Planetshakers Band releases New Praise and Worship Demos amid COVID-19


This year has been a real eye-opener to all of us, right? We have seen the pandemic in its full force engulfing countries and economies with the snap of a finger. Although it has destroyed a lot of businesses and has been termed as a major destroyer, it has also led to the rise of a lot of content creators: musicians, bands, comedians, artists, etc.

With a surge in content consumption, many artists have outdone themselves globally. One such name has to the well-known iconic praise band, Planetshakers, who have done justice to themselves with the launch of their new Praise and Worship songs’ series, Planetshakers PS Demos.

This has helped them to again reach out to people during these troubled times and instill hope and faith, and most of these high-quality recordings were produced in their extravagant studio at Melbourne, Australia! However, before we talk about the album, let’s talk about the Recording Label and the Band.

What’s Venture3Media?

Have you ever wondered how recording labels function? They need to have a strong line-up of artists followed by various marketing channels. Venture3Media is one such flamboyant music label, which has its presence across the globe and they are into proper production.

They also provide additional services to the artists by way of audience outreach in terms of marketing, promotions, radio, and television presence and also channels the selling functions of these records. They have also got deep ties with most of the digital content platforms like Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Music, Tencent, etc.

They also take pride in having one of the strongest offline distribution channels, as they are working with Amazon and other retail chains with official licensed distributors. Due to their amazing networking and channels, Planetshakers use it to the fullest to get the best results.

Who are the Planetshakers?


Do you believe in Jesus Christ? If yes, then I am sure You have heard about this global sensation and preacher of faith and the ways of the Gospel through music, annual conferences, live recordings, and outreach projects – Planetshakers.

Since its establishment in 1997, this Australia based Church, led by two of the most stellar Senior Pastors Russell and Sam Evans, have been nominated for the Dove Award.

They have close to 20000 members in Melbourne itself and are spreading rapidly across the country with five campuses in the city only. It has also got campuses across the world, with presence in historic cities like Cape Town in South Africa, Geneva in Switzerland, and in Singapore, too. With over 20 internationally acclaimed albums, the band tour annually to the USA, South America, UK, Europe, South Africa, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

With an experience of close to 20+ years, they have a strong motto of empowering the youth and winning generations by way of unconventional media and music.

How was the Music Launch scheduled?


It was a very unique and thought-provoking way of producing and releasing music, as the entire album was released at an interval of a week, each. The songs in the series, which has been launched till now are:

  • All Things New
  • Over It All
  • Chains Are Breaking
  • All I Can Say – Thank You
  • Caught Up in Your Presence

Due to the vast networking channels of Venture3Media, all these songs are available across all digital platforms like Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Let’s talk about some of the songs from this Album!


Planetshakers have always tried to inculcate the virtues through everything that they do! Similarly, with this range of songs, they have tried to evoke every virtue in a meaningful and presentable manner.

Through their song All I Can Say – Thank You, they have tried to communicate the most important lesson of all, i.e., being thankful is important in life. They have tried to convey that being thankful and submitting yourself to Jesus is important, as He knows what to do, and always be the light on a dark day.

With their new song Chains are Breaking, they wanted to make Worship and praising fun and energetic so that church on Sundays for the younger ones is not boring. Also, this song is quite thoughtful and entertaining.

Stay tuned as Planetshakers plan to continue to release Demo’s as well as a full Studio Album towards the end of 2024.