6 Tips That Will Make Your Dropshipping Marketing Strategy Successful in 2024

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  1. Build a beautiful website

One of the first things people are going to do when looking for your service is to check your website. Your website really is your best salesperson. It never calls in sick. It can sell to a thousand people at the exact same time. Take some time and invest in your brand and in your content.

Have everything there that somebody might want to look at or understand about your brand, in order to go with you. Customers are going to compare your website with similar businesses in your area and then they’re going to decide who to do business with based on the look and the content of that website.

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  1. Build a strong social presence

Build your presence on Instagram and Facebook, especially for gyms and personal trainers, this is exactly what this company did with their business: SaleSource – one of the best all-in-one ecommerce dropshipping tools.

You may even think about YouTube, but people are going to check for social proof before they decide to invest in your gym or in your personal training service. And they’re going to want to see good, interesting content. Show that you’re passionate about what you do.  And they’re going to want to see that people are actually following you and engaging with you. If they see those things, they’re going to have more trust and move forward to the next step which is doing business with you.

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  1. Invest in video

Do videos all the time as a fitness brand. Make sure that you’re posting that on social media. Video can be a hard thing to do, if you’re  trying to think about what content to create on the spot. Write down the questions you hear every week. Your clients are going to be asking you questions in the gym all the time.

Write those down as well. Those are perfect ideas for videos. If you just create a video every week or  two or three a week and just answer those simple questions, it’s going to be valuable information for people online that are watching and consuming that content.

It’s also going to create brand awareness for you  to help grow your brand and your fitness business. So that’s one power tip. Another one there is also to do is to feature one client a week. Show their before/after. Talk about their story. Talk about what they enjoy about your brand, what makes you different.  hare that content as well. This is a great way to have content  ready to go all the time. A steady drip of content means  a steady drip of new customers.

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  1. Use a CRM

Stay organized.  Keep all your clients listed in a CRM. Store information about them and  their family and their goals. Follow up and check in with them and  build in email automation that sends them  automated tips and reminders, class schedules, workouts of the day, sends them fitness, nutritional information, those sorts of things. Send them holiday emails, birthday emails.

Really build a relationship and use a CRM to store that information and then  have a process to follow up with your  clients to keep them engaged. A lot of times people will trade trainers or  trade gyms because they get disengaged.  Stay, follow up with them so that you earn them back if they do leave, and more importantly, keep them there so they don’t leave.

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  1. Build your reputation online

You should have a lot of reviews. You should have a four or five star rating and a constant flow of reviews all the time. The more reviews you get the  more clients you’re going to get so  ask for reviews from your happy clients. If they are satisfied, there is no reason why they shouldn’t leave a good review. Here’s an idea. Maybe offer them a free month if they leave reviews online and have them leave reviews on more than just one review site.

Ask them to leave it on the Google reviews, maybe on your Facebook reviews, and all your other relevant review sites that you’re passionate about so that when somebody  searches your brand name and the word reviews on Google, the page is just lit up with four and five star reviews on multiple review sites.

A lot of times before people decide who  to do business with in any business but especially a gym or a personal trainer, they’re going to check your reviews online. And if you have a tremendous amount of reviews  on a high star rating in comparison to your competitors  you’re going to win the business. And so ask for reviews and give people a free month for doing it.

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  1. Optimize your local listings on directory sites

This is going to help you rank higher in the maps  on Google search but it’s also going to  help you rank higher in relevant directories  that people might also be looking online. There’s personal trainer directories, there’s gym directories. You’re going to want to be listed highly on  all of those because here’s the deal.

You can’t control where people look but  you can control if you’re there. And so you want to make sure that you’re there and  you’re ranking on top. And so optimize those profiles. Ask for reviews on those profiles  so that your present there and you can  capture business from every possible source.

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