12 Dresses Style you Will Fall in Love With

Img source: trunkclub.com

Summers are all about colours and new and amazing fashion styles to pull off. All you need is to make sure that you sync with the newest fashion trends as well. This will keep you in the loop and you will be able to make your statement while staying in the latest trends.

To Ownthelooks, different people have different style preferences. This is what determines who they are. If you like to dress modestly, you can easily go for maxi dresses and other modest dresses without compromising your fashion game. If you like it a little bold, you can go for miniskirts and shorts as well. Totally up to you. This is the best you can do to yourself to look fashionable while wearing casual stuff.


Neon colours can be of huge help if you want to pop up in a crowd full of people. A little creativity and a little effort can make you look the best. You can find blazers in so many amazing colours including the neon’s as well

Maxi dresses


Maxis are casual and stylish both. One thing that you have to be careful in maxis is their fabric. If you go with the fancy fabric, the look will not remain casual anymore. So, you must choose a casual and fashionable look by yourself.


You can pair your tees with mid-length skirts as well. If you go with artistic prints on your tees with plain skirts or go with artistic skirts with plain shirts, it would look amazing.

There is nothing so difficult in choosing the right outfit for the day. All you need is to think carefully about what you want and how you want to look. Once you are done with that, you are good to go with every look.


The best summer dress if you do not want to do the efforts of wearing jeans, go for a shirt dress.

Animal instincts

Animal prints are becoming the biggest fashion trend of all times


They are also referred to as builders. In the past, they used to be worn by the technicians but so is not the case now. Now, the most fashionable of women will be seen wearing the jumpsuits. Some go for the fancy ones for formal occasions while some wear them on informal occasions as well. It works for both of them

Cold shoulders

In a lot of fashion magazines, you will notice women wearing cold shoulders because that’s what the trend is all about

Off shoulders

Off shoulders are not seen in just tops but also a lot of women are wearing the off shoulders in their gowns as well.


T-shirts can never go out of fashion. You can customize them as well with doodles and graffiti.

Types of Denim

Wear the denim jackets and jeans for effortless styling these summers

Neogothic style

Keep it all black. Yes, the makeup, the outfit and everything and you will make a statement of yourself.

Pastel tones

To keep it simple and elegant, go with some lavender tones and ownthelooks you possess.