4 Pros and Cons of Using Unorthodox Gambling Strategies – 2024 Guide

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All of us love to spend time in online casinos. Most of the time is all fun and games, but if the winnings are lacking, it quickly turns into a nightmare. It’s true; all of us love to win. In order to do so, we often require to have a playing strategy, which brings us to our subject today. We are going to talk about four pros and cons of using unorthodox gambling strategies.

Please don’t lie to us; you tried some of these yourself. You must have, as once you become a regular player, you either play or are in search of a strategy to beat the house. Some of these strategies we are going to talk about are the ones used by most players. We are going to try to keep things simple, so the focus is going to be on the mainstream strategies. Let’s start with the Martingale betting system.

The Martingale Betting System

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This one is quite an exciting betting strategy. It claims that no player is an eternal loser. Yes, you heard it well, John Henry Martingale, the former gambling houses owner, believed that no player could lose all the time. If you want to do what Mr. Martingale tells you, then you ought to increase your bets when you are winning and to do the opposite when you’re losing. If you do this, you’ll be free of any fails, and you’ll even earn, but only if you are doubling your bets when you lose. This system can be applied to a couple of online casino games, mostly roulette.

The Pros

So, as we said, this system can generate your earnings, but it also comes with bad sides. We’ll leave them for later and focus on positives for now.

  • The most important one is that you’ll erase losses and make a profit if you double the bet each time you lose. The only required item for you to have is the patience to endure the long game.
  • It’s ideal for players who do not like to play for too long. If you’re up to for only a few hours of roulette, be sure to apply this system.
  • For rookies who lost money on slots or similar machines, the money lost can be returned if you apply Martingales in time.
  • The same goes for experienced players who love to sit for hours at online casinos. Start and finish with this strategy, and your losses would be nonexistent while the winnings are almost guaranteed.
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The Cons

You heard it already, this system isn’t bulletproof, and we’re going to point to its downsides. These are a must know if you are prepared to turn to Martingale’s system.

  • Casinos are always looking to protect themselves. This is why some of them have limits set on bets. This goes equally for slots machines and roulette tables. So, the worst thing that can happen while you’re chasing losses is that you limit on bets is reached before getting the chance to claim your money back.
  • If you don’t have a big budget, a couple of wrong hands could leave you empty-handed and without a chance of a comeback. This is why some people claim that this system is suitable only for those with deep pockets. A massive bankroll is sometimes the only way to get back from losses.
  • The odds are against you. If your losing streak extends, the chances are you’re going to keep on losing rather than turn it around. This is why you ought to apply this system only on short sessions, when you can win in the short term or if you lose, entirely while it’s no big deal.

The Labouchere System

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If you plan on using this one, be sure to have it on paper. It is not easy to remember all the rules of this strategy. Luckily, if you’re behind your computer, no one will bother you for reading the notes.

The Labouchere system is designed to be used when playing roulette, aiming at red and black bets, for blackjack, and even for some sports betting. The best way to apply it is to write down how much you want to win and how many separate bets do you need for this amount. It is going to make much more sense once you see the picture below.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll see it as a simple system. The first look at the photo above makes it look complicated, but after you sue it a few times, it’ll appear simple. Now, let’s talk about the pros and cons of the Labouchere system.


Once the target number is set, you can reach it even without getting all the bets right, and this is the best side of this strategy. The system is designed so that even if you have more misses than hits, you can still come out on top. This is what most players love. In a case where you have more impacts, you can have a pretty good day at the betting range. Furthermore, you can manage your stakes with his system, which would be a wise thing to do.

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Same as with Martingale’s strategy, this one also has a couple of drawbacks. It is initially designed to return your money with higher bets if you find yourself on a losing streak. While this is great for any player, the bad part is that you are not guaranteed a win. Your losing streak could last forever and leave you with empty pockets.

The same as with the first system we introduced, this can happen only to perfection if you have a deep enough bankroll. If you don’t have it, all of your money could be quickly gone without a means to return it. If you have a small bankroll, you shouldn’t even try this one. If you are convinced you can succeed with any of these two strategies, be free to try them out on casinofy.com.