The Genuineness of Online Casinos

Online Casinos

Online casinos seem like a really great idea – imagine picking up your phone or tablet and accessing all types of casino games that you love, with a simple touch of a button. No hassles. No stress. No pain.

An online casino is something that no casino lover would want to miss on their mobile devices. In fact, it is amongst the first few software that punters install on their smartphones. However, many people who are just getting started are usually skeptical about online casino for one reason – payments.

Many newbies often ask, are online casinos genuine? Do they pay out the lucky winners? And what happens if they don’t pay? The reality is, all these questions are founded. After all, online casinos require one to deposit money before they can play real games. So, it only makes sense for someone to want to know whether they are getting value for their money or they are being duped. In this article, we’ll discuss the genuineness of online casinos.

Online Casinos

So, how genuine are online casinos?

The advent of technology has seen the rise of online casinos. A simple Google search will reveal thousands of casino options to select from. This can be attributed to the demand for online casino by enthusiasts. However, with the demand also come rogue casinos. Although many casinos are legitimate, some are only out there to fleece unsuspecting players.

What we are trying to say here is that many casinos have transparent deposit and withdrawal procedures and pay out winners without fail; others have unclear payment systems and may refuse to pay players’ money. So, basically, it’s up to players to know which sites are legit and which ones aren’t. Luckily, there are so many resources online that explain what good or bad casinos look like. But in a nutshell:

Genuine casinos

There is more to a casino than just the payout. After all, it is not uncommon for a fraud casino to pay players a couple of times before it disappearing into thin air. So, a few things to watch out for include licensing, reputation, years of service, physical locations, testing certifications, and SSL protection. You also should look at deposit and withdrawal options. If the site integrates with PayPal, then it’s highly likely legit – PayPal is usually very selective about who they work with.

The Genuineness of Online Casinos

The best casinos like offer speedy and dependable payouts for every winning, along with convenient banking through a range of options including Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard), bank transfers and eWallet services (PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller). When selecting a real money casino, you should ensure that you’ve picked one that provides a payment method that matches your preference to avoid disappointment when it comes to your first transaction. Again, a genuine online casino will use Random Number Generators that ensures the odds match the payout of physical casinos. The fairness aspect of RNG software negates the rigging claims.

Why you are losing

If you are a losing player, it could be that you are:

·         Not using the right strategy

·         Playing at a rogue casino

·         Not familiar with the odds

·         Not familiar with the rules