Threesome, Voyeurism, Escorts, and Other Top Male Fantasies You Should Know

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Sexual fantasies, by their very nature, push the boundaries, allowing you to envisage events that happen only occasionally, if at all, and explore the depths of your desires.

Fantasies are fantasies because they aren’t genuine; they’re typically prohibited or run afoul of social norms. Popular men’s fantasies range from hiring Charmescorts to having threesomes, having sex with a stranger, and many more.

What Do Sexual Fantasies Mean?

After researching these sexual fantasies, particularly when comparing them to people’s sexual behaviors in real life, it was discovered that fantasies represent an individual’s character, attachment type, and shared culture.

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Many fantasies mirrored the polar opposites of people’s real characters. Introverts, for example, fantasized about becoming more dominant, while neurotic people fantasized about modifying their bodies and identities.

Extroverts were the least prone to alter themselves in any way. Another intriguing finding was that conscientious people used their attention to every detail to focus on specifics of their fantasies rather than themselves.

Attachment Type

People with fearful-avoidant attachment types were more prone to alter in all ways. Anxious people with abandonment issues use their fantasies to be a representation of themselves who doesn’t have to worry about rejection, while avoidant people with intimacy issues use their fantasies to establish more emotional distance.

People with anxious-avoidant styles were less likely to have romantic sexual fantasies.

Culture Factor

Finally, the fantasies unmistakably reflect our culture. Women, gay and bisexual men, and lesbians have been the most probable to work on improving their physical characteristics. Men were more likely than women to improve their sexual organs in their fantasies, indicating that they were responding to cultural body images.

Male Fantasies

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The truth is that every man, whether they want to admit it or not, has fantasies. Some fantasies come true, while others exist just in the head, for those times when you need inspiration. In this article, we’ll look at voyeurism, hiring escorts, and other top male sexual fantasies. Read on to find out more.


No surprise, this comes at the very top of the list. Most men would like to have a threesome, although the willingness to admit it is something else entirely.

Men want to have threesomes for different reasons. Regardless of the reasons involved, men believe that a woman’s body is the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen, so watching two girls all over each other in such proximity is simply too hot, in a sexually satisfying sense. This is one of the most common person sexual fantasies, as it is something that all guys enjoy in bed.

If you want to have a threesome, you can consider hiring escorts to make it a reality. Ensure you discuss this with your partner beforehand and agree on it.

Sex in exotic/risky locations

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Men fantasize about making love at different exotic places. If their sexual fantasies are at an all-time high, they can go to a beach resort, a parking lot, or a nightclub to have sex.

The world is his oyster when screwing a female in his sexual fantasies. But this is fantastic for both partners since the man’s libido soars while he’s having sex and fantasizing about that new location he dreamed about earlier that day.

Sex with off-limit women

Women are off-limits when it comes to the most intense male sexual desires are the ultimate fantasies of many men. While the reason for this is yet to be established, males find the idea of meeting up with an off-limits woman highly appealing and enticing.

In reality, having sex with off-limit women may come with its own set of concerns, but men with this sexual fantasy do not care that much. Banging their buddy’s wife, girlfriend’s closest friend, or provocative sister is a common sexual fantasy.


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When men sexually fantasize about seeing a woman get dirty from afar, they get quite thrilled. Without any doubt, the best voyeuristic sexual male fantasy is undoubtedly seeing an extremely attractive girl strip while he watches her through his window, or watching a girl strip in her pool for a skinny midnight dip.

Having sex with a stranger

Most men want to bang a stranger. It’s one of the most popular men’s fantasies. Think of a scenario like this: A girl approaches a man walking along the street and informs him that she is in trouble.

She appears to be being pursued by some hoodlums. He chooses to remain at the back and battle those jerks. He does, and he succeeds. He then takes her home, where she treats his combat wounds with a soothing aloe balm. The victor is showered with flowers from the heavens.

Naturally, he notices that her tee shirt is ripped and has a little gash on her back. He asks her to take her bra straps off her shoulder, so he can treat her wound with an antibiotic.

Hiring Escorts

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This is another of the most popular men’s fantasies. Most men admit to fantasizing about having sex with escorts. This service provides the thrills and satisfaction that any man can dream of. That’s why it’s on the top of the lists of men’s sexual fantasies.

Although some women may see their man’s sexual fantasies of banging an escort as repulsive, come on, this is a manly issue, and women must accept it. It’s amazing for guys to be able to get bedded a few minutes into a conversation.

Although a man’s fantasy in the first place may be to bang an escort, his partner may be the escort he is fantasizing about. And this takes us to the issues of role-plays during lovemaking. So, whatever your fantasy is just make sure to always communicate with your partner and be respectful with others when you feel like exploring it.

Fantasies are extremely common, and everyone has one. You should feel comfortable with your own and your partner’s as well. The best way to improve your love life is definitely by living true to who you are and what you like, go for it.