The Importance of Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

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Everyone loves to look fashionable and stylish. Most of them don’t care about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. A large percentage of environmental pollution is emitted from companies manufacturing textile and garments.

Be it air pollution by emitting harmful greenhouse gases in the air, water pollution by dumping waste in the water bodies or noise pollution from running machines in factories. This leads to global warming and other environmental problems. Sustainability in the fashion industry is declining each day.

People need to understand the importance of sustainability and should promote sustainable fashion brands that show great concern towards conserving and saving the environment. In this article, you will get insights into the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Why is sustainability in the fashion industry so much needed?

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1. Textile waste is minimal

An enormous quantity of textile waste is created worldwide in the fashion industry. Most companies either dump the waste in the water bodies like rivers or sea or burn them causing air pollution. This is extremely harmful to the environment and also leads to the wastage of resources.

Sustainability in the fashion industry allows you to create minimal textile waste saving plenty of resources. Companies should focus on sustainable clothing that is made with good quality textiles and can last longer. In this way, the wastage of textiles will be minimal.

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There are plenty of fast fashion companies who try to keep up with the latest trends with inferior quality textiles. People must avoid clothes sold by fast fashion companies and understand the importance of sustainability to save the environment.

2. Environment pollution is minimal

The fashion industry contributes to a large percentage of environmental pollution. Mostly it’s due to companies manufacturing clothing with inferior quality textile that doesn’t last enough. So people have no other choice but to buy clothes more often.

This leads to high demand in the market and companies increase their production to meet customer demand. A huge amount of harmful greenhouse gases are released while production has a severe impact on the environment causing global warming.

Another reason is that nowadays people are moving towards petroleum-based clothing like polyester, nylon etc. These materials are difficult to dispose of or recycle again causing environmental pollution.

People must understand the importance of sustainability and promote wearing outfits made with natural material that can be easily recycled like cotton, wool etc. Also, buying good quality textiles will minimize your carbon footprint.

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3. Promotes safer and fair workplace

There are plenty of textile companies that still don’t provide a fair and safe workplace to their workers and employees. There are workers in every industry who are regularly working in rigorous conditions. This includes a lack of safety and security equipment at the time of working.

Regular overtime and underpaid are common issues in fast fashion companies. Physical pressure is still prevailing without any medical and health conditions. Workers are exploited to another level without concern about their workers.

Fashion companies that promote sustainability also strictly follow business ethics and provide safer and fair workplaces to their workers. Clothing brands that ensure sustainability are much focused on developing society by  allowing workers to perform their best without any work pressure.

4. Safe clothing for everyone

Nowadays fast fashion companies treat clothes with chemicals in the process of manufacturing. These chemicals are used to bleach, dye to make your clothes brighter and vibrant. But wearing these chemically treated clothes can be harmful if you have sensitive skin or allergies.

The effect of chemically treated clothing is widely seen in young toddlers and kids and can cause serious harm to their health. Exposing your skin to chemicals isn’t safe at all. It can cause skin problems in the long term. It also minimises the production and use of chemicals.

Sustainability in the fashion industry is very much needed to save the environment and to provide safe clothing for everyone. Also, people must switch to sustainable clothing made from natural materials that are free from chemicals.

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5. Save life of innocent animals

Just for the sake of fashion, several companies in the textile industry are hunting down innocent animals to make people look fashionable and stylish. The most common example is leather clothing. Millions of animals are slaughtered to make leather clothing and accessories.

People must pay serious attention to increasing sustainability in the fashion industry or else innocent animals will be slaughtered every day to fulfil human needs. There are plenty of alternative clothing styles made of natural materials that can make you look stylish.

6. Less consumption of water

Thousands of gallons of water is used to manufacture a single T-shirt and thrice the quantity for a pair of jeans. This makes water one of the most common elements of the fashion industry. At the time of production huge quantities of freshwater is used for dyeing and bleaching.

Wearing sustainable brands makes your clothes last longer and will reduce the demand for clothing in the market. This will reduce the production of clothing to some extent which is enough to save gallons of water every day. Sustainable fashion companies also follow policies that limit water consumption at the time of production.

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The Bottom-line

Everyone has a responsibility towards saving and conserving the environment. People must understand the impact of ignoring sustainability while buying clothes and garments it can cause to the environment. These were a few reasons that make sustainability in the textile industry so important.

Even a small step is progress towards change and you must always be the change that you want to see. Hence, avoid fast fashion brands and start using sustainable clothing that can be easily recycled and causes less environmental pollution.