What Type of Wood is Best for Interior Doors – 2024 Guide

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Do you know what is the greatest pleasure when it comes to the home? The greatest pleasure when it comes to the home is its arrangement and adaptation for life. From the period in which constant and constant investment is made in the home, there is nothing more interesting and beautiful for the owners. Of course, only the moment when the home is bought can be more interesting than that, but still, the interesting part comes when you start arranging it. So at the very beginning, an initial and incomplete plan is made through which it is said approximately where what and how it would be set up, and then it is all formalized with the help of an architect and an interior design engineer.

The wishes of the owner usually prevail, but here the advice and suggestions of experts must be listened to. It starts with the front door which represents the security of the home, it should be heavy and massive so that it can not be easily opened, but it should also have a security locking system which means there must be more locks built into it, but there should also be a key unlocking and entry system (whether the entrance is from the outside or from the inside). The next thing that the focus falls on is the floor that every owner tries to be made with quality, not to move quickly and not to be destroyed quickly, so most often the decision falls on the thicker floors. The next and very important part is the interior doors, ie the doors of the rooms – the topic we will focus on today.

Interior doors or room doors are a very important part of any home. People usually focus on their appearance, but the only thing they need to focus on is their workmanship. The design of the doors is very important. First of all, it is very important because they have to protect themselves from sounds and penetration of too hot or too cold space, and after all, it is very important to be durable, ie their durability is longer (so that they do not break quickly, spoilage and destruction). In order to be ready and choose only the best for you, today we bring you some very important information that we believe will help you a lot in furnishing your home, especially when it comes to interior doors.

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The use of 100% natural wood is mandatory in the manufacture of interior doors – which types of wood are best for that purpose?

When it comes to furnishing your home with inventory, know that it is very important not to save at all. It is not good to save because cheap products often end up with defects, destruction, and loss of quality in the first months of use. We are sure that you do not want to get upset right from the very beginning of living in your new home and that you want to enjoy its beauty and functionality.

For that reason, decide on quality. And what does quality mean? Quality is everything that is made of 100% natural materials and with top technology. When we say 100% natural material we mean wood products that are made of excellent technology that only shapes and composes wood, and it does not lose its quality. Stick to companies that use and apply only this principle of operation. And when it comes to wood, you need to look in detail and differentiate between the different types of wood that exist, and then accordingly you will make the decision that will be best for you, say experts from Puertas EuroBlock who have extensive experience in this area. which can help you make the best choice. Which types of wood are best for making interior doors we bring you below.

The best types of wood for interior doors:

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Hardwood species:

  • Oak – although it belongs to the family of more hardwood species, oak is one of the best materials for making furniture, and also for doors. It is easy to shape and makes perfect workmanship. All you have to do is own the right machinery and you will get the best product.
  • Ash – the next best type of wood from the family of hardwoods is ash. It is also a very good wood for workmanship which as a final product is a very high-quality product and a product that you will not find objectionable. You only need to be careful from whom you buy doors made of this type of wood because not everyone works with quality and properly, and this material requires a lot of care. It does not let hot and cold air into the rooms and does not allow sounds to enter the room.

Softwood species:

  • Pine – if you are looking for one of the lighter types of wood for doors, then this would definitely be pine. Pine has excellent characteristics. Its smell is easily neutralized during processing and is easy to process, but it is necessary to leave all the work to a professional company. Great material that keeps the sounds out of the room.
  • Fir – another type of softwood is fir. It is an excellent processing material intended for the production of doors. Naturally, it has an intense scent and a specific texture that is later neutralized and processed. It is a material that is great for doors, especially if you want to keep the sounds and cold or hot air out of the room.

Important things to look out for when it comes to quality doors

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It is very important to know that after these doors are made, proper care is needed. They should not be in contact with moisture because it will destroy them and reduce their quality. The next thing to look out for is to paint or varnish them at least once every 2 years to keep the wood protected and prevent it from being destroyed. Regular cleaning in a proper way is a routine that you must not forget in order for them to be shiny and clean.

Now that you know everything you need to know, you can find those doors that are quality and that will fit your home perfectly. Choose quality from the best manufacturers, and if you pay attention to these two things then you do not care, your doors will last a long time and will decorate your home.