Top 17 Free Online Tools To Improve Your Performance On Social Media

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Social media has become a crucial aspect of our everyday lives and businesses. As a result, it has redefined digital marketing. Using social media marketing will drive your business or personal account to new levels with millions of people using social media sites such as:

  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • YouTube,
  • Instagram, and others.

No matter how experienced you are as a digital marketer, you will reach your sales goals and get more traction online if you choose the most helpful social media tool. Forget struggling to attract targeted traffic and consumers to your personal or corporate account. They’re under your nose, such as IG followers service you should have a look at.

Effective tools for social media help you schedule postings at the optimal time, test the effect of your campaigns and find more content to share. Furthermore, they help you improve your online presence on social media channels by providing practical information. You should consider using tools if you want to attract more followers and boost income.

Of course, such tools also can free some time and increase the productivity of the social media blog. Suppose you really want to get your social channels in shape this year. So along with the instruments for growth that require charges, you can use the following tools to your marketing toolkit that take no charge!


This service is mainly used for social management. Hootsuite offers a free plan that allows users to synchronize up to three profiles to check on the growth simultaneously. You will be able to make posts and reply to your followers at once, whatever platform (Instagram, Facebook) came from because of the single dashboard. As a fine bonus, their blog offers much helpful information to learn, the latest statistics, social media marketing trends, and entertaining content to get inspiration.

Note: Buffer is a similar service that has a well-known tool for scheduling and posting. It is quite a wise idea to use both these services, as they can cover your activities online completely.


This is a branding instrument that can help you to establish the visuals of your brand. It has a vast library of fonts, pictures, templates, and illustrations. You can achieve the result quickly with the drag-n-drop system. Also, you can create basic designs, logos, special offers, category markers for your posts easily.

It is highly recommended to look through some blogs that you like, such as on Instagram, to develop your concept. Without having a picture in your head, you can get lost in the variety of Canva possibilities.


This one, as it follows from the name, is a free surveillance tool. Basically, it is one of the most popular sites to use if you need to collect feedback from your followers on Insta, FB, Twitter, etc. Or customers. Why do you need surveys:

  • Research
  • Engagement
  • Improving the result
  • Entertainment
  • Understanding the audience

On SurveyMonkey, you can collect and then analyze the information that you have achieved. This is important because only constantly updating your knowledge about your target group secures growth. You can find more info in the research.


This instrument is owned by Neil Patel, who is now one of the prominent social media marketing specialists. Ubersuggest is an analyzing tool that explores and reveals the suggestions and auto-fill behavior of users. It also categorizes this data according to the country you select. For you as a blogger, this tool is needed to understand what is attractive to your Instagram audience, for example, and adjust your content to fit in.

This tool is also useful for your visual content. is a site that holds a huge library of illustrated infographics. You can find options to create custom infographics as well. It’s known that visual representation is more catching and memorable to people, so you should use this service quite often.


If you have a question – go to Quora! This is a huge platform that gathers specialists from many industries. The principle of this service is easy – it’s Q&A. You ask and people who have something to say about the topic – write the answers. Of course, there are quite a lot of savvy people who can help you with tricky situations and problems in your growth rates on any platform.

Mail Chimp

Another monkey at your service here! This is an instrument for sending emails. It is simple to use, has a pleasant design and options to create custom letters. As for businesses, it is irreplaceable. Yet, personal blogs using emails are a great way to share the info-products you offer and communicate with followers.


Eventually, you will need to get an image for your needs. And there is a solution for you – stock images! A popular platform named Shutterstock is paid, and Pexels is a great free alternative. The pictures that you can find there are free of copyright charges. However, their library may not be as huge as the one that Shutterstock holds, but for occasional use, it will do more than enough.

Facebook Barometer

The perfect instrument to do some competitive analysis. It is no secret that nowadays, it is hard to be 100% unique. So it is important to keep track of what your niche competitors are doing. With Barometer, you will have easy access to the pages on Facebook or Instagram that are similar to yours. All you need is to connect your page to this service. You will see and compare such metrics as:

  • Engagement rates
  • Organic growth
  • Paid growth
  • Positive and negative feedback
  • Mentions, etc.


This service is perfect assistance to strengthen the connection you have with your audience. Here you can explore how your followers react to the content that you make and how they interact with it. You can also use Socialbakers for automatic posting, reports, and general measurements of your progress.


This is an excellent application that provides the possibility to create a list with the links that you need. After you add the links you want, you post the unique link to this list, and all the applied data will appear to the user as a comfy set of buttons named after your favor. Many bloggers and brands use it for cross-platform promotion to provide quick access to other profiles they run. For example, artists often add links to donation sites like Patreon or Gumroad.


Ultimate helper for your Twitter! This tool with tips on this article can help you analyze your followers’ behavior and suggests improvements for your profile. You can see, for example, when your audience is active at most, what posts are the most engaging for them, and how they inter with your profile.

With this tool you can easily track your potential for a certain type of audience, count your prospects for different kinds of content and analyze the power of your ideas.


Good assistant for your Pinterest. This tool is analyzing your posts and offers potential solutions that will help you to improve your growth. This way you can predict the most successful way for your content is.

Headline Analyzer

A must-have for YouTubers. This tool is analyzing your title by a few criteria:

  • Word balance
  • Number of characters and words
  • Keywords
  • First and last words ( which tend to be the attention triggers)

The interface looks like a round infographic that can be green, yellow, or red. In case you got the green result, your headline is a cherry bomb. If you got yellow or red, you would have to rework your title based on the results displayed to you. Quite a useful thing because headlines are a primary attracting tool.


This is a general tool that helps manage your personal or business social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. This instrument is good if you want a quick insight on your content quality, general success of your posts, activity and other significant statistics that impact your growth. It also has an option that creates a presentation for the results you get, which is quite useful for SMMs, who work for brands.

Rival IQ

This instrument serves to monitor your competition. With it you can track the result of your rivals campaigns and compare your content. Hence you can get real prospects for users’ behavior and your strategy results. Also, Rival IQ can give insights about the SEO of your competitors, helping you build your content according to the most effective methods.


Use this list for your growth. You will be surprised how much time you will save with these. Also, you will improve your rates online and get a better understanding of what content you should produce. Good luck!