Think Outside the Ring Box and Design Your Own Wedding Rings


Nowadays, many couples crave customization, especially in their nuptials. What you’ll find, increasingly, are couples rejecting the norms and conventions of weddings: breaking away from the old “chicken or fish” dinner options to offer buffet-style Southern BBQ, rejecting the old banquet hall receptions for outdoor alfresco experiences, and foregoing the stock playlists of wedding DJs in favor of more personal tastes. And, alongside questioning most other aspects of a wedding, couples are rethinking the ring.

It used to be that if you wanted a wedding ring, you would simply hover your finger over the jeweler’s case and point to the one you like the most (or the one that best fit your budget!). There’s certainly nothing wrong with picking rings that way, but, in the spirit of thinking outside the box, more couples are opting to simply design their own.

What exactly is a custom wedding ring, though? Why are couples drawn to the idea, where can you get them and how does the process work? In this article, let’s discuss the key questions you might have about personalized wedding rings.

What is a Customized Wedding Ring?

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Simply put, a customized wedding ring is a ring that you and your partner develop yourself, alongside a professional jeweler. You’re there for the entire process, advising on the design, and choosing from different metals and gemstones.

Why Design Your Own Wedding Ring?

There are lots of reasons why you’d want to design your own wedding ring. For one, it’s going to be on your finger for the rest of your life – you might as well make sure you like it. Secondly, designing your own wedding ring allows you to add personal flair and meaning to the ring, which is, after all, a symbol of your unique love.

Thirdly, the kind of ring you want might not exist in the store. You might want something ultra-specific, like a part-Celtic, part-Japanese design, and the only way to get it is to design it yourself (with the help of some professionals, of course).

Where Do You Get Custom Wedding Rings?

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The general answer is: with a reputable fine jeweler. If you’re looking for a more specific answer, you can check out Vandenbergs – they’re the premier jeweler for custom designing, with an impressively varied portfolio of work. Whatever you do, it’s important to vet the jeweler in advance to ensure quality. A great indicator of quality and professionalism is if the jeweler is part of the IJO (The Independent Jewelers Association).

How Does the Process Work?

The custom design process starts with your great idea. Working with a professional jewelry design team, you bring that idea to life with computer renderings. Those renderings are then sculpted into wax models, which give you a sense of the final look of the custom ring. If everything looks good in the wax stage, you then move on to the final cast, and your choice of gemstones are set.

If you want to celebrate the uniqueness of your union, create custom wedding rings. It’s fairly easy to do and allows you to have a say in what’s ultimately going to be on your finger for a long time.