How Online Gambling Evolved with Time?

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The betting and casinos are gaining more popularity in recent years, mostly because of the demographic changes of people who are gambling. Today, there are more women and younger people who are trying their luck in many games like roulette, slot machines, blackjack, and many more.

Several aspects led to such popularity for the gambling industry. One of the crucial reasons for that popularity is online gaming, which made it very easy for someone to try their luck from the comfort of their home. The advancements in technology enable the gambling industry to evolve and become easily accessible to everyone.

Advantages of Online Gambling

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Since the 90s and mass use of the internet, casinos have developed an online platform where you can play various games without going to the casino. With advanced technologies and smartphones, in the past few years, the popularity of online gambling raised by more than 30%.

Today, gambling is easily accessible to everyone, you bet on sports games, play poker, or any other game with your phone. Almost all of the casino companies have their apps with all kinds of games. However, because of the popularity of online gambling, land-based casinos have experienced a decrease in public.

The biggest advantage of online gambling over going to the casino is that you can play games from your home, or while you are traveling, or in any other situation when you have free time. The fact that you can easily choose from hundreds of gambling games makes these kinds of apps so popular.

A good example of a company that follows these trends is Casino777, which represents a popular online platform where you can play various games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, numerous slot machines, and many more.

Gambling with Smartphones

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The main reason for the rise in the popularity of betting and gambling games came with the use of modern smartphones, especially Android and IOS devices, where you can easily download an app from some casino. Today, there are thousands of different apps where you can try your luck.

Within a few minutes, you can create your account on any gambling site, and start playing, With this kind of ability, gambling became much more popular for younger generations, who are known for using smartphones much more than older people.

One of the most popular games is Texas Hold`em Poker which is one of the first games that became popular worldwide. Besides Texas Hold`em, another one that led to such popularity of online gambling is roulette. Today, you can play live roulette, where casinos are streaming their tables.

When it comes to betting on sports games, the bookmakers also developed their apps where you can bet on almost every sports event today or any other thing such as predictions for Oscar award, candidacy for president, and many more.

Types of Online Gambling Games

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As we already said, the trends of the rising popularity of online betting started with online Poker, Roulette, and betting on sports. But, there are thousands of other games that you can play online. Slot machines are also very popular these days.

The slot machines offer you different kinds of rewards, free games, big prizes on small bets, and jackpots, which makes these games so attractive. The that you play on slot machines today are not so simple as ones that you could see in Las Vegas in the past century, where you just pull the handle and wait for the reward.

In modern slot games, there are numerous ways of winning. The games are more addictive, you have a lot of lines, possibilities to get free games, and some instant rewards like jackpots. The slot machines are more interactive today, and they are an enjoyable way to gamble.

What are the Expectations in the Future?

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Some researchers say that more than 40% of women have tried some online gambling games at least once in one month in the UK. There are also similar results for younger people that have between 16 and 24 years. These stats also mean that popularity is bigger by at least 10% this year than in 2018.

Also, about half of the people who are gambling online are using laptops, and around 40% are using smartphone devices or tablets. With these trends, we can only expect much bigger popularity and worldwide use of online betting and casino apps.

The massive use of social media plays a big role in the growth of the popularity of online casinos. Almost every casino now has their Facebook pages, where you can access the latest news, or pick some instant reward. The companies that have their gambling sites are giving some coupons, and many other small rewards in order to attract new users to gamble.

Almost every online casino offers a small free credit for new users, which you can use to try any game online. Usually, you can collect the winnings that you won with this credit, but without that starting one. For example, if you get free 50 dollars for gambling, and you win 100 dollars with it, you can cash out 50 dollars on your bank account.


With the massive use of smartphones and apps, fewer people need to go to some Casino and play live games there, because now you can have all that with your PC, or smartphone. With the trends in the popularity of online casinos, we can expect that big Casino companies are going to invest even more money in developing the new and more advanced versions of gambling sites.

The evolution of online gambling started with the worldwide commercial uses of the internet but exploded with modern smartphone devices like iPhone and Android phones. With the advertisements on social media like Facebook and Instagram, more people can see their commercials.

However, the biggest advantage and the main reason why so many people are playing these online gambling games is the ease of use and a lot of options that you can choose. Wherever you are, within a few clicks, you can access the site or the app where you can play thousands of games. In the future, we can expect even more advanced apps with innovations in gambling and even bigger popularity worldwide.