How to Find the Best Hospital for Varicocele Laparoscopic Surgery in Delhi?


The condition of swelling of the scrotum as a result of the damage of the veins is called varicocele. Varicoceles often arise as a result of an injury, trauma or excessive straining of the scrotal veins. A person suffering from varicocele may experience only mild discomfort around the scrotum. But gradually the varicocele keeps on increasing and the lump of veins become large enough to see and feel.

There are high chances of varicocele worsening with time, thus surgery comes as a permanent cure to varicocele.

These days, laparoscopic surgery for varicocele is the most sought after option for various reasons. There are many hospitals in Delhi that have the facility of providing laparoscopic surgery. But one has to make the right choice from all the available hospitals so that there is no loophole in the treatment journey at all.

This blog will help you in assessing if you are on the right path towards your search for the best hospital in Delhi.

Here are the tips that will help in you finding the best hospital to undergo laparoscopic varicocele surgery:

  • Quality of the hospital and the professionalism of the staff


While looking for a hospital for varicocele surgery, assess the overall quality of the hospital. Make sure that the doctors and the staff are cordial, friendly and supportive. Because the professionalism of the staff is equally important as that of your surgeon. Also, remember to check that the hospital follows all the medical guidelines and safety procedures, as well as adopts good hygiene practices.

  • Experience of the doctor/surgeon

The experience and expertise of the surgeon matters a lot. Do a background check and ensure that the surgeon is qualified and skilled. Ask all the questions you have about the laparoscopic procedure and then decide if you find the doctor suitable. Thus, you must weigh your options of the hospitals and doctors carefully before rushing for the treatment.

  • Cost analysis of the surgery


Treatment expenses and affordability are equally important. The treatment charges should not be too heavy. The hospital should participate in your insurance plan so that most of the expenses are covered under the insurance claim. The insurance claim process should be easy so that the treatment is hassle-free for you.

  • Ease of commute to the hospital

You may be required to visit the hospital often for consultation, diagnostic tests, follow ups and other procedures. Therefore, the location of the hospital should not be too far away from your place. Prefer good hospitals near your place to allow ease of commute to and from the hospital. This will save your time, energy, and money.

  • Online patient reviews of the hospital


One way to check the credibility and reliability of the hospital is to look upon the internet and check patient reviews. Also, ask the surgeon about the number of surgeries he/she has performed, the complication rates and the correction measures.

  • Quick Note

Not just Delhi, but the above-mentioned tips will surely help you irrespective of your city. These tips fit perfectly for all the metro cities where there are a plethora of options and finding the best hospital may seem like an endless task.

Why avoid a hospital that offers only open surgery for varicocele?

If a hospital does not offer the modern surgeries, it is very likely that the doctors are also not well-trained in performing the advanced laparoscopic procedure and are experienced only in the open surgery technique. The open surgery procedure is quite complex and even the slightest mistake can result in serious complications. This can be very troublesome and will certainly add up to the recovery time as well.

Therefore, it is always better to prefer a hospital that offers the modern laparoscopic treatment. This would ensure that the treatment is successful and complication-free.

An insight into the laparoscopic varicocelectomy


Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy is a painless procedure that is not very invasive in nature. There is wounding or long term scarring of the scrotum. The recovery time is short, speedy and free of painful complications. These benefits make the modern laparoscopic varicocelectomy the most suitable option for people in Delhi as they would not need to take out much of their time to get treated.

This is the reason why a number of hospitals in Delhi now offer the modern laparoscopic varicocelectomy procedure. Therefore, finding a hospital offering the surgery near your place won’t be a difficult thing. Just make sure that you assess all the aforementioned points and then choose the hospital that checks the maximum number of the requirements.

One such name that you can rely upon to receive the best possible treatment experience in Delhi is Pristyn Care.

Pristyn Care is associated with the best specialists and hospitals in Delhi. All their surgeries are USFDA approved and thus are absolutely reliable.

Advantages of laparoscopic varicocele surgery from a Pristyn Care associated hospital


Pristyn Care is one of the leading healthcare providers in the country. Besides offering the best treatment for varicocele, they also provide a number of other benefits. The benefits include acceptance of all kinds of insurance, actively helping in getting the insurance claim settled on your behalf. You will have your own care buddy allotted by Pristyn Care to ensure that you receive a smooth, hiccup-free treatment in the hospital.

The pick up and drop cab service on the day of the surgery is yet another advantage that makes the treatment experience all the more comfortable. Also, the follow up after the surgery is free of cost. Hence, all the possible loopholes in the journey of the treatment is covered for you.

Take Away

Proper surgical treatment of varicocele in time can save you and your family from all the unwanted complications. By now, you must have also gained some useful information that will help you in finding the right hospital and the best treatment. Don’t get swayed easily until you are assured about the decision of the surgery. So, clear your doubts with the doctor first and then undergo the seamless laparoscopic varicocele surgery.