Kitchen Renovation Trends: 2024 Edition

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The idea of building a new kitchen brings a lot of excitement. This is more so if it has been long since you last renovated your kitchen. The biggest challenge, however, lies in choosing the design to use. One of the best tactics you can use to end up with a fantastic kitchen is to keep up with the trends and work with a reputable kitchen company Mississauga. To give you some inspiration, here are some of the most popular kitchen trends in 2024.

Storage walls

To keep the kitchen organized and save up on space, many homeowners are going with the full wall of storage cabinets, which runs from the floor to the ceiling. The solution has proven to be great for small kitchens. To get the most from this trend, it is highly recommended to put in pull-out drawers or shelving to ease access. Planning on having electrical outlets in some of the cabinets will help plug in small appliances with ease.

Warm tones

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2020 taught homeowners to use color tones that remind them of the outdoors. Greys, browns, and beiges are still on-trend in 2024. Warm tones like copper, golden tones, or champagne are considered for fittings. A matte finish is preferred overshine.

These neutral colors are also very appreciative of combining and with just a few small details in more vivid color, the room gets a whole new look. Best of all, you can change the colors of the details often, without exposing yourself to high costs.

Unique cabinet handles

Luxury is in the details. Going for unique handles or knobs for the cabinets is a popular trend today. You can go for a unique shape or unique slits in the cabinets. There are no limits. The idea is to make your cabinets stand out with unique handles. It is, however, very important that you select handles that blend with your kitchen style.

Natural materials shine bright

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The quality of materials is very important in a kitchen renovation. It is not uncommon for a kitchen company Mississauga to recommend going for marble, wood, quartz, and other natural materials that remind you of nature.

Matte finishing is often suggested in terms of tiling. It is important to make the most of your finishing matte. It is also good to allow marble slabs to have prominent veins or terrazzo to have large chunks. That way, you will end up with warm, neutral tones.

Oversized pantries

If the kitchen is spacious enough, making the pantry bigger will be a great idea. This makes items easy to access. You can opt to hide smaller appliances in the pantry so that your kitchen looks clean.

There are so many kitchen renovation trends in 2024. Click on this link to learn more about the best trends from Kitchen & Bath.

Glass panels

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Wall tiles in the kitchen are necessary to protect the walls from splashing water. Over time, they get damaged, or dirt gets sucked into the gaps between them, making the kitchen look messy. Plucking existing tiles and installing new ones is a demanding job, so glass panels appear as the perfect solution for that. They are very easy to set up, and the kitchen looks modern and refreshed.

The essence is in the details

After a certain period of using the new kitchen, small flaws begin to be noticed that would make its use easier and sometimes save some precious minute. The solution to the problem is not a new kitchen but maybe just a new arrangement of dishes and utensils or some creative kitchen detail that will change that.

Some things can be found in stores, but you can do a lot yourself. In case you lack space in the kitchen for the storage of dishes, and you do not have the opportunity to expand it with additional elements, some of our simple and practical ideas that you can make will come in handy. Interesting shelves and racks will save you a lot of money and annoyance about the lack of space for kitchen utensils and dishes.

Sink and faucet

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Without a sink and faucet, the kitchen is unthinkable. Don’t skimp on sinks and faucets. A wide range of products is available to you. Sinks made of stainless steel are the easiest to maintain due to their smooth surfaces.

Choosing a sink with two openings will certainly not go wrong. One opening will allow you to wash, while at the same time the dishes can be dried in the other. We recommend a single-handle faucet and a built-in shower for easier washing of the sink after use. Brass faucets are not a good choice, choose those made of brushed or polished nickel.

Natural light and artificial lighting

The most common mistake when lighting a kitchen is to try to achieve good visibility with just one light fixture placed on the ceiling. The result you get is a “light bomb”, which visually overpowers everything in the kitchen. Here are the rules for super lighting in the kitchen:

place special work lights that will be located between your head and the work surface, or under the hanging elements. This will make it easier to work in the kitchen when cutting vegetables or reading recipes.

ambient light will bring warmth to the room, reduce shadows and make people feel welcome as soon as they enter the kitchen. If the hanging elements do not reach the ceiling, this place is ideal for installing ambient lighting.

place a light that emphasizes details, for example, in glass hanging elements in which your favorite cups or glasses are housed.

So, when it comes to artificial lighting – more lighting places to illuminate certain details or processes is the best solution!

Final thoughts

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So that the entire project of remodeling your kitchen would not turn into a nightmare, carefully make a financial construction. Plans for the future are also important. If you plan to live in the house for at least another 5 years, plan a new kitchen to suit your family. That it is multifunctional. Don’t be selfish. You need to spend money on things that you will not change soon.