Tips For Small Modern Kitchen Designs

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Is it that time of the year again when you need to do a bit of a rework on your kitchen? Or maybe you are buying a brand new house or apartment and you want the kitchen to be perfect this time around. You want something modern, something that will look much cleaner, less cluttered while equipped with enough storage to keep all of your pans and pots neatly stacked.

However, a lot of people do not want anything modern style because they believe it feels too soulless. But modern style does not mean that everything has to be colored gray, black or other darker shades, It does not mean that everything has to be minimalist. That’s the thing with modern styling. You have the freedom to create a design in any way you want. You can combine any color you like with any kind of material while also keeping it quite simple.

Although you do have to follow some guidelines if you want to keep the minimalist design. You need straight and clean lines, simpler and not as bright colors and several other décor items that will finish the look.

Reasons to Have a Small Modern Kitchen Design

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Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for such a design.

Much cleaner look

What comes to your mind when someone mentions a modern kitchen? According to Cutlery Advisor, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably the word minimalism, and you are correct. The traditional style is characteristic to be cluttered and stacked with various items such as décor, china, pots, pans and so on. While this is not necessarily bad, it’s just different, but this kind of style is not for everyone.

With a contemporary look, all of your tabletops will be clean and clear of any clutter. There will not be any need to keep your glasses or plates outside as it is filled with different storage cabinets, pot holders, drawers that can hold everything you own. The only thing you need to leave out is a few of the appliances such as a toaster, a thermos pot, a mixer and so on.

You can also give this room a sleeker look by getting cabinet doors and drawers with no handles.

Combine it with colors

Many people believe that a modern kitchen must-have neutral and dark colors to be considered contemporary or minimalist. This is simply not true. The trick is that this kind of design does not follow any complicated rules that you must follow.

You can go with any color you want whether it is red, orange, blue or green. Normally, you will still have to follow a certain pattern in the shades you pick, but that is about it. By playing with various colors you can give your kitchen a bit more life to it.

Click here for modern kitchen ideas if you need inspiration for the colors you will use in your redesign.

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Use any kind of material you want

Most traditional kitchens are limited to only a few types of material such as wood, plastic or metal. With a contemporary style, you can actually go with anything you want. You do not have to settle for stainless steel metals, you can also use copper sometimes even glass. Combine these metals with wood too if you want to.

You have the freedom to be as creative as you want which is why we believe that a contemporary style kitchen is a much more superior than a traditional one.

Increases your home’s value

While a traditional style is just as beautiful and increases the value of your home, it is still quite an old design that is not as wanted by younger couples. By adding a contemporary design into your home, you will boost its value considerably. When you decide to sell your house, every single couple that will fall in love with your kitchen and its minimalist elements.

Keep in mind, if you do not plan on ever selling or renting your home then this shouldn’t be an important factor or reason for you to go with such a style.

Tips when going for a modern design

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Now that you are finally convinced why you should go for a contemporary style, it is time to create a design concept. Here are some tips to help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Island

When you search for the contemporary design idea, you probably won’t manage to find one without a kitchen island. Not only does this element look stylish and you can customize it any way you want, but it will also provide you with a lot more workspace than you are used to. It can also be used to create a lot more storage cabinets or drawers which is always a plus.


There is not anything worse than going to cook in a kitchen without enough room to fit two people. How are you support to prepare food for your friends and family if you cannot get the help of several other people?

Ensure that when you are planning the design that you have enough room for multiple people to walk through. Create wide walkways between the countertops and the island which will allow you to maneuver easily. Part of being a good cook is to have space around you well organized.

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Since you are going with a contemporary style then you will have to ensure that you have enough lighting inside of your kitchen. All those dark shades and colors will absorb most of the light which means you will have to settle for natural light.

Plan on adding more than just a few windows so you can use most of the sunlight throughout the day. The wider and taller they are, the better.


We already mentioned that having enough light in a minimalist design is very important, but you cannot always rely on the daylight because it will be gone through the nights. You will need to carefully plan where you will place your ceiling lighting to maximize visibility.