How to Get a Good Tongue Drum at a Spacedrum Sale – 2024 Guide

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While surfing around the internet you could have seen people creating beautiful sounds by playing strange saucer-looking drums? Spacedrum is a common name for the handpans and tongue drums that appeared because of their alien-spaceship outlook. The tongue drums and handpan are steel drums that have a very soft harp-alike voice. While the handpan is a membrane instrument and is more complicated at playing and treating (and at quite a high price), the tongue drum with the tongues (not membranes) curved on its surface is easy to play and accessible for any enthusiast that requires pretty no treatment at all (and is much more affordable).

Still, a high-quality tongue drum is also a choice of a professional musician. You’re probably wondering why an instrument is called a “tongue drum” when you are not playing it with your tongue? The answer is simple – this instrument is made of steel (or wood) and it has slots in the tongue shape, and when you hit it with sticks or fingers, it produces a sound. This relatively new instrument was invented in 2007 and ever since then its popularity is growing. 

Although the first association with drums is noise, this is not the case with this instrument. The market is flooded with musical instruments that reduce stress and have a calming and relaxing effect. One of them is certainly the tongue drum, an easily portable instrument, and you do not need musical education to play it. Whatever you do, it will produce gentle tones that will please your ear after a hard day at work. By this instrument makes it is easy to put a baby to sleep because the sound is reminiscent of the most beautiful lullaby.

Shall I take an instrument from a spacedrum sale?

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Let’s be honest, we all love sales. You get the item you were dreaming about and save the money! There’s nothing bad getting the advantages of sale when shopping for the tongue drum. The only thing is to shop at the sale of high-quality tongue drums.

Different tongue drums have different sizes, shapes, tuning, sound quality, and of course, the price.  There’s a huge difference between small cheap tongue drums and a high-quality accurately tuned drum like the RAV Vast. This drum stands out for being a professional instrument, having the handpan size and quality of sound, while the price of the RAV Vast is less than half of the price of a handpan.

The biggest reason why people give up playing the tongue drum sooner after buying is a muffled disharmonious sound. In the RAV Vast, all the tongues are tuned in a way to create perfect harmony, no matter what note sequence you choose. So when shopping for the RAV Vast, you can be sure it won’t end up collect dust on your coffee table. In addition to the material from which it is made, another thing that will affect the quality of your playing on this musical instrument is the number of notes it has because as they differ in size, this is an important difference. Namely, tongue drum can have different numbers (eight, eleven, thirteen).

How to shop the RAV Vast (and save the money)

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There are a few options you can save on buying the RAV Vast. First is shopping on the official website The detailed description and the option to play the drum virtually will save your time on choosing your favorite RAV Vast. There are always some special offers, promos, and coupons that can help you to save at least 15%-20% of the price of the drum and 50% of the shipping price (or even 100% if you get at the right time).

If you don’t have all the budget to spend at a glance, there’s an option to save money in a RAV’s Virtual Saving Box. It’s harder to save money without having a special account (or a piggy bank at least). But by putting just the price of a cup of coffee every day, you’ll see your budget pumping up in a Saving Box, and soon you will be able to take your RAV.

Another option is shopping at one of the official partners (for ex., Didge project, Nadishana’s shop, and Thomann) that can have special offers for particular scales and provide special deals for delivery.  

When choosing one of these options when shopping for being sure you get a brand-new original high-quality tongue drum with the certificate, guarantee, and original packing.

What about buying a used spacedrum?

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There’s no shortage of spacedrum forums interspersed with the announcements about tongue drums available for sale. Either these are untrusted resellers with the overpriced drums or the options to buy a cheap second-hand instrument. Are they worth it? It’s like buying a used car – you never know what hidden defects (sometimes irreversible) it can have. The used instrument that can be found on the spacedrum sales would require retuning which is pricy and complicated and there’s still a chance it won’t bring the original sound back. So, it’s better to pay only once and be sure you get a high-quality drum with the sound that captivates you and constantly inspires you to learn to play music.

Once when I buy it, how do I take care of it?

Most drums are coated with a protective paint, but in case it is not, what you will have to do after playing is to wipe it with a cloth and oil that will protect it from rust. It is important to choose the right oil because it cannot damage the protective layer. Either way, we can say with certainty that this is one of the instruments whose sound you and your children will love, an instrument with which you will revive your creativity, and feel the peace and serenity you needed.