What do you need to know about high-quality industrial hemp?

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Hemp is a very useful plant that has been crucial during the growth of humans. It gave us the ability to create clothing, paper, ropes and more, hemp has certainly helped us stay safe and have the upper-hand over other animals. There is evidence that we have been using the hemp plant for our benefit for more than 15,000 years. Just imagine how crucial it is to our existence since we use hemp for our benefit even to this day where we have portable computers in our pockets and transportation vehicles that can fly over the planet in a matter of hours.

In the last couple of decades, the hemp industry started to see a drop in popularity because we have found much more effective ways to create cloth or ropes. However, thanks to THC, the popularity of CBD has grown a lot these last couple of years which brought back the hemp industry back to life. Hemp is the only plant on this plant that can be used to extract CBD, there is no alternative. Because of such a big demand for hemp, a lot of people want to catch the CBD hype train before it leaves. In other words, they want to invest early so they can see huge profits in the oncoming years.

If you are interested in this industry and you want to know more about this plant so you can invest in it, there are some things you should first know about.

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Is it worth investing in the hemp industry?

If you are unsure whether it is safe to put money in this industry, you should know that the latest study by the HIA or Hemp Industries Association, American companies have profited over 500 million dollars with hemp in just one year. This is more profitable than in industries as big as food, alcoholic beverages and more. Keep in mind that the hemp plant is still illegal in many US states and in countries all over the world. This means that the profit can be much bigger in the future when it becomes legal to cultivate hemp.

Is it part of the cannabis family?

It is completely normal that you are wondering whether hemp is part of the cannabis family considers that its looks are very similar to the marijuana plant. Yes, it is true, the plant does belong in the cannabis family, but it is much different than marijuana. The plant that is used to achieve a psychoactive effect or a “high” is called Cannabis Sativa and has a huge concentration of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This plant is specially bred and grown to have as much as THC possible so it can have a better mind-altering effect on people. The plant is then sold as either medicinal marijuana in a pharmacy or as a recreational weed. If you want to know more about industrial hemp and its cannabis family, click here.

Hemp contains small traces of THC which is not enough for it to have an effect similar to THC. Since most THC content comes from the product of the plant, hemp plants do not produce a product which means that more can be cultivated in a much smaller space. There is no need to leave the room to produce.

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Growing hemp is eco-friendly

Another great reason why you should consider cultivating or investing in hemp is that it is very eco-friendly. Since the whole world is constantly pushing to become a much greener place, and governments punishing those who cause a much higher carbon footprint to the atmosphere, investing in an industry that is so eco-friendly is a great idea.

Hemp plants collect toxins that can be found underground in the soil and through a complicated process cleans the toxins and uses it as food. Believe it or not, hemp has been commonly used for a way to clean fields from radiation. This was a popular tactic in the countries surrounding Ukraine after the Chernobyl disaster. A nuclear reactor had a malfunction, exploded and released a lot of radiation that could easily kill all kinds of plants and even permanently damage the soil. Luckily, hemp plants could endure such radiation and even clean up the soil.

CBD products are growing in popularity

This last decade people have been looking for different ways to cure their chronic pain, anxiety, depression and a lot of other problems. Over-the-counter drugs cannot be always combined with some medications and some drugs can even be addictive, so to avoid these people are using CBD as an alternative.

Many people have reported that after using CBD products they have finally gotten rid of their chronic pain that has lasted for years and years. In some countries, CBD oil has been approved for a legitimate way to treat cancer pain or sclerosis. A recent study has shown that multiple patients after consuming CBD have shown the effects of reduced pain and inflammation.

Considering how chronic inflammation can cause other serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes, heart disease it is smart that people should try using CBD oils or other products that contain cannabidiol to cure chronic inflammation.

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Uses of Hemp

Here are some of the uses we can see by cultivating hemp.


Before the spread of the CBD industry, the main reason why hemp was cultivated around the world was to obtain its fibers. These fibers could then be used to either create strong and reliable ropes or paper.

Can even be eaten

Hemp truly is a plant that can be used by anyone. The seeds that derive from the hemp plant are considered to be very nutritious and can either be eaten raw, baked or dried and used a powder. For people who want to avoid consuming cow or goat milk since it can be dangerous to the human body, they can drink hemp milk. The hemp milk is extracted from hemp seeds and has a much thicker consistency than regular milk and has a similar taste to almond milk.