s Why You Need a Standing Desk For Office Health


The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic catastrophe has forced us all to work from home, so it is time to get off the sofa and create our own work spaces. And your desk doesn’t have to be a standard one; instead, think about employing a stand-up desk, which has several advantages for your general health. You can never be too safe when it comes to your health. If your health prevents you from working due to an injury or illness brought on by spending too much time at your desk, even if you don’t typically work at a high risk, you should think about income protection insurance.

We are all aware of the harm that prolonged sitting can do to our health, and a standing desk can assist to add a little bit of wellness to our home offices. How? Read on.

Your shoulder and back ache should go away


When we spend the entire day slumped over a computer, our backs and necks suffer greatly. The likelihood is that our laptops or desktop computers are not ergonomically comfortable, which is why you might feel sore, tight, and in discomfort at the conclusion of a long workweek. With over 80% of Americans experiencing back pain at some point in their lives, back discomfort is particularly prevalent in the United States.

Fortunately, back pain can be avoided with simple exercises. Whether you’re stretching, flexing slightly, standing correctly, or marching in place, your spine should be moving continually. You can accomplish a lot while standing at a desk, which will maintain your spine moving properly. In fact, employees reported a 54% decrease in upper neck and back pain after standing for just 56 minutes throughout the course of the workday.

Lower your risk of developing heart disease

Long periods of time spent sitting have been shown in numerous studies to significantly raise the risk of heart disease. Although many of us spend the most of our days sitting down, doing so is actually highly risky. We run the danger of developing blood clots and heart failure when we are inactive. It has been established that excessive sitting can be so harmful that even an hour of vigorous exercise at the end of the day cannot make up for a whole day of sitting. In light of this, obtain a standing desk to reduce your risk of heart disease little by little every day. Your health will improve just by getting up.

Since heart attacks can occur at any time, it is preferable to obtain income protection insurance and to research any potential disability benefits beforehand. If you experience a sudden cardiac episode and need to be placed on long-term disability, it is impossible to predict what bills may arise in the future. In addition to your medical insurance, be sure you get disability insurance. In this manner, you’ll be aware that your medical bills are also covered and that you have income security. Take care of yourself since you shouldn’t take your financial security for granted. Get a standing desk as well to prevent any issues with your ticker!


Boost your mood

Your body is naturally relaxed when you’re sitting down, which might cause blood flow to your limbs and brain to decrease. Your body starts to feel stressed and worn out as a result of this. When you are under stress, your body releases the hormone cortisol, which can lower your mood and make you jittery, agitated, and furious. Your energy and mood levels will rise throughout the day as a result of waking up and increasing blood flow to your body; this will boost productivity and improve your mood. If you want to know how much better you feel at the end of the day, it would be a good idea to try standing up.

Burn calories while losing weight

As your muscles are used more when you are standing up, you burn more calories automatically. Furthermore, standing while working makes it simpler to incorporate additional activity into your day. The exercises you can perform include marching in place, jumping jacks, torso twists, arm circles, and even simple yoga poses. A standing desk has been shown to assist in burning an additional 750 calories each week, while weight loss is not guaranteed. This would result in a cumulative fat loss of around eight pounds per year.

As one can see, any worker who spends all day at a computer can profit greatly from having a standing desk. Your body will appreciate you for making the adjustment today, so do it now!