Top Sources to Watch Live Cricket Online in 2019

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Cricket season is here again, but not all fans are in a position to sit at home and watch every match or tournament. Don’t worry because now there are several apps that allow you to either stream the matches live or give you live score updates and highlights. Obviously, you will need a decent internet connection, either Wi-Fi or a good data connection and these apps all offer a great way to keep up with the news and scores, not just for cricket but for other sports too.

These days, more and more people are spending most of their time on their mobile devices, and that has led to a significant increase in the number of streaming apps available and, every day, more are being released. Trying to find the right one for you, the one that offers exactly what you are looking for so we did the hard work for you and found no less than 7 apps that will give you the live cricket streaming or live score updates that you want.

Hotstar TV App – Free

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An app offering Live TV, Hotstar is one of the best. It offers a choice of several TV channels and sports channels, giving you all the cricket you want at your fingertips. It is heavy on data and is best used on a Wi-Fi or minimum 3G data network – anything lower, and there is every chance that the app will not work correctly. You can watch all live matches and tournaments and get live score updates. You can download Panda Helper from the App Store.

Star Sports Live Cricket App – Free

The official app for cricket matches, Star Sports offers live streaming of all major matches and tournaments along with a number of other sports tournaments. Again, it is heavy on data and requires 3G or above or Wi-Fi to work properly. If you can only connect to a 2G network, however, you will be able to get the live score updates.

Tata Sky Mobile – Subscription required

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Use of the Tata Sky Mobile app is dependent on you having a paid subscription to Tata Sky. If you don’t have one, you will be prompted to get one when you first use the app. If you do have one, simply download the app and log in using your Tata Sky details. Every channel on your subscription will be available to you in the app, and that includes the latest cricket matches and tournaments. Once again, you do need a minimum of 3G data or Wi-Fi as it won’t work very well on anything lower.

Dish TV Live TV – Subscription required

This is another app that requires a subscription, this time to Dish TV. Again, sign in to the app using your Dish TV details or sign up for a subscription first in the app. You can watch all of the channels you subscribe to, including those showing the cricket, but you will need Wi-Fi or at least 3G for the app to work.

Sony LIV – Free

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Sony LIV is, perhaps surprisingly, free to watch, no subscription needed. Here, you can watch all the Sony channels – those that show movies, documentaries, TV series and the sports channels, giving you free access to the latest live cricket tournaments and matches.  As with all the other apps, it will not work very well on anything less than 3G data or Wi-Fi.

Cricbuzz – Free

Cricbuzz is an app dedicated to the sport, offering live cricket commentary in a choice of languages, including English. You can also get live score updates, ball by ball scores, video analysis, highlights, and much more. The app is regularly updated and doesn’t use much data, which means you can use it on a 2G network. Don’t expect live streaming of all cricket matches though; this app is aimed more at providing you with score and updates.

ESPN Cricinfo

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The official cricket app from ESPN, here you can find all the up to date scores, breaking stories, statistics, other player info, and exclusive stories, including audio, written and video, along with so much more. Once again, it is heavy on data, so use only Wi-Fi or a 3G or higher network.

If you are a big fan of cricket and can’t bear to miss out on the latest tournaments or, at the very least the latest scores, then choose any one of these apps will provide you with what you need. Watch live matches, get the latest scores and much more, although be aware that not all apps stream the games live. Many offer more sports than just cricket, giving you a great all-round sports experience.

Check them out, see what they offer and which one suits you but keep in mind that, unless you use a VPN, some of the apps are geo-restricted in some content.