The Right Way Of Staging Your Home in 2024


If you are in the market to sell your home, you will find that it is not an easy task. Buying a home is a lot easier than selling it. If you can sell your home quickly, you should thank your stars because you are fortunate. For those who find it challenging to sell a home, there is an option that increases the chances of selling your home quickly, and that option is known as ‘staging your home.’

Staging a home means you make your house look excellent and appealing to the prospective buyer. Most real estate agents who were assisting buyers felt that staging a home helped the buyers to make a decision. Most buyers even mentioned to the agents that they were able to picture themselves living in the house.

And similarly, agents who were assisting sellers informed the website that they were able to get a reasonable sales price for the seller. Staged homes also sold faster than homes that are not, according to 100commissionrealestate. Let’s now get down to the right way of staging a home:

Remove clutter

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A cluttered house will never sell. People do not like to see a cluttered house as it makes the house look smaller than it is. Also, the prospective buyer is not interested in all your knick-knacks. An item that may seem very important for you will have no value for the buyer. You should remove all your details, and you can even rent a storage unit for this purpose.

If you think that you can keep your things in a closet, well, you are not alone, but most buyers will open and check cabinets, and a cluttered closet will not help you in any way. Once you have removed the clutter, you should ideally get your house deep cleaned.

Many deep cleaning service providers will make sure that the home sparkles. Make sure that special care is shown for your kitchen and bathroom. Keep the windows open and let in the fresh air. An additional tip is to keep a lid of the toilet closed when you are showing around a buyer.

Ensure the rooms are bright

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Everyone likes a house that is bright and neat. So make sure that the curtains are opened and fresh light filters through.

Also, make sure that all the light fixtures are colorful and attractive. If your lighting fixtures need to be changed, make sure to replace it.

It is common knowledge that white light looks better than yellow light, so make sure that the lights are white and bright.

Ensure the rooms are attractive

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The first room that a person is going to see is the living room, so make sure that the living room is beautiful. If needed, remove all your furniture, and you can even rent the right furniture to improve the overall look and feel of the living room.

Also, space matters a lot. The buyer needs to see that there is a lot of space for movement, so make sure that the furniture is sparse and not too much. Some buyers do not like to see furniture at all. They want the house devoid of any things.

The next room that most buyers like to see in the bedroom. Most of us spend one-third of our lives in a bedroom, and hence it matters a lot to many people. Make sure the bedroom is painted in soothing colors, and the buyer should feel a sense of relaxation when he or she enters it.

The kitchen is also essential for most buyers. Ensure that it is deep cleaned and also make sure that the appliances in the kitchen are serviced and in good working order. A good tip is to bake cookies or bread before the arrival of the buyer because the fragrance will be an excellent mood enhancer and a great ice breaker.

The bathroom should be deep cleaned, and the fittings should be in good working order.

One place that most people forget to clean in the garage. Many people love to have a neat and organized garage, so make sure that the parking is neat and clean. The tools are kept neatly etc.

Exterior beauty

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As we all know that the first impression a buyer has almost always decided the sale. The first thing that a wannabe buyer will see is the curb or the outside of your house, and this needs to be impressive, it needs to create a lasting impression on the mind of the buyer, and if this is accomplished, the sale of the house is more or less complete.

To improve the value of your curb, as the exteriors are often referred to by realtors, you need to wash the walkway and also the house, there are many power wash service providers you can avail their services and get it done. The windows of the house will also be visible from the outside, and it should be neat and clean, and it should not be coated with dust and grime, you need to get it cleaned too.

If you have a lawn, make sure that the grass is not overgrown. If it is, then mowed it. Keep potted plants along the walkways, ideally with flowering plants. Different colored flowers add a lot of beauty to the sidewalks. If required, get the main door painted so that it looks good. The mailbox is often overlooked, the buyer will not like a house that has a broken mailbox or a dirty one, so make sure that the inbox is cleaned and neat.


Small additions add a lot of value to the house. Keep nice vases in the rooms; make sure that fresh flowers kept in them, it is a small addition, but it adds to the beauty of the place. Buy fresh fruits and keep them in a bowl on the dining table, fold towels and hang them in the bathroom, etc. These small additions will make the wannabe buyer think about buying your house positively.