Reasons to Rely on Steam Sanitisation From Covid-19

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Hygiene and sanitisation are paramount to maintain good health. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than ensuring maximum hygiene in any given environment. The difference in requirements and purpose of different surface areas also make the task more complicated. The onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic made things even more complex, with both homeowners and industrialists needing to spend more time, effort, and money to sanitise their premises.

The process of cleaning and sanitising is a task that no one seems to enjoy. Despite the availability of many expensive solutions and products, it is also challenging to find an effective solution for different purposes. The coronavirus causing the Covid-19 pandemic is pretty resilient, too, making many cleaning products ineffective against them. The government-imposed guidelines didn’t help the cause either, with any public place needing to be sanitised all day long to ensure its safety.

The good news is that there is a brilliant solution to all these issues regarding cleaning and sanitisation. The answer comes with steam sanitisation that only requires clean waters and a steam cleaner to clean any surfaces and make them sanitised. They are easy, inexpensive, and highly effective against the coronavirus. There are even more reasons to rely on steam sanitisation during these testing times and beyond, and we discuss them in detail below.

Steam Sanitisation is Greatly Effective

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When the Covid-19 pandemic started to spread, the UK government created a guideline advising people on mitigating the spread. One of the principal parts of those steps were cleaning and sanitisation. It urged people to wash their hands regularly while ensuring maximum hygiene in their environment. As public spaces are more prone to get unhygienic, they called for public areas like hospitals, industries, bus stations, etc., to take additional measures against coronavirus spreads. Under such circumstances, the benefits of using a steam sanitiser came into prominence.

You see, a high-quality steam sanitiser works by taking clean waters to the boiling point. Once the water starts to turn into vapours, the machine can spray it onto the surfaces. As most viruses and microorganisms can’t withstand a temperature above 70° Celcius, the vapours effectively kill any germs that there might be. It also works similarly and as effectively against the coronaviruses. All you have to do is keep the nozzle straight and closer to the surface while spraying to ensure disinfection of the spray areas.

Steam Sanitization is Less Time Consuming

As you can imagine, a steam sanitiser comes with a water tank to store and heat water. It also comes with a nozzle and other accessories to spray hot steams on the surfaces. As soon as the vapours hit the ground, they tend to dry up for obvious reasons, eliminating the drying step of normal cleaning processes. Therefore, you can expect to disinfect and clean any given surface in the quickest possible time.

There are also different steam sanitisers with various capacities. Hence, if you have a larger surface, you can opt for a water tank that will cover the entire area in one go, making it even less time-consuming in the process. So, if you have an industrial area or a public space like hospitals and schools to clean quickly and repeatedly, an industrial steam sanitiser is the way to go.

Steam Sanitisation Costs Less Than Other Solutions

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There are two principal ways a steam sanitiser can save money in cleaning and sanitation costs from Covid-19. Firstly, it won’t need any cleaning liquids to clean and disinfect the surfaces. Even if you are trying to clean a highly greasy area, the hot water streams would be enough to clean it. Similarly, the steam sanitisation process doesn’t require any cleaning brush or sweeps, saving you some more money in cleaning tasks.

Another way a steam sanitiser proves to be cost-effective is in terms of human resources. As the process is as simple as spraying sprinkles on the surfaces, only one operator is enough to manage one steam cleaner. The larger steamers come with wheels at the bottom, so don’t worry about needing extra hands to push it around either. To sanitise mobile spaces like a bus or train, you will also get portable steamers to carry on your back – all by yourself.

Availability of Specific Tools for Specific Purposes

Not every sanitisation task is the same. Sanitising a complex machine in an industrial environment, for example, will require some unique tools to sanitise. Manufacturers of steam sanitisers are working tirelessly to invent and design innovative solutions to tackle specific industrial issues. So far, it resulted in the availability of a range of accessories for steam sanitisers that can help you reach even the most complex areas in your industrial setup.

Moreover, there are also steam sanitisers tasked with performing a specific task. For example, some stationery, in-line steam sanitiser for industrial purposes can attach to your existing conveyor belts and work in tandem side-by-side. That way, your manufacturing tools will be sanitised automatically, without needing to pause production. To get more information, please visit

Final Words: An Environmental Solution

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Using a steam sanitiser is also an environment-friendly solution. It uses only water and no additional chemicals, after all! Therefore, it causes no harm to the environment or people operating it. The only risk it comes with is accidental burns. That too, if you are careless enough to point the nozzle of the hot water vapours towards you or any person around. The rest is entirely free from worries.

Whether it’s the reality of Covid-19 or not, cleaning and sanitation are a big part of our everyday lives. Thanks to steam sanitisers, we can now perform those tasks in an effective and effortless way. This time and cost-effective solution is a blessing for both homes, industries, and public areas, especially under the most demanding circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. Using a steam sanitiser feels like a breeze, and thus, there is no reason not to clean and sanitise periodically over a day.