These are the 6 Best Electronic Shavers for Sensitive Skin

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When you have a sensitive skin type, sliding any kind of razor in a wrong and sloppy way can make you get rashes, burns, cuts, and many other skin conditions that you will have to deal with later. Therefore, you will need an electric shaver that is specifically made for sensitive skin types. These beauty gadgets are capable of providing you with a clean, comfortable, and close shave with no or much less irritation. What is more, they save you valuable time and offer convenience thanks to their special head designs that all follow the natural curves and contours of different face and head shapes. Following is the list of 6 such electric shavers, and there is something for everyone. Enjoy!

  1. Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 – Best All-Around

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The first shaver we have is a model by the famous brand Panasonic. It is made specifically to work on different sensitive types of skin, and it does its job very well. It will always give you a comfortable and close shave. The company advertises it as both a wet and dry shaver, and it has a foil shaver head. This protects the skin from irritations, and it sits at 30 degrees. The head also pivots and always stays close to your skin. Blades on the shaver are nanotech, and they deliver a hypoallergenic shave, suitable for those allergic to metal. The head has a three-blade system and a trimming option with a pop-up trimmer. The motor inside of it is strong and durable, and the shaver works at 13000 CPM. It will not tug or pull any hairs. The only downside is that you do not receive any cleaning accessories for it in the package.

  1. Braun 5190cc – Best for Tough Beard

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Here is another famous brand of small beauty electric products. This shaver by Braun is unique because the motor that powers it can automatically adjust the power level according to the thickness and length of the beard. This is one of the reasons why it ranks so high. Such a feature means you will not experience hair pulls, and your skin will remain without any extra pressure or trauma. There are two foil blades and an Actlift middle trimmer on this shaver. These elements are able to cut and capture the lying hairs in eight directions for a comfortable and close shave. Both dry and wet shaves are possible. What is more, there is a three-level battery display on the shaver that shows you the battery time left. When you have to charge it, the quick charge feature will aid you. There is also a Clean&Charge station for better and easier maintenance. Lastly, the grip is very good, and the only downside might be the more than average weight.

  1. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 9700 – Best Rotary Electric Shaver

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Let us now talk about a rotary shaver. This type of shaver is also very famous and sought after, and when Philips makes it, it is that much better. The three shaving heads work together and give you a clean and quick shave each time. Each head moves in eight directions and matches any face contour possible. The blades are V-Track precision type and can trim and shave without pulling and tugging of the hairs on the sensitive skin. There is also a pop-up trimmer that is detachable, and great for styling your beard with the utmost precision. Also, you are able to personalize the speed you need, as there are normal and fast modes. However, for those with sensitive skin, the best option is the sensitive setting for a much gentler experience while shaving. Such freedom of customization is precisely why the consumers love this Philips rotary electric shaver. The only bad side with this one is that you have to remove the entire head in order to put on the trimmer, which most find bothersome and unnecessary. To see how the rotary shaver differs from foil, make sure to check this.

  1. Braun Electric Shaver, Series 7 790cc – Best for Sensitive Black Skin

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Here is another Braun Shaver on the list. The most important thing about this shaver is that is the best for black skin. This is because black skin types tend to be more sensitive than white, and it is prone to ingrown hairs, razor burn, and razor bumps more often. This is why this Braun shaver is an awesome addition to the market. Also, it looks rather stylish and cool. It is a foil style shaver that comes with a black charging renewing cleaning station. Now, the shaver has very interesting features, like the Active Lift Technology, which lifts up the flat and curly hairs before cutting them in one clean swipe. There are three different modes, so you can really personalize and customize your shaving according to hair type and skin sensitivity. These modes include Intensive, Extra, Normal, and Sensitive settings. The worst thing about it is that is pricey and more expensive than the others. Also, if you ever need replacement parts, they can be difficult to come by.

  1. Philips Norelco OneBlade FFP QP2520/90 – Best Trimmer

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If you mainly need a shaver that is made specifically for trimming and styling your beard, this small single blade Philips device is the one you want. It looks very stylish thanks to the black and yellow color scheme. More importantly, it really delivers what it is meant to do. This half electric trimmer and half shaver are an all in one electric razor. The trimmer head has a unique construction that is a crosshatch design and prevents itching after smooth and close shaving. Surrounding the blade are small green-tipped teeth. They protect your sensitive skin from the much sharper blades that are situated behind them. When you move the head of the trimmer across your face, the hair falls between these two sets of teeth and become cut as a result of fast oscillating sharp blades. Unlike some of the similar designs, this trimmer is safe to use both downward and upward while shaving. Overall, this shaver will give you a safe, gentle, close, and comfortable shave each time you use it. There are three different attachments for it in the package. The downside is only 45 minutes of shaving time per charge, after 8 hours of charging.

  1. Panasonic Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver – Best for Women

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The last shaver on the list is also the second Panasonic model we have for you. This one, however, evident by the cool pink and grey color scheme, is meant for the ladies with sensitive skin. This foil style shaver looks sleek, and the power button is conveniently placed in the middle. It is both a wet and dry shaver and has four different shaving elements and heads that float on their own. This function allows the shaver to easily and smoothly glide over the sensitive skin while it is cutting the bikini zone, underarm, and leg hair. The four blades are all laser sharpened, and they are located underneath the hypoallergenic heads. This gives you a more comfortable shave, and it keeps the sensitivities of the skin in mind. This handy shaver, however, lacks a carrying case and a charging port, so it might be inconvenient for traveling. You can always buy a separate case however to match this stylish electric shaver!


This has been an overview of the best electric shavers for sensitive skin. As you have seen, there are multiple models, including the one for ladies, one for black sensitive skin, a special trimmer type, a triple rotary electric shaver, and two regular ones which are at the same time arguably the best one on the list. We hope that this will help you with your decision when purchasing your next shaving device. Which one is your favorite, and which one would you like to try?