Tips and Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Casino Bonus 

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Getting the most out of a casino bonus is a goal everyone wants to achieve. Not only can you score more cash, but beating the wagering requirements at a casino certainly includes a joy of its own. As we all know, casinos don’t make these terms and conditions easy, but they are possible, it all depends on how you use the bonus.

Of course, the type of bonus also plays a significant role in your success. In this guide, Casinoslots online casino review experts provide the information you need to gain an edge with casinos and get the most out of each bonus you accept.

Step 1: Choose a Beatable Bonus

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The first step to getting the most out of a bonus is choosing a gift that offers the features that allow you to take advantage. Some casinos make it too difficult to beat the terms and conditions, meaning no matter what you do, the chances of getting the most out of the bonus are slim. Use these guides to choose an offer that has the right features and gain an edge from the very beginning:

Bonus Type

Choose a bonus that requires a deposit as they usually include much lower wagering requirements and allows you to play more games. These bonuses also include longer playtimes, allowing you to take the time to carefully check out the games you like while also having the option to edit the game and come back later.

Check Game Limits

Most casino bonuses limit the games you can play. For example, a slot bonus would only allow you to play slots while a live dealer bonus only allows live dealer games. It depends on the game you’re interested in, but always ensure the gift will enable you to play the games you want. It would be pointless to accept a tremendous live casino bonus when you want to play slot games.

Choose a Low Match Bonus

Casinos that offer huge match bonuses (above 300%) might provide the same wagering requirements as smaller bonuses, but the disadvantage is that the total wagering value is much higher, due to the higher bonus value. That means you need to play a lot more games to reach the wagering requirements.

Step 2: Carefully read the terms and conditions

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Once you’ve selected a beatable bonus, you need to ensure the offer provides the right conditions that make it possible to turn the funds into real cash. Some might only allow a certain amount to be turned into real money and limit you from playing the games you like most. Use these tips to determine how fair the terms and conditions are:

Fair Wagering

Casinos provide wagering requires in 2 ways. The first is the wagering of 40x and up that requires wagering on nothing but the bonus cash. The second is usually below 40x but requires wagering on the bonus and your deposit value. Don’t accept a gift with wagering above 70x on bonus value only or a bonus above 50x on bonus and deposit value wagering.


While wagering a bonus, you’ll find some games don’t contribute the same value as other games. For example, slots usually provide 100% towards wagering, meaning a bet of $5 would decrease the wagering total by the same amount. However, games such as roulette only contribute 10%, meaning only $0.30 would count towards wagering. Ensure the games you want to play are included in contributions.

Step 3: Play Carefully

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There are a few things you need to pay attention to while playing games and wagering a bonus. Slots tend to be the best, thanks to the higher contribution rate, and don’t be afraid of playing slots with lower contribution rates as these are the games that usually include the highest payout percentages. Use the following tips to determine when a game is worth playing:

Exit and Return

Slots have times that they pay and don’t pay. That is entirely random and can change within a split second, but as a player, you’d like to play when it’s playing well. While playing a game, set a limit for when you’re leaving and coming back later. Depending on your balance, choose 10% or 20% of your balance to play the game. If you win, increase the exiting point as the balance increases. If you reach the exiting point, leave the game and choose another.

Start with Lower Bets

There’s nothing wrong with minimum bet while you’re wagering a bonus. It’s smart as you won’t lose a huge amount trying to figure out whether a game is paying well or if you should instead come back at a later stage.

Avoid Progressive Jackpots

While we all love the idea of winning big with a progressive jackpot, these aren’t great while you’re wagering. Firstly, they usually have lower payout percentages. The casino doesn’t allow many contributions, if any, from these games, and you won’t be able to bet high, which is a must with progressive jackpot slots.

Step 4: Watch Your Remaining Wager Requirements

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In the account section of your casino profile, you’ll find they provide all the info you need regarding the wager requirements of a bonus. Most present a full breakdown and tell you precisely what remains while others give you a percentage of how much you’ve wagered so far. Either way, it’s well worth checking out how much remains and working accordingly.

It also keeps you updated on how far you still need to go. Once you’ve completed the wagering, you’re free to play any casino games or even make a withdrawal. It’s worth checking on the remaining balance at the end of each gaming session and regularly once you’re almost done with it.