4 Things to Know About Tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 8 THC)

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Apparently, scientific innovation wasn’t factored in to the U.S. Government’s 2018 Hemp & Farm bill that legalized hemp production and sales in the U.S. and along with it, CBD. But a new menace has sprung up in the tug of war between authorities and said innovation.

And now, as some states begin the scramble to close the Pandora Box that has been opened, the consumer is the real beneficiary… for now. But one thing we’ve learned is, give them a taste and then go ahead and try to take it away.

And as far as potential jeopardies to the legal cannabis programs, who at present prefer to fight rather than join (and take it over) well, let’s take a little dive and see where things stand …

You see, a funny thing happened on the way to the farm. Hemp farmers and manufacturers figured out how to extract THC from that Hemp plant that was non-psychoactive and was going to only produce CBD extraction products.

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And hence, Delta 8, a near cousin of delta 9, and yet another psychoactive component also found in cannabis and boom – industry disrupter!

Everything the U.S. government was trying to prevent from happening and everything the recreationally legal cannabis people were being told would not happen, turned out to be a falicy.

Yes, THC CAN be derived from the non-psychoactive (<.3%) hemp plant, processed into Delta 8 THC products and LEGALLY sold everywhere from 7/11 to gas stations to grocery stores to delivery in the mail straight to your door step and OUCH!

The nascent legal cannabis market is upended before federal level legalization can even have a seat at the table to begin a discussion.

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So, let’s look at the basics as they apply to this new world of Delta 8 hemp-derived THC and see what there is to know and learn, shall we? I’ve boiled it down to four simple things that lawmakers failed to consider before passing this monumental bill almost 5 years ago now.

First, not all THC is created equal, UNLESS you eat/ingest it! That’s right, one of the things about Delta 8 THC from hemp-derived products is that it causes a lighter, more functional buzz than is customary with cannabis.

For those that don’t want to be couch-locked, that’s a great plus, a lighter buzz that allows you to just enjoy it while getting on with things, much better for daytime usage and functionality. But for the total stoners amongst us, that buzz can become even more, IF you eat/ingest it.

What happens is that Delta 8, Delta 9 and Delta 10 (save that discussion for another day but yet another THC cousin inherent in the plant) ALL convert to Delta 11 when eaten (orally ingested)! Got that?

When Deltas 8, 9 or 10 pass through the liver, each and every one of them are ALL converted to Delta 11 (and again for another day’s discussion) and thus provide the same effects.

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Second, as mentioned above, because hemp-derived Delta 8 is LEGAL federally in the U.S. (unless you reside in one of the states that has restricted its manufacture and sale and more are scrambling to do so), it can be offered for sale just about anywhere including having it shipped directly to your home, through the mail system, all perfectly legal (unlike cannabis)!

Go ahead and say that to your dispensary budtender as they laugh while having security escorts you off the premises, unless they have gotten the memo. Yeah, I know some rec states offer delivery vehicle delivery, but mail shipping? What a great thing for us consumers of THC and what a mess for the legal recreational cannabis system, huh?

The smarter states will just let it be rather than taking another freedom that has been granted, away from the public. At the present time, states like Illinois seem to have gotten it right, just letting well enough alone (the craft license debacle certainly playin a part in this decision but whatever, it is the law of the state).

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Third, there are some great Delta 8 Hemp-derived THC websites and products out there that you should explore. Many of these outstanding brands are conducting only online sales and/or sales at traditional consumer outlets like gas stations, convenience stores and the like (top notch brands like Aurochs Farms in the Midwest are available for sale at various grow stores, gas stations, convenience stores, etc…).

Like with anything cannabis and / or hemp / CBD related, make sure to look for brands made in food-grade facilities and tested independently by third parties, just like state regulations force cannabis operators to do.

Only about 20% of Delta 8 company products’ meet these standards, so look for companies that meet these minimum standards for YOUR safety and protection. If they don’t, stay away.

Fourth, price, price, price. At the end of the day, if the effects are all the same, doesn’t it really boil down to price and how much pain my pocketbook is going to have to absorb?

And with prices in the world on fire and stretching paychecks that seem thinner and thinner becoming increasingly difficult, saving money while having the same experience counts for something, wouldn’t you agree?

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So, for the best bang for your buck, it may be time to ditch the exorbitant pricing at the local dispensary and look to find high-end quality hemp-derived Delta 8 products that will save your pocketbook upwards of 33% of the cost of cannabis.

So, the next time you mosey on down to the local dispensary in search of cannabis products, don’ forget about Delta 8, it’s all the same for less and less hassle too!

Is Delta 8 something that might be for you? Well, it can be both the same (ingested) and/or a different THC experience than that which is found in Delta 9, which again, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Delta 8 hemp-derived THC is legal, there are some great products from some manufacturers that put a lot of TLC into their hemp-derived THC (ark-ark), and you’ll catch the same buzz for a lot less money. Winner winner chicken dinner said you-know-who!