7 Proven Ways to Earn Money from Cryptocurrencies in 2024

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Investing in cryptocurrencies became very popular in recent years because many of them have the potential to become much more valuable in the future. According to many financial experts, we can expect that blockchain technology will replace the current monetary system in the world. We can hear a lot of news every day about the situation on the crypto market and which currencies have great potential.

There are many methods to earn from cryptocurrencies, and one of the most popular is by trading. You can check bitqtapp, which is an app that you can use for trading with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the latest news and analysis about the trading market. Besides trading, there are also many other methods for earning. Here are the best 7 proven ways to earn money from cryptocurrencies.

1. Day Trading

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The method if day trading is similar to when you are trading with stocks. The major factor of successful trading is to get familiar with the frequent fluctuation of various currencies and find the right time to buy and sell. This method is not advisable for beginners, because it requires a lot of statistics, analysis, elaborating charts, and many more.

Some people managed to earn millions with this technique, and you must observe the daily trends and changes in values. However, you need to be aware of the risk that you could end in a bigger loss than your investment if you are not experienced with the day trading option. If you are ready to take the risk and prepared for daily analysis of the market, you should try this method. However, if you are a beginner, we advise you to start with smaller investments.

2. Dividend Payout

Most of us have heard about dividends in the stock market, where you can earn just from holding a particular stock. There is a similar method when it comes to cryptocurrencies as well. The main difference is that you are not the owner of the cryptocurrency like when you are looking for a dividend with stocks.

This process works as a way where you are paying the holder of some crypto to trade with it, and get a refund over time. However, since the market is often fluctuating, the amount of dividend is not always the same. Also, you can’t expect a great amount of money with this method, but can be a good source of monthly income.

3. Mining

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For a long time, mining was the best way to earn cryptocurrencies, especially before the last halving, when you could make a great amount of Bitcoin or some other digital currency, and sell it for a great price. Today, the situation is not that good as it was a few years ago, but you could still earn a lot of money if you choose the right crypto to mine.

For mining the cryptocurrencies, you will need a high-end PC with the most recent processor and graphic card. Also, you should be aware of the fact that your electric bill will become much higher. Before you start to mine some crypto, we advise you to make a good calculation and choice.

4. Buying and Holding

One of the most popular methods to earn from cryptocurrencies is the simplest one, and you only need to buy some virtual assets and wait for it to get a bigger value on the market to sell. This method is also similar to the standard stock market, and you will have to deal with a lot of speculations and analyses to find the currency with the best chances to gain bigger value over time.

As we all know, the market is rapidly changing, and you could end up with a great profit if you choose the right type and the best time to buy or sell. On the other side, you need to be aware of the risk that there is a chance for some crypto you invested in to get a much smaller value over time. While some of the most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XPR, and more, many experts advise people to invest in some much cheaper alternatives with good potential, such as Cardano, Chainlink, Seele, IOTA, and more.

5. Stacking

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Stacking represents a combination of buying, holding, and getting dividends. This method also requires a lot of research on the market, and you should invest in crypto with the best chances of higher dividends. However, the difference from standard investment for a dividend is that you are the owner of a cryptocurrency when you choose this method. Also, this method is one of the most secure, since you can get a smaller amount of money each month, and the ability to sell whenever you want.

6. Play Games and Complete Tasks

There are many online platforms where you can find various tasks or games, and get paid in cryptocurrencies as a reward. For example, you can fill-out surveys, visit links and ads, or share various content for the company that will later pay yours for your service with Bitcoins, or some other digital currency. Also, there are some games like Da Hong Bao, Poker, Blackjack, Rollercoin, and many more, where you can earn crypto as a reward.

7. Affiliate Marketing

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If you are experienced with promotions and sharing the content, Affiliate Marketing is a great marketing strategy that you can combine with your promotional skills. There are some platforms like Bit Z, Binance, and OKE X, who will pay you in cryptocurrencies if you bring them new users by sharing the link over the content you are sharing on social networks.

8. Accept Cryptocurrencies as a Way of Payment

One of the easiest ways to earn from cryptocurrencies is when you have an online store. You can connect the cart with your e-wallet, and provide your customers with an option to spend cryptocurrencies when they are buying from you. You could end up with a much bigger profit if you collect the digital currencies, and they become much more valuable over time.