What to Wear for your First Date and What to Avoid At All Costs – 2024 Guide

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The entire concept of a first date has shifted a great deal in recent years. Now when you do meet someone for the first time it’s likely you’ve already found out a great deal about the person and perhaps even spoken at length via one dating app or another.

Somewhere in the region of 50% of us regularly use dating apps and the younger you are the more likely that they are the main way of meeting a prospective partner and this, in many ways, makes things more complicated than you might think.

Yes, in the not so distant past most dates were either arranged via friends or occurred randomly after meeting in a bar or perhaps at work. This did mean in many ways you had a lot of work to do just to strike up a conversation as you were pretty much speaking to a complete stranger.

Whereas dates arranged via apps provide you a wealth of information, and of course the opportunity to communicate in some way before meeting for that all important first date, it does also mean there is seemingly more pressure on that first meeting.

A lot of the ‘chance’ element is taken out of the equation and this leaves you with more work to do, especially if you have developed a healthy interest in the person you are about to go on a date with.

So, what should you wear for this first ‘face to face’ encounter? Here are some tips on what to consider and what to avoid.

Try a No-Fuss Dress

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There is a school of thought that says you should really ‘go for it’ when it comes to the outfit you might wear for a first date, but in reality this is putting too much weight on the occasion and will make you feel more than a little uncomfortable physically.

So keep it simple. A nice ‘no-fuss’ dress is one that is loose fitting but offers a nice silhouette. You can opt for a short hemline or a longer-line, depending on your mood and also the scope of the date itself.

If for instance it’s a casual coffee or lunch date, there’s no need to go in ‘all guns blazing’.

Avoid Bold Bright Colors

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Given a modern first date is with someone you will have some background information on, and maybe even had a few electronic based conversations, there’s no need to be blaring in terms of the color palette of your outfit.

Muted is fine, candy colors are also a nice touch but avoid anything that screams ‘look at me’, as you don’t want this to be the focus of attention, well you do, but not so much so that it envelops the occasion unduly.

You Can’t Go Wrong With that Cute LBD You Have

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Frankly that little black dress can never be the wrong outfit and if your first date is a dinner based one, then you should give it a go. There are many styles and designs that LBDs come in but the overall aesthetic is as classic in 2024 as it was 50-60 years ago.

You can always look to glam it up, or tone it down, with your footwear or accessory choice. Maybe pair it with a great initial necklace that will serve as a nice conversation starter and you can find some great items along these links right here.

A Blazer and a Sexy Pair of Heels

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Maybe your first date has crept up on you or has been arranged out of the blue, perhaps it’s one that occurs just after your work hours. No fear, elect for a sharp blazer to throw on over your smart work clothes.

Dig out those sexy heels you purchased during the peak of the COVID, when you wanted to reward yourself for cutting back on your binging, and pair them together and step out in confidence. Your date won’t know what hit them!

Nice Fitted Jeans, Flattering T-Shirt and Cool Shades

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If your first date is one that you have deliberately kept as low-key as possible, maybe a quick coffee to size them up, there’s no reason you can’t still impress without looking like you are not even trying to.

Throw on a great pair of tight jeans and a well cut t-shirt and turn up with those great shades (weather permitting) and waltz in as if you just happened to be passing by.

This works especially well if you are truly aloof about where this first date may or may not lead. It’s all about reducing the pressure of the occasion and feeling great in your look will transmit to a relaxed vibe that should provide the right ambiance for a first date that may be a roaring success or one that didn’t quite work out as planned.

Now, What Should You Avoid At All Costs?

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Try not to look as if you are trying too hard and that covers a multitude of potential sins. Things to avoid would be strong patterned tops and blaring colors that make them hard to miss.

Of course you want to be noticed but you might not want to be seen, if you catch our drift.

Also there’s no need to show off too much skin or give off a vibe of doing so, in other words avoid sheer fabric.

Avoid massive heels and overly bling jewelry, that might scream desperation in a way that you might never recover from.

Dress in a way that works for you, don’t try to second guess what your date wants to see you in. If you are in an outfit that isn’t you, then it’s likely this will become all too clear before you’ve even completed your starter.

It sounds like a cliche, but it’s true. Dress for yourself, which should be a general rule anyway but is doubly relevant for a first date. The atmosphere should be relaxed and that requires you to be relaxed.

Clearly if the first date goes as well as you’d hoped, you can save the truly big guns for date number two!