Current Trends in Kitchen Renovations

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Kitchen aesthetics evolve over time. What used to look fashionable turn into outdated concepts. Needs also change such that old kitchens may start to feel inadequate. At some point, choosing growth becomes a necessity. Homeowners may even enjoy the process of renovation. Before starting this project, it’s best to look for reputable contractors with verified capability like SFKitchensRenovations. It would also be prudent to check the current trends and perhaps incorporate some of these into the final design. Consider the following ideas:

1. Smart Technology

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Technology is revolutionizing everything from home entertainment to food preparation. Renovations are the perfect opportunity to include some smart technologies into the space. Rather than simply purchasing a few smart appliances, the kitchen can be reimagined to feature integrated smart lighting and smart plumbing fixtures. For example, the lights may sense the presence of people such that they can automatically turn on or off as needed. They can also adjust the brightness depending on the time or the environment. Faucets can turn on when they detect objects underneath and shut off immediately after to prevent waste. Large yet energy-efficient refrigerators can have their dedicated space.

2. Streamlined Design

Kitchens with extra flare can be fun to be in but their designs often result in wasted space. This may be fine in the beginning, but it gets harder to ignore as the kitchen fills up with food, appliances, and gadgets. Eventually, homeowners may want to shift into a more streamlined design. Aside from maximizing the existing space, the clean lines make a kitchen look modern and effortlessly sophisticated. Rather than inciting boredom, it can turn into a feast for the eyes under the hands of a talented designer.

3. Better Storage Solutions

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It is natural for a growing family to need bigger pans when cooking for everyone. They would also have to keep more plates, glasses, bowls, and cutlery. Everything in the kitchen expands in size such that storage requirements increase. If the cabinets and drawers are overflowing, then it is necessary to either throw some of the stuff out or build better storage solutions. New shelves with custom dimensions can be built to accommodate the remaining items. These can take advantage of vacant wall space and odd corners.

4. Versatile Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands used to serve solely as the focal point of food preparation. Their wide surface could hold all of the tools and ingredients. Later on, the area underneath became a useful storage area for frequently used items. Some even have their own sink or stove. Since kitchens are now becoming a popular gathering place for the family, the island may be redesigned to serve as a breakfast nook or a full dining table as well. By creating a multifunctional kitchen, it will be possible to convert the dedicated dining room into a home office, a hobby room, and so on.

5. Full Coverage Backsplash

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The backsplash is no longer a humble piece of protective barrier for moisture. It has become a decorative feature that homeowners lavish a lot of attention on. Instead of just rising a few inches up behind the sink, the backsplash covers the whole length of the counter and frequently rises up to the ceiling. This certainly provides longer lasting protection for the walls in an environment that also deals with smoke, vapor, and chemicals. Instead of seeing peeled paint on top of the stove and the sink, there will be immaculate tiles years down the road.

6. Window Enlargement

The quality of natural light trumps nearly all types of artificial lighting. It’s also free and eco-friendly so having more of it is always a good thing. Unfortunately, a lot of kitchen windows are quite small so there is only enough light for the sink itself. Expanding this can provide an excellent view of the backyard, as well as ample illumination for the entire room. It may require structural changes, but an experienced contractor should be able to find ways to make it happen.

7. Kitchen-Outdoor Connection

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Some kitchen tasks are better left outdoors. Examples include cleaning fish and grilling meats which would foul up the house. That is why it is a good idea to have an outdoor kitchen that is easily accessible from the main kitchen. This expansion could also serve as an entertainment area for guests with the addition of garden chairs and tables. In many homes, a wide glass door separates the two for excellent visibility, better indoor lighting, modern elegance, and faster crossings.

8. Walk-in Pantries

The pandemic has taught everyone about the need to prepare for emergencies. Sometimes supermarkets get low on items that we need. We may not even be able to go outside to re-supply. Having a large and fully stocked pantry goes a long way towards reducing anxiety. Those who have space to spare in their kitchens or adjacent rooms may create walk-in pantries that can carry much more items than what the existing one allows. This may even include shelves for rarely used small appliances so that these don’t clutter the counters.

9. Eye-catching Hood

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A hood will draw all of the smoke from the stove to minimize unwanted smells inside the kitchen. Their presence will also keep the walls and the surrounding cabinetry in prime condition for longer. Although they are primarily practical additions to the kitchen, they can aspire to be much more. It is possible to find more eye-catching designs for hoods these days so consider replacing your old one during the kitchen renovation. Talented carpenters could also make beautiful enclosures that do not impede their function.

10. Hints of Color

White, gray, and black have dominated the scene for a while because of their versatility. These neutral colors are easy to pair with everything else. White is particularly popular because it can bounce light and make spaces look bigger than they are. However, a purely neutral palette can look rather stale. Hints of color are becoming trendy since they make the kitchen come alive.