The best tips, tricks and apps to make travel with kids easier

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Finally! You have booked that holiday and are looking forward to a proper break, a holiday, a time to turn your phone off and not worry about refreshing your emails every few minutes. Let’s be honest though, whether you are traveling alone with your kids or are a couple taking the kids away on holiday, the journey can be anything but relaxing. So why not make your life (and your kids’ lives) easier by checking out some tips, tricks and apps from Single Parents on Holiday to ensure you have a stress-free trip:

Packing cubes

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When travelling with kids (or even without!), organisation is key. How you choose to travel depends on the destination, but how you organise your travel, doesn’t. Packing cubes stack neatly in your luggage, give you a proper overview when you’re looking for specific things and will save you a lot of space. You can start packing essentials you don’t need immediately prior to travelling, unpack them again, re-pack everything and more. Equally, they are incredibly practical when you arrive at your destination as you can sort them by family member or any other packing system you have. They speed packing and unpacking up and mean you find everything much quicker – essential when you need to grab a baby wipe quickly or find a favourite toy.

Backseat organisers

If you have a long drive ahead of you, or need to survive a long haul flight with the kids, this will do the trick. I remember having one growing up and I never got bored. My parents would put all my games, toys, drinks and snacks into my backseat organiser, and I could grab them whenever I felt like it. No more ‘are we there yet?’, but a fun road trip the whole family can look forward to!


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Snacks, snacks, snacks. Preparing your own saves time and money. It’s also healthier, as we don’t end up buying the next meal deal. Kids lunch boxes are great as they keep the kids occupied for some of the journeys whether you’re travelling by car, train or plane. Proper storage also means food will last longer, as it’s divided into many compartments.


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Now this may seem quite controversial, why would you deliberately give your children sugar? Believe me, this is a simple travel hack if you are flying with kids. As take-off and landing can cause considerable discomfort to little ears, it’s often hard to calm them down. The solution is easy though, bring some lollies! They will sit quieter in their seats, are distracted and any pain caused by the constant change of pressure is lessened. It’s one of the easiest AND cheapest ways to make travelling with kids easier.

Trunki booster seat

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Needless to say, this is the ultimate booster seat. Have I mentioned that it folds into a backpack? In pink or green, Trunki offers booster seats you have never seen before. Ideal for going on holiday! Just beware, it is a little heavy for young kids to carry. Also, if you’re thinking of renting a car, you save on the car seat rental. This one (literally) has your back. Learn more about it at

Additional equipment for the seats for kids are the seat organizers. When you travel a lot of time you sure want to have your car clean and all your things in one place or easily accessible. For this, there are several type of car seat organizers such as backseat organizer and between seat organizer. For more details and types of car seat organizers you can check this review.

Cameras for kids

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The photography skills our phones provide us with are beyond anything we could have imagined 10 or 15 years ago. I probably don’t even know about every single special trick mine is hiding. Travelling can be really exciting for kids and how cool to have your own camera on holiday? Apart from having to teach our kids to get the perfect, slim side angle we can show our friends, it’s a win-win. Memories are saved, kids are occupied, no need to worry about your new Nikon or iPhone getting lost or dropped by little hands!

Amazon Fire tablets

Kids. Technology. Games. Films. You know the works! Modern technology has so much to offer nowadays, so how about a portable tablet you don’t have to worry about breaking? Thank goodness for headphones as well, otherwise listening to your child singing the Frozen song could get quite nerve-wracking… but it’s all been done! A kid-proof case keeps the tablet from getting damaged, a 2-year guarantee keeps you from worrying and you even get a year of ‘Fire for kids Unlimited’ with countless games and videos. The best part is that you can also set time limits and educational goals. It’s contained in the safe kid-friendly environment and is perfect for long journeys.

Reading Rainbow App

Available for free for iPhone and Android, this app does it all. Offering video field trips and customized books, it can be customized to your child’s hobbies. There is a range of games to choose from, and the best part is, you are educating your child at the same time. Whether it’s storytelling or video activities, there is no doubt this app will keep the kids occupied whilst travelling.

GPS wristbands

Right, let’s not get too paranoid here, but airports and train stations are huge. You look the other way and in the blink of an eye, you’re calling your child’s name, wondering how quickly they can vanish. Running around, exploring, finding new friends, checking out places. It’s pretty simple, they’re intrigued by the new setting and want to explore. Instead of running after your child, which let’s face it, you’ll probably end up doing anyway, how about matching wristbands? This is one of those moments where I can honestly say, wow technology is a godsend. A mini inserted GPS tracker and installed app can show you where your kid is racing around whenever you want to know.