Staying in Shape is No More A Struggle with These Personal Training Apps – 2024 Guide

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For your body, there is nothing that you can do better than having it in shape, maintaining its shape, and exercising regularly.

These habits reduce all the harmful ingredients of your body like cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. and strengthens all the great things like muscles, stamina, etc.

Owning a smartphone can not do these things for you, but when you do it yourself, there is a good deal of software that will help you handle it. With what they do, personal trainer apps have been shockingly successful and some can do much more than fitness.

Here are the best health apps and exercise apps for you.

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Do you hate going to the workout room? The FIIT App offers you a personal trainer at home. It has the best studio trainers and lessons, so you can stay in shape irrespective of the type of proficiency.

Each lesson of FIIT app is about 25 to 40 minutes and is led by either one or two trainers like a postnatal fitness expert and a martial art and yoga expert who execute each workout with you.

Now, we advise you to start a training schedule and get regular training customized to your stage, and invite people to train around each other for an extra bit of motivation.

This application is available for both iOS and Android users.


Consistency is crucial for exercise. Sadly, trying to balance your other tasks sometimes puts the exercising at the back of your mind and you keep delaying it till there is no time.

Planning your workouts is one way to break free from this mental pit. You should block out time on a weekly basis with a workout schedule to remain engaged.

Calendly will provide you with a top-down view of your activities and support you in juggling what you have to do.You will then be able to scratch out a little time for exercise when you can see your entire schedule at a glance.

With this app, you can invite other workout buddies to your schedule and even have video meetings with them for coordination. Also, at Calendly, you can see an extensive list of some additional apps that you can use for this purpose.

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Adidas Running App

The adidas Running app, previously named as Runtastic, offers some of the most beneficial features to help you get the most out of your run.

Even if you do not have Internet coverage in a specific area, the built-in GPS helps you to monitor your run in real-time. You can also adjust your dashboard as per your objectives, though you will be helped by a personal coach.

And because Adidas running is owned by Adidas, you can also monitor the steps on your shoes, so the app can give you a warning when it’s time to find a new pair.


If your idea of a pleasant workout session is not to stare at a screen while trying to replicate workout moves, then you will loooooooove Aaptiv.

The app has video classes, but the audio-based guides are its major focus, allowing you to focus your attention on performance rather than your smartphone. Aaptiv has engaged the services of expert trainers, health educators, and physical therapists to help you reach (and crush) your goals, and guide you through every step of your fitness routine.

This unique style has placed the business among the smartest and most downloaded audio and video apps, and the results it produces. It is for both iOS and Android.

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Sleep Cycle

Deprivation of sleep will affect negatively on your overall health. Although enhancing the effectiveness of diet and exercise, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule can help you perform at your best.

With this app, unlike with a conventional alarm that startles you awake no matter how deeply you sleep, you can control your sleeping habits and set an alarm to wake you up gently during your lightest time of sleep.

The Sleep Cycle will allow you to refine your sleep schedule and make the most of your regular activities. You will sleep restfully and will be able to kickoff your workouts.


We require no introduction for the Peloton. Owing to its luxury cycling and running products and courses, the firm became a leading brand.

You would want to download apps even if you don’t own a Peloton bike or a treadmill, since it gives you access to hundreds of daily workouts guided by world-class instructors- no fitness gear required.

Live and on-demand classes are categorised into types of exercises like weightlifting, yoga, flexing, or meditation, and are suitable for both professionals and learners.

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Common personal trainer apps are effective, but you’re more likely to need something a little advanced if you’re a veteran weightlifter looking for something that will really improve your gains.

The intuitive workout tracker, as Strong, lets you concentrate your training on greater benefits. The desire to manage your different workouts and then checking off your takes as you accomplish them is impressive, even if you only go for the free version.

The software also manages the numbers so you don’t have to synchronise with fitness trackers. You can save an infinite number of workouts, use a plate calculator that lets you zero in on the exact weight you need for various exercises, and even use a body measurement tracker so that over time you can watch those key metrics.

Alo Moves

If you are serious, or want to get serious, about yoga, then Alo Moves will take you places. The application is an addition to Alo Yoga, the celebrity-favorite athleisure brand, which offers courses from some world’s greatest and most popular yogis.

So, if you are seeking a way to loosen up with a soothing meditation session after a long day or want to develop some power and improve your versatility, you will definitely get a class that meets your interests.

Fun part: You will never have to repeat the same lesson, with over 2000 on-demand videos and new ones added each week. HIIT and barre sessions and some prenatal stretching and the network also provides yoga lessons.