5 Easy Ways to Have a Better Experience With Any Vape Tank in 2024

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Do you ever pause to reflect on the kind of experience you’re having as a vaper? Do you ever start to feel as though you don’t actually find vaping quite as enjoyable as you’d like? Maybe you don’t like the fact that new coils start to taste burned after just a day or two. Perhaps you love the big clouds, but you’re tired of the fact that the flavors taste dull and poorly defined. Maybe you just wish that the tank could be a bit less noisy during operation. Whatever your reason is for being less than fully satisfied with your vaping experience, you may not realize that there are actually several ways for you to get a better experience by tinkering with the equipment that you have.

Is it time to run to buyv2cigs.co.uk and grab a new vape tank? If you’ve been using your current tank for more than a year or two, you’d probably benefit from a more modern vaping setup. If you’re already using new hardware, though, here are 5 easy ways for you to improve your experience with the tank you already have.

Rinse Your Tank When Replacing the Coil

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One of the best things that you can do to maintain your vape tank and ensure that the flavor always tastes great is to give the tank a quick rinse in the sink each time you replace the coil – even if you intend to refill the tank with the same e-liquid that you were using before.

Rinsing is always a good idea when you’re changing e-liquid flavors, of course, because if you don’t, you’ll taste the remnants of your previous flavor when switching to a new one.

Even if you aren’t changing flavors, though, your tank can still collect contaminants like e-liquid residue and pocket lint in areas such as the air intake vents and the base hardware under the coil. Those contaminants can manifest themselves as off flavors during vaping. If your e-liquid just doesn’t seem to be giving you the same enjoyable flavor that it used to, rinsing your tank is a good step toward rectifying that.

Adjust Your Tank’s Airflow

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Your vape tank most likely has an adjustable airflow collar at the bottom, and if you’re like most vapers, you keep the collar on the maximum airflow setting at all times. That, after all, is how you get the biggest clouds – and cloud production is what everyone wants, right?

The problem with keeping your tank at the maximum airflow setting is that the wider your tank’s airflow vents are, the more air you inhale when vaping. Air doesn’t taste like anything, though, and it doesn’t add anything to the vaping experience. It only dilutes the vapor clouds and makes those clouds look bigger.

If you’re disappointed by the lack of flavor intensity that you get with your tank, try reducing your tank’s airflow slightly. You’ll get a more focused flavor because your tank won’t allow as much air in.

When you reduce your tank’s airflow, the vapor will become warmer. That’s because the air flowing through your tank doesn’t just puff up the vapor clouds; it also cools the coil. To keep the coil operating at a comfortable temperature, you may need to reduce your vaping device’s wattage slightly.

Replace Your Uncomfortable Drip Tip

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Did you know that most vape tanks use mouthpieces that are easily interchangeable? A few vape tanks – such as the SMOK TFV16 – use proprietary drip tips, but most current tanks use drip tips in the standard “810” size. If you search online for the phrase “810 drip tip,” you’ll see hundreds of possibilities made from materials ranging from resin to stainless steel. If you’re not completely happy with the way your tank’s mouthpiece feels, you don’t have to put up with it.

  • Try a resin drip tip for a more colorful look.
  • Try a stainless-steel drip tip for a smooth feeling on the lips.
  • Try a jade drip for the exotic feel of real stone.
  • Try a Delrin or Ultem drip tip to insulate your lips from the heat of your coil.

Replacement drip tips also come in a huge variety of sizes and shapes, so there’s no reason why you can’t achieve exactly the look and feel that you want.

Switch to Sucralose-Free E-Liquid

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If you’re sick of replacing your tank’s coil every couple of days, you’ve got to try unsweetened e-liquid. The reason why your coils fail so quickly is because your e-liquid contains sucralose. Sucralose doesn’t vaporize; it burns. As it burns, it condenses into a black residue that coats your coils, robbing them of their performance and creating a terrible burnt flavor when you vape.

It might surprise you to discover that vape juice can be just as delicious without the exaggerated sweetness of sucralose. More importantly, switching to an unsweetened e-liquid will dramatically improve the life of your coils. With sucralose-free e-liquid, it’s not uncommon for vape coils to last multiple weeks. Is there some expensive boutique e-liquid brand that you’ve always wanted to try? You can easily justify that expense when your coils last three times as long.

Try a Mesh Coil

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The mesh coil is the most important development to hit the world of sub-ohm vaping since sub-ohm vaping itself entered the consciousness of the vaping community. Are you currently using a sub-ohm tank with coils that utilize six, eight or even more heating wires to produce their enormous clouds? If you are, your tank is probably extremely noisy during operation, and it’s probably a massive drain on your mod’s battery.

A mesh coil uses thin metal mesh in place of the traditional heating wires to create a coil with the same surface area but much lower mass. Mesh coils require less power, and they heat instantly and generate huge clouds. They also operate quietly and aren’t prone to popping and spitting as traditional vaping coils are.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that virtually everyone in the world who uses a sub-ohm tank should be using a mesh coil because mesh coils are better than traditional coils in every way. The good news is that, if you’re using a tank manufactured in the past year or two, it probably has a mesh coil available.

Have you checked and discovered that you can’t get a mesh coil for your tank? If that’s the case, it might be time for an equipment upgrade after all.