7 Tips for Successful WoW Raid for Beginners – 2024 Guide

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Considering how big of a thing WoW was when it first entered the scene and welcomed new players, it is totally reasonable why this iconic game saga continues to attract more players, but also how the old gamers return from time to time to experience the legendary plot and discover even more interesting novelties than they came across during their first experience.

Yet, you cannot participate in the game and enjoy it to the fullest if you do not know how to be a part of advanced tasks, such as raiding. Fortunately, we have prepared the following list of tips for successful WoW raid for beginners that should improve your proficiency and make you a valid member of any raiding crew.

1. Know Your Class

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It is of utter importance not only to know the basics of your character’s class but also to be familiar with advanced characteristics. At the beginning of the game, numerous classes might seem interesting considering which features they have and how powerful they might seem, but the truth is you should always opt for the character you will know how to utilize to its fullest.

If you do not know what you can do in the game, and even worse, if you do not know how to make use of particular abilities, not a single raiding company will accept your application and you will only be able to participate in a raid as a side observer. If you are looking for best quality boosting in WoW, feel free to buy World of Warcraft Boost services at Leprestore.com.

2. Gear Up

Gear is one of the most important elements that contribute to your character’s status, so you pay additional attention that you have what it takes for your character to be as prepared as possible. Without the proper gear, your character is nothing more than a sitting duck, and as such, you will not only be incapable of impacting the raid in any way, but any serious raiding company would not even consider your application.

In a nutshell, different gear pieces affect how much damage you can take and deliver, how fast you will heal, and what you will earn. Now, although completing a raid should provide you more powerful wares, it does not mean you can win one without any suitable gear.

3. Supplies

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Having enough supplies is what makes you safe and sound, regardless of your skill. It gives you both the sense of security and the advantage if something unpredicted happens. Healers cannot cover it all, so you must bring as many health potions as possible and secure you have the ace in the sleeve if your health happens to be running low. When elixirs are in question, determine which one you need according to your class and stash them up to enhance your status.

4. Timing Is Everything

Raiding requires you to be as punctual as ever since no one will wait for you if you do not show in time. Also, raiding is a time-consuming activity, so you will have to be capable of devoting yourself until the whole thing is complete, otherwise, you will put the effort of the whole raiding company at risk, which will additionally compromise your status as a reliable player. We are sure you will spend more time than you are willing to admit fighting your way up the game, but let’s face it, time is not the luxury everyone has on their hands.

Fortunately, at Lfcarry, you will find all the info you need about how to become a part of an experienced raiding company that will gladly do most of the job for you, while you savor the fruits of the joint effort.

5. Cooperate with Your Teammates

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Raids are not envisaged to be singlehandedly done by an individual player; thus, teamwork is of utter importance. Every single member of the raid should know their role before the real action starts, so they could all do their best and contribute to the joint endeavor. Even though you might reckon you know better than the team leader at some point during the raid, you should keep your opinion for later and submit it to the baton of more experienced players. Take your time and learn with every raid you participate in, and remain positive since your leadership days are yet to come.

6. Talk to Each Other

What one should also be careful with is when and what about they should talk to their teammates. Namely, when the action begins, the time for chit chat stops immediately, since there are other things a player should focus on. On the other hand, a rookie should always ask for potential explanations in a timely matter, which is usually before engaging in complicated situations when their full attention should be focused on helping their teammates and doing their part of the task.

7. Loot Division

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Everybody wants their piece of the loot when the fighting is over, so you should not be unpleasantly surprised if you end up with something less than you expect, because basically, it would be your fault. Namely, a vast majority of raiding companies use an already established system of loot distribution, which is usually based on DKP.

Therefore, it is on you to inform yourself well before agreeing to be a part of a raiding group that is already using an established system that might or might not be your cup of tea. As you move up the ranks and contribute more, you will be able to enjoy more sophisticated gear, so take your time and pay attention to what you can do better the next time you decide to go on a particular raid.

We are aware that the aforementioned tips and tricks for entering your first raid might seem like a bit too much for you to handle in one take, but we assure you they will prove their worth as soon as you take control over your character. You should know that Rome was not built in a day, so expect to learn and progress every time you log into your WoW profile. A few years ago, articles such as this one were nothing more than a part of a dream realm for the newbies, so you should consider yourself lucky someone is willing to share their experience with you.