Tom Brady Has Two Conditions For His New Team

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Tom Brady has just two requirements for teams attempting to sign him. It is rumored that the famous quarterback is unlikely to re-sign another contract with New England  Patriots, Tom Brady is now considering the idea of signing with another NFL team. Under two conditions: Control over the roster and he wants to be part of making decisions the play calling.

With the NFL free agency set to begin on March 18, Tom Brady’s list of options could be dramatically shortened with his demands of playing the role of partial general manager and offensive coordinator. However, according to ESPN, there are eight teams willing to provide Tom Brady with whatever he wants considering his record of reaching the Super Bowl nine times.

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Starting next season, he will be 43 years old but that hasn’t stopped teams from wanting him. Some believe he is still an elite quarterback and could be of great value to a team looking to make the leap into the playoffs. Teams like the Las Vegas Raiders and San Francisco 49ers appear to want to go all-in for the six-time NFL Champion.