How to Straighten Beard Hair in 3 Steps – 2024 Tips

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It is not a secret that men are equally taking care of their physical appearance as women. There was a bigger difference many years ago. However, it seems that difference today does not exist.

Men try to improve their physical appearance in several different ways. First of all, they want to be in a good shape and fit. Because of that, you can find many men going to a gym every single day. Despite that, a lot of them are practicing their cardio often. That’s why you can see them running with their Bluetooth headphones somewhere near the river.

However, there is one more way how they want to look more attractive. Having a beard is one of the ways to look more interesting to women. Yet, there is one small problem that doesn’t allow men to accomplish this goal. A huge number of them do not have a “strong” beard. The reasons why this is happening are various.

For instance, genetics plays a huge role here. If your father and grandfather had the problem with beard growth, then there is a big chance you will have it as well. Despite that, the food that we consume every day also affects our beard growth. If you have this sort of problem, then you should visit Norse Grooming to find out more.

However, people that do not have a problem with this have different troubles. You can hear many people wanting to find out how to straighten beard hair. Well, this might be a tough challenge. If you have a curly beard, you may look messy even after you maintain it every single. However, to find an answer, we would need to answer another one.

Why Are Some Beards Curly?

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This is the biggest doubt of people. For instance, it often happens that the hair of the person is not curly. However, his beard is. So, he wonders why this is happening. However, beard and hair do not have anything in common. How your beard will grow depends on the shape of your follicles.

In other words, if your hair follicles are symmetrical, your beard hair will be straight. On the contrary, if your follicles are asymmetrical, the beard will be curly how it gets longer. Yet, let’s make another thing clear. Even people with symmetrical follicles can have a curly beard. This depends on the hair shaft. It has an uneven distribution of keratin, and the problem is once again going to arise.

Finally, there is another common reason why this happens. Your beard might be dry. Because of the dryness, the beard gets damaged and it sooner or later becomes curly.

Okay, after explaining these things, we would want to talk about the way of how to straighten beard hair in a couple of steps. Let’s find out those steps together.

Straighten Your Beard with Beard Products

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Fortunately, science is making progress every single day. Because of that, every year we get a better product that improves the beard-growing process. Logically, these products have a huge impact on how our beard grows.

First of all, you should use hot water to wash your beard. However, the product that you should use is a natural beard wash. Still, your job does not stop there. After you do that, we recommend you put beard oil to the skin underneath your beard. Yet, keep in mind that beard oil is not going to straighten your beard in any way it will only improve the health and growth of the beard hair.

Now, we have come to the main part. Straightening your beard hair is not as complex as you think. Our recommendation is to use beard butter. This “medicine” will relax the hairs and it offers a medium hold to straighten out your curly beard. We do not want to say that your beard is at once going to become super straight. However, the difference is going to be visible. Despite that, your beard will look and smell nicer.

Finally, we come to the part when you should use a beard brush. We won’t advertise any of them here, but we assume you can find a lot of the online. Spend a couple of minutes to move the hairs into place.

Straighten Your Beard with Blow Dryer

Well, you can hear many beard experts talking about this subject. You will hear some of them saying that the blow dryer is damaging beard. Well, when you look from the technical side, something like this might happen. However, it is only possible if you use too much heat for too long. Yet, if you use it in the right way, your beard can get a lot of benefits.

Before you even start, you must apply beard oil. As we previously said, this type of product cleans and relaxes the hair. Despite that, it will provide some moisture to your skin. Finally, this product will coat the beard hairs that will protect your beard from any potential damage that blow dryer can make.

Now, get a beard comb and start combing up and out. While you are doing that, you need to follow the comb with the blow dryer. Do not focus only on one part of the beard. Go through all the parts from your cheeks to your neck.

The next move is to take the comb and blow dryer and comb from the top down. In this way, you will force the hairs to lay down tighter. Sooner or later, your beard will have to become straight.

The biggest benefits of blow dryers are effectiveness and speed. You won’t have to spend the entire day on straightening your beard hairs. The entire process will last around 5 minutes.


These two ways are perfect options for people that want to find out how to straighten beard hair. However, they are not the only ones. For instance, fiat iron or mini straighteners is also a good way to do that. Still, it is the riskiest method because it can destroy your bear. Keep in mind that you are applying a very hot metal surface to your beard hair.

Anyway, be careful where you purchase the beard products that we mentioned. Some of them are not as effective as they should be and we suggest you analyze the supplier before purchasing.

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