What Coco Plum Island Resort Has to Offer For Couples

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BELIZE: An Explorer’s Dream

There is an aspect of travel that can never be duplicated. Though there are aquariums and zoos where you can behold some of what nature has to offer, there is nothing like the real-life experience. You can smell the island breeze, or hear the birds call along the beach, you can’t swim in waters as far as your eyes or take a peaceful nap on a sandy beach. Though you may see the animals, you can not observe them in their natural habitat. Nature on a tropical island is something that is much better experiencing than behind glass or a confined space.

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Likewise, there is nothing like being in person while exploring the water! Doing this with those that you love makes the moment extra special! Belize is one of the best places to visit for the ultimate water exploration! If you’re looking to plan a vacation to remember, you can come to Belize! Coco Beach Island and Belizean Shores Resort offer great adventure and activities to do. Here are some of them which will leave you with curiosity to visit this wonderful place

Make Sweet Memories At The Beautiful Coral Reef

Whether you love snorkeling or you love scuba diving, you can experience the ocean’s wildlife up close! At the shore, you can see the white sands, colorful coral, and see some of the rarest wildlife. If you’d like to explore the oceans deep if you like to see schools of fish swimming by if you swim deep but feel as if your light as a feather, you can do this in Belize.

Whether you’d like to stay near the shore, or you like to dive deep down like a professional explorer, one thing is for sure, you are up for an unforgettable experience. If you decide to visit Belize you can see the next to largest coral reef barrier 300 meters offshore. Here you can see tropical fish and ocean flora! There are hundreds of species of fish! Here, not only are the fish unique but you can see endangered species up close! You can also see several types of shellfish, spotted eagle rays, and dolphins! You can go on the ultimate exploration with coco beach island resort Belize!

Have Some Family Fun On The Water!

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Need an exciting adventure that both you and your family will love? If your family likes speed and a breathtaking view, then you will love going parasailing! Imagine the tropical breeze filling your parachute and floating across your faces as you rise up in the sky! You and your loved ones will get to see the ocean from a birds-eye view! Just ahead you can view miles and miles of beautiful turquoise waters!

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If you’re looking for more excitement, you and your family can go tubing in the cave! Here you can explore the best of both water and land! On this excursion, you can see the rainforest tropical plants and exotic animals. You can also examine the formation of the cave and learn of its history. That’s not all there is to do at the Sandy Pointe Resort! You can also take your family river kayaking or fishing or horseback riding for some mainland enjoyment. You and your family can also zip-line through the rainforest! Enjoy some fun in the sun as you jet ski, out on the water.

Experience Something New At The Big Blue

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One famous tourist attraction of the world is the Great Blue Hole, which is one of the 15 natural phenomena of our planet. Many come far and wide to witness this giant sinkhole. It is not what you would imagine, a sinkhole to be like, instead, it is a wondrous place worthy to explore. It is just over 1,000 miles across, and about 400 ft. deep. It’s fit for the ultimate excursion because it lies near the Belize Barrier reef. Along with stalactites and other unique geological formations. Not only this but fish you can only find in Belize! You can enjoy a once in a lifetime exploration to the Great Blue Hole with coco beach island resort Belize!

Boating In Waters Far And Wide

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Are you wanting to plan something more intimate? There’s much to do to make special and intimate moments. Sunbathe next to your loved one out on the water as you listen to the calming waves, a cool drink in your hand. Eat a delicious and intimate meal near the water! Spend a romantic evening on a signature Catamaran Cruise, or Sailing Adventure with Sandy Pointe Resorts! Be with the one you love while you view a breathtaking sunset!

If you’re looking to make special memories with your loved ones, on the water, Belize has it all! Come take some time alone as you relax on the sandy beaches. Pamper yourself at a Sandy Pointe Spa, and get a rejuvenating massage right by the water! You could go on an adventure with your family and enjoy sports and activities! If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your significant other, you can rest under the stars! Maybe you’re looking to do all of the above! No matter your preference, you can make your vacation special. Belize is one of the top places to go on an adventure! So what are you waiting for? Make your plans for your unforgettable vacation today!