Vinyl Windows Installation Process: Step-by-Step Guide


Window installation is a great way to improve the appearance of your home, and increase its energy efficiency and comfort level. With this guide, you will better understand the process of installing new window systems, as well as enjoy all their benefits from window installation in Toronto.

What to Do Before Window Installation?

Let’s start with the material you can choose for your window designs.

  • Wood

Many homeowners prefer wood. It is a beautiful raw material that looks great in both modern and classic interiors.

However, such products have several major drawbacks that negate all their aesthetics. Wood is vulnerable to temperature fluctuations and climate features. As a result, this material can rot, swell, and deform.

It not only spoils the attractive appearance of your home but also fills it with draughts, high humidity, dust, mold and many other consequences of leaky frames.

By the way, wood is also quite expensive: standard models made of wood cost $ 600-1300.

  • Fiberglass


If you like wood structure, pay attention to fiberglass. This material can look like wood, but you do not need to worry about the maintenance of such products.

Fiberglass is wear-resistant. It easily withstands high humidity, harsh temperature fluctuations or careless handling (impacts and other mechanical influences). The cost of such window systems is $350-$800.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl windows offer the best value for money. They are a popular choice for homeowners who value reliability and usability.

Unlike wood, vinyl does not rot, deform, or fade. It is durable and does not need any maintenance.

Due to special technology, vinyl sashes and frame corners are sealed (which cannot be achieved using mechanically connected wood parts).

Another advantage of vinyl products is their price. Such window designs will cost cheaper than any other options: $250-$700.

How to Install a Vinyl Window?

Please note that our window installation in Toronto guide is provided to help you better understand how such structures are installed.

Vinyl windows are generally quite easy to install. However, you should understand that much depends on the model. For example, the installation of bay and bow windows requires attracting more qualified professionals than for casement or awning windows.

And even if you choose a simple model, we do not recommend installing it yourself:

  • First, you can damage the window.
  • Secondly, improperly installed window systems won’t protect the home from draughts, so you will have to spend a lot of money on heating the house.
  • Third, an independent installation cancels your warranty. It is better to pay a qualified specialist once than to worry about possible consequences.

Take all required measurements


It includes the width, depth and height of the window opening. Ideally, this measurement should be done by the contractor: he can accurately calculate what size of window you need. If necessary, you can extend or reduce the existing opening.

Order and check your window

There is a wide choice of various window designs on the market today. The most popular is casement. In addition, you can also install awning, fixed casement, sliders, bay and bow or different types of shaped windows.

When you receive your order, make sure that the windows are in good working condition and do not have any damage or defects that occurred during their production or transportation.

Preparation for window installation in Toronto

If you do not want to dirty or damage your property, then remove mirrors, furniture and decor away from the site of work.

If there are children and pets at home, make sure that they do not create a dangerous situation for themselves or for the team of contractors.

It is better to send kids to visit relatives and close pets in a separate room.

Fortunately, installing one window takes on average 2-3 hours, so it should not cause any problems.

Old window dismantling

For safety reasons, the craftsman moves both sashes to the lowest position.

Next, the specialist uses a hammer and a crowbar. These tools are needed to lift the window stops on the sides and at top of the window. After removing the stops, the contractor will pull the window sashes out of the window.

The installer will also remove existing finishes and siding around the window opening. This work should be carried out as carefully as possible so as not to damage the wall.

Installation of window flanges and insulation


The installer will measure the window edges and cut them to fit your window openings. Next, he will attach the flanges to the wall with nails and check that they are aligned.

Window alignment

First, you need to make sure the window fits the existing window opening.

Next, place the window block in the opening and try to center it so that there is a little space on both sides.

This space is required for insulation and gaskets. Also, the contractor must apply a strip of sealant on the edges of the window to secure it in place.

Gaskets placement

Gaskets are needed to properly install your window design. Although the purpose of the gaskets is to keep the window in place, they should not interfere with its normal operation. It should also be controlled by your installer.


There are screw holes in every corner of the window. First, the installer will drill guide holes in the gaskets, and then screw the screw from inside of the window.

It is important not to tighten the screw too much, otherwise it can lead to frame displacement.

Insulation installation


It is required to make the whole structure sealed and not let cold air, dust and moisture inside the room.

As a rule, the craftsmen first cover the perimeter of the frame with paint tape and then apply a special expanding foam. As soon as the foam freezes, the installer will remove any excess.

 Installation of new window stops and sealant

This is the final touch of your windows installation.

Note that window stops should be located on the inside and be tight enough to hide all the gaps.

In turn, the sealant will help to fill all the gaps and cracks, making your window a single integral structure. Everything is ready!

Want to find a reliable contractor who can be entrusted with window installation in Toronto?

Pay attention to the many Windows and Doors companies. There are brands that have been known in the Canadian market for a long time.

You will find a great choice of various window systems: from standard casement, awning or hung windows to exclusive, custom-made products.