Top 10 Things To Look For In A WordPress Hosting Service

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The days when websites were optional for businesses are gone. In today’s digital world, every business needs a website with zero downtime, where their customers can have access to their services. As such, choosing a reliable WordPress hosting service is essential for business owners.

Since there are a lot of WordPress hosting service providers, it can sometimes become daunting to know reliable providers. However, you need not worry too much as we’ve done the assignment for you. In this article, we’ll be exploring the top ten things to look out for in a WordPress hosting service.

A Quick Look at Different Web Hosting Options

No doubt, for you to own a business website, you need to consider a lot of things, including the WordPress hosting options. You need to understand the different types and identify the plan that fits your business. I won’t be mentioning free WordPress hosting here because they are not suitable for businesses. So, let’s explore the different hosting options available for WordPress.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Compared to other hosting options, shared WordPress hosting is the most affordable. That’s because it uses the same server to host thousands of sites, sharing its resources with them. The limitations of this option, however, are less security and limited features, which can lead to low performance.

Managed and Optimized WordPress Hosting

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This option is suitable for established blogs and sites. It comes with a lot of features, including security, management, and support solutions. Although it is expensive, you need not worry about anything as they are flexible and scalable.

WordPress VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is similar to shared WordPress hosting, as they also use the same server for different sites. However, the only difference is that your data can get secured from other users on the same server. It’s most suitable for high-traffic blogs.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

Using this option means that it’s only your site/blog that’s making use of the server. It’s has a lot of features, including security and control. It’s best for businesses with a high volume of traffic.

What to Consider While Choosing A WordPress Service Provider?

There exist many WordPress hosting providers out there, and it can be hard to choose a reliable one. However, by considering some things, you can be able to choose one that matters for your business. Here, we’ll be exploring ten things to look for in a WordPress hosting service.

Your Current Website Needs

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The first essential thing to consider before comparing the different hosting providers is your current website needs. One factor that you can use to measure your current website requirements is your monthly number of views.

Apart from that, it’s also essential to think about your business expectations, like how you expect your business to grow monthly, quarterly, and annually. If you’re looking forward to seeing your business grow in half a year, you might have to consider a substantial bandwidth.

So, by considering all this factor, you can become a step ahead in choosing a WordPress provider that meets your business requirements.

WordPress Hosting Requirements

WordPress also has its hosting requirements, and your provider needs to meet them before you can get enabled to use your blog/site. They require that your host supports the following:

MySQL version 5.6 and above,
PHP version 7.3 and its higher versions,
HTTPS support, and
MariaDB version 10.1 and above.

Although most providers meet these requirements, it’s still essential that you consider this factor before choosing one of them.


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It’s also vital that you consider the support before choosing a hosting provider. While that is essential is because your website can go down or run into technical issues. And the only solution would be to call a support center for immediate resolution. So, you need to ensure that the provider you’re choosing runs a 24/7 support with prompt responses at all times.

Page Load Time

Load time is one of the most vital things to look for in a WordPress hosting service. That’s because your website is your business hub, and most of your buyers come there to transact or know more about your products and services.

There are chances of losing your potential customers if you end up having a slow page load time. So, you need to make sure that you opt for a hosting provider that can guarantee your website of a 99.9% high-performance speed.

WordPress Backup

Even though we don’t pray for downtimes to happen, they still do. They can be due to hack attempts or something else. So, to be on the safe side, you need to go for WordPress hosting provider with daily backup. It’s also advisable that you get familiar with how they can provide backups that matter when you need them.


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Not every hosting provider makes it easy for users to make necessary changes on their website. So, ensure that you opt for a service provider that empowers you to access the server and make updates on your site anytime.

Is It A Top Hosting Provider?

Although this might look a bit unnecessary, it’s essential. Knowing if the provider is popular will give you a calmness that they can render you service that meets your business needs.


Finding a hosting provider that guarantees you of scalability is essential. That’s because as your website is growing, you’ll need them to scale up with you to meet your customer’s needs. Besides, some providers will always ask for extra high charges on additional usage, so watch out for add-ons.

Caching Solution

Even though you may carry out your caching solution on your own with relevant plugins, some hosting providers still make the process seamless. So, you can go for a WordPress hosting provider that offers a customized caching solution.

Hosting Pricing

There are many hosting providers out there with varying prices and discounts on long-term hosting plans. So, ensure you opt for hosting providers that offer discounts and transparent pricing.

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