What Table Lifts Are and How Can They Improve Your Health for Good?

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Nowadays, health issues related to sitting jobs are manifesting. Office workers and those people who work from home have more complaints about:

  • Weight gain up to obesity which is already classified as a medical condition;
  • Constant pains in the back and neck;
  • Increasing fatigue;
  • Tunnel syndrome;
  • Loss of motivation and, thus, productivity drop.

These issues can lead to more serious conditions such as depression, issues with the cardiovascular system, even a heart attack. Alas, many office workers complain about the mentioned issues, thus, there are reasons to think about what can be changed in the work environment to improve the situation.

The Solution Has Been Found Many Generations Ago

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The simplest that an employee can do is replace the traditional desks by height-adjustable ones. If you work from home, you are not limited to anything. You can install an advanced height-adjustable desk and equip it with convenient ergonomic items to create a perfect working space. Just choose the best lifting system for your new desk. More details about lifting systems can be found on the website of any trusted manufacturer.

A standing desk has been known since long ago. Leonardo da Vinci was among the first who started using it. A height-adjustable desk is already a modern improvement. Now, you can change the desk from a sitting into a standing position with a single button push.

To Buy a Ready Desk or to Make One?

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If you work in an office, you cannot bring your furniture there. Therefore, everything depends on your employer. The good thing is that many companies have already realized all the benefits that standing or rather height-adjustable tables. While the investment is significant (one good deck can cost up to 1,000 USD) but in return, the employee gets happier and healthier workers, less time wasted on sick leaves, and the productivity boost. Thus, such improvements pay off fast. Here, the solution is to buy furniture pieces.

If you need a height-adjustable desk at home, you can choose between a DIY desk or the one bought already made.

The first option is good if:

  • Your budget is limited, and you hope to save on a DIY option;
  • You have a desk that you love but you want to add a lift to modernize the piece;
  • You like making everything on your own.

However, if you do not have enough experience in making automated furniture, experimenting might cause significant losses. Yeah, those lifting systems are not cheap and if one gets broken, you need to buy a new piece. Also, if you do not have time to make DIY things, a better option is for sure to pay for a ready solution. Whatever you choose is good provided you like it.

A Table Lift Can Influence Your Health Condition

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An adjustable desk with an easy-to-manage and functional table lift will change your life forever. Of course, just standing alone cannot help a lot. But if you know how to use your new item efficiently, it can improve your health condition and influence the efficiency in the most productive way.

Moving Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes, Obesity

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We all know how important it is to move. Of course, you might be arguing that you go to a gym several times a week and you walk every day to and from work.

However, how can a short-time workout or walk compensate for many hours of sitting? Of course, it is better than nothing, we agree with it. However, this is far not sufficient for a positive result. To prevent obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, you need to move constantly or at least regularly. If you work at a standing desk, it is possible. Even if you are still too shy to exercise openly, there are special secret exercises that are efficient, but nobody can see that you are doing them. With time, when you gain more confidence in exercises, you can move to more complex activities. A standing desk is convenient to do them.

Even changing from a sitting into a standing position requires some physical efforts. Though they are minor, still, it is better than nothing.

A Standing Desk Eliminates Pains in the Back and Neck and Helps to Prevent Tunnel Syndrome

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When you are sitting, especially if you are not using an ergonomic chair, your back doesn’t have a chance to take its natural position. Thus, it starts aching. The same can be told about the neck. The unnatural supine position causes issues with the blood circulation and thus, headaches become more and more common.

If you have a chance to stand from time to time, your back and neck can relax in their natural positions. Thus, sitting-related pains will disappear. Though it is not recommended to stress yourself out by standing constantly. When you are standing, your back is loaded. Thus, after a while, it will start aching because of tiredness. Combine sitting and standing wisely.

There is one more detail to consider: if you have pains related to a medical issue, a standing desk might make them less severe but will not resolve the issue. You need to consult a doctor and to get proper treatment.

The tunnel syndrome also appears because of stressing your wrist and finger muscles too much. It happens mostly when your fingers and wrists are positioned improperly. A height-adjustable desk with an ergonomic keyboard help to eliminate the causes of tunnel syndrome.

A Height-Adjustable Desk Boosts Your Productivity

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When all the pains are eliminated, the risks of obesity, a heart attack, diabetes, and so on, are eliminated or reduced, it will influence your motivation to work. Thus, you can expect an incredible productivity boost. Moreover, a nice working place equipped properly motivates enormously. All these things can be achieved with a nice desktop (probably, the one that you have already) and a functional table lift.

While even buying a table lift is a good investment, it is worth the funds. Thus, we recommend saving a little bit more and to purchase something nice and functional that will serve you for years.