What are Linear Actuators and Their Applications?

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A linear actuator is a device used to move or control the circular motion linear-direction using a centralized control signal. The control signal helps the motor to move forward and backward any mechanism in a straight line. The pull and push motion enables the device to perform multiple functions such as slide, lift and move heavy loads with the click of a single button. The device imparts definite and precise control of the production. The constant movement of linear actuators makes it cost-effective over its longevity and offers natural energy efficiency. These linear actuators are easier to install, require less maintenance and lesser space than hydraulic or pneumatic counterparts. Linear actuators are available in various forms varying from telescoping to twisted and coiled.

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What are the applications of linear actuators?

Linear actuators are used mainly for industrial purposes. The few applications of linear actuators are mentioned below:

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  • Handling of materials

The use of linear actuators has enhanced automation in the handling of materials of manufacturing and production sectors. The application of electrical linear actuators has converted into an essential and requisite tool to accomplish ideal material handling. It helps in the efficient manufacturing of materials and reduces the cost of production. In factories, linear actuators are accountable for transferring heavy and bulky materials from one place to another. It enables safe, accurate, and faster handling of materials with lesser human intervention. The other models of linear actuators in material management are high-powered macro and micro models, which run on sensors and other artificial technology.

  • Robotics

The movement in robots through wheels, clams, arms, and legs is feasible only because of linear actuators. Few popular linear actuators that enable movement in robots are Motorised threaded rods, Pneumatic cylinders, Scotch yokes, Solenoids, Pneumatic muscles, etc. The grasping mechanism in robots functions due to linear actuators. Suppose a sensor directs the robot arm to hold a package and move it from one point to another. The shifting of the package to the desired location is possible because of linear actuators present in the clamp. The clamp ensures that the package doesn’t shift or drop while moving.

  • Food and beverage manufacturing

Linear actuators have an important role in the industrial sector for food and beverage manufacturing. Linear actuators provide a high-end mechanism to meet the huge requirements of food and beverages. It aids in the timely manufacturing, processing, packaging, distribution of products. There are different models of linear actuators. For example, the Rod-style model ensures hygiene in production areas which makes it a suitable option for dairy plants. Linear actuators are used in meat separators, deboning equipment, toasters, food processors, and other common machinery. Linear actuators increase efficiency in food and beverage manufacturing, maintain a hygiene workplace, and avoid contamination.

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  • Door and window mechanization

Linear actuators play a crucial role in providing you with a modern lifestyle. Doors and windows mechanization use large linear actuators that enable you to open and close windows and doors without putting in much effort. These large linear actuators used in window mechanization are called push-rod motors that make doors and windows contract or extend silently and comfortably even in high and low temperatures. The use of linear actuators can be seen in workplaces, factories, and even in apartments and shopping malls. Linear actuators replace the requirement for manual activity providing optimal ventilation and airflow from windows and doors.

  • Agricultural Equipment and machinery

Nowadays, agricultural equipment and machinery are so efficient, easy to use, and can be easily reliable and all because of linear actuators. These machines and equipment aid the farmers and other agricultural labor to perform farming activities even in severe climatic conditions. The primary use of linear actuators is in the farms. For example, sprayers or sprinklers operate with the help of Linear actuators, and it enables the farmers to command the height and angle of sprayers for exhaustive and steady sprays. The application of linear actuators also simplifies the mechanism of machinery and equipment to operate efficiently. Like the use of tractors and combine harvesters have never been more efficient and reliable.

  • Solar Panel Equipment

The application of linear actuators is also used on Solar Panel Equipment. The latest innovations in conventional panels have made harnessing solar energy more efficacious. Earlier the conventional panels used hydraulics to harness solar energy, but now electrical linear actuators enable the panels to move automatically by tracking the sunlight and absorb the maximum amount of solar energy. Installing linear actuators in solar panels provides maximum absorption of solar energy even in scorching and frigid temperatures. The useful machines can also resist high-pressure jets, litter, and dust. The application of linear actuators has encouraged people to use more ways to harness solar energy to make the environment eco-friendly.

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  • Medical equipment and devices

The application of linear actuators has also aided the health sector and hospitals. The use of linear valve actuator converting electric, pneumatic and hydraulic energy into push and pull motion giving an alternative approach for manual operations. With the use of linear actuators, the chances of saving human life have increased significantly. The advancement in medical equipment and devices enables multiple functions, making it cost-effective and efficient.

Final Comments

The application of Linear actuators has made it easy and convenient to perform day-to-day operations. From opening your doors and windows to harnessing solar energy, linear actuators provide effective mechanics and convert manual operations into automated ones. Linear actuators provide cost-effective solutions to make your living easier and comfortable.