What You Should Do With Leftover Juice Pulp in Your Juicer

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Picture this. You are excited about the homemade juice you just made for yourself. It tastes excellent, you’re only drinking healthy flavors, and it didn’t even cost much.

But then your eyes catch the sight of leftover pulp in your juicer.

It is such an embarrassment to waste leftover juice marrow, especially when it has ample of nutrition in it. So, if you are confused with what to do with the remaining marrow in your juicer, here are some creative ways you can use it.

Vegetable Pulp

Add flavor to the burger

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It is entirely possible to replace what you normally use as fillers in burger with vegetable pulp leftovers.

Breadcrumbs are the most common fillers in burgers, but you can easily replace the same quantity with dried vegetable marrow to add nutrients, fiber, and flavor.
If you have a veggie burger, instead, use sweet potato or carrot pulp. This works best in bean burgers.

Make an omelet

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Got a lot of marrow? Make an omelet!

Add the pulp into the eggs when they are cooking. However, make sure that you use dry vegetable marrow for this since your eggs will be ruined if you use wet marrow.

Save for veggie stock

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You will probably not get much in a single juicing batch, however, you can always freeze the pulp with other veggie scraps.

Moreover, you can mix it with your chicken stock or other bone soup that you might be cooking. Be sure to put salt as the stock reduces as it is cooking. It is easy to season it with the salt later.

Fruit Pulp

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Fruit pulp, compared to vegetable one, has a completely different flavor to it. Here are the ways you can use it.

Just eat it

Fruit marrow will actually be quite tasty by itself. Not everyone likes it this way though, so if you do not want to eat it that way just add it in some yogurt for a flavorsome treat.
Fruit pulp tastes best when wet.

With masticating juicer and other good juicers that really squeeze every drop of juice out of the fruits, you might struggle with the marrow being wet. The juice may be exceptional, but you’ll have poor and dry marrow. See this page for a more detailed explanation about this.