5 Of The Top-tier PDF Software You Need

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Among the notable PDF applications that run in a macOS environment, is the PDF Expert. The software is the easiest to find that does the reading and annotation of PDF documents in a lightweight method. However, even this common go-to software still could not achieve most of the favors since this only provides the basic features you can expect despite being a straightforward application, which will never be enough for maintaining productivity in a higher state. This article will make sure you get to achieve the complete package you need to satisfy your work expectation with PDF files as we have prepared a list of the top 5 alternative software for PDF Expert:

1. UPDF for Mac

One of the best you can find for your Mac device is the UPDF for Mac. Perhaps, this free PDF editor software will be the one to find you as it is built with the necessary functions that are solely meant to maximize your work rate with PDF documents. If you are looking for simple software that performs with just the right amount of quality in PDF yet does not cost a single penny, then the UPDF is our prime suggestion. Released last year 2024, the UPDF still maintained the excitement as it offers improving features that not only limit reading, editing, and annotating PDF files but also allow these things to be done by only the easiest steps since it is designed with an elegant user-interface that is beginner-friendly. User convenience is already prioritized by this smart cross-platform since you can choose among 4 reading modes while using your Mac devices. Though you need to download it through their website, it will not take long before you will be able to use it since it is quick and light to install and is free. Furthermore, advanced functionality like PDF converting, OCR, and creating and filing forms will not be available until late July 2024.

2. PDFelement for Mac

The next on this top-tier list of effective productivity-boosting software is the PDFelement for Mac. This multi-platform from Wondershare claims to be an all-rounder software that is able to do various functions such as edit, manage, convert, and sign PDF files with only just a few clicks. While these are only among the enterprise-grade PDF functionalities that they are proud to integrate within the application, the PDFelement can be availed with a $79 per year subscription for macOS or $39.9 per year for an iOS subscription, or a perpetual license of $129. You will also be able to perform file sharing using the PDFelement to transfer and exchange PDF files between multiple users. Although this application already existed in 2014 with the pretense of being user-friendly, some people still find the limited options difficult to use, such as how to make a sign in Docusign.

3. Nitro for Mac

This software expanded last 2024 to even more clients and users with the acquisition of PDFpen as it extends native PDF capacity to Mac, iPhone, and iPad users everywhere. The PDFpen team has a long history of creating sleek, user-friendly, and widely used products for Mac, iPad, and iPhone users, and will leverage their experience to improve Nitro’s essential capabilities across those platforms. Nitro is already a trusted tool for customizing speedier rollout plans, data files, reports, and worksheets, as well as modifying graphics, text, and pages to create a fantastic digital solution. Through the expansion of the platform, Nitro clients now have efficient solutions for practically any device and operating system with only one license needed for you to be on the go anywhere and anytime in need. The only drawback is that you will need a membership to utilize all of their services; otherwise, you will only be able to use restricted PDF conversions and alterations on the free version. You can choose from Nitro PDF Pro and Nitro Sign with a distinguished number of seats for your license in every subscription that ranges from $9.99 to $179.99.

4. Foxit PDF Editor for Mac

The Foxit PDF Editor for Mac was developed in 2001 and ever since its breakthrough, it has never been a discouragement when it comes to being a full-featured platform to create, manage, convert, OCR, eSign, and edit PDF documents. As this software supports 8 different languages, it is also made smooth and lightweight so you will no longer have to wait for a long, long time to start working with PDF files. Collaboration is now possible with the Foxit PDF Editor since users can now share files across different users while having no compatibility issues since it is also multi-platform. The price for a perpetual license of the Foxit PDF Editor is capped at $159 or you can avail of the monthly subscription instead of a $16.99 price. Though it is quite pricey, you will get to enjoy the best of this long-running PDF software designed and best suited for your Mac devices for it pays attention to every detail you need to have in working.

One more PDF editor that is easy to use and has quality features can be found at https://www.foxit.com/pdf-to-word.  

5. Preview

The last on the list is none other than the default software for PDF files of the macOS itself which is Preview. While Mac devices never cease to amaze most users with the advent of unique and very trusted built-in software for providing great support in every work, the Preview app is one of the basic yet fastest PDF software you can have for free since it already comes with the system itself. It is already understood that this is only available for Mac, another inconsistency is its limited native sharing options. But despite these downsides, you are equipped with a full set of PDF markup tools, as well as form-filling support and passwords, encryption, and permission control protection. The Preview is not bad as it seems, take that as the basic stuff you can already have the moment you decide to use a Mac device.

While the goal is to analyze a range of top PDF software alternatives of PDF Expert that offer similar benefits at competitive prices, always remember to choose which is best that meets your business or personal requirements.