Why Muay Thai Training for Boxing in Thailand is the Best Way to Spend a Weekend

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If you are passionate about fitness, want to improve your health or you are an adventurous at heart, then a holiday filled with combat sport activities, can help you achieve your goals. Muay Thai and high intensity exercises have grown in popularity because it helps all persons reach their performance objectives faster than any other workout.

The fast and intense pace makes for an exceptional physical and mental challenge that even seasoned athletes put through their paces. If you are looking for an exciting way to spend your next holiday, then these travel tips can help you with lasting and rewarding experiences.

Sparring on the weekend is a great way to burn extra calories for weight loss and improve your fitness in no time. When you plan a fitness holiday, you do not have to worry about lazy days on the beach or overindulging as your training program will definitely keep you in shape. To prepare for a holiday of fast paced activities, it is important to work on your basic fitness before leaving for your program.

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Cardiovascular and strength training will help you keep up with your class if you are not accustomed to high intensity exercises. High intensity workouts are created to burn fat, build muscle and improve endurance fast. During your holiday, your exercise program will focus on engagement in short bursts of activity that drastically improve your cardio, strength and stability.

Research has shown that participation in dedicated exercise programs involving higher level activities can help you burn twice as many calories compared to prolonged activities when performed at least 3 times weekly. It is a great way for women to achieve weight loss and physical goals without adding bulk. During your holiday, you can benefit from the relaxation of being away from the stress of work and life’s responsibilities, helping you dedicate your time and your focus to improving your health.

The peace and tranquility of an exotic destination such as Thailand, makes it easier to concentrate on goal achievement without distractions. All men and women can benefit from participation in the fast paced and endurance training while on vacation.

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Planning for a fitness holiday depends on the types of activities you are going to perform. For Muay Thai or Thai boxing and mixed martial arts, you will need specific gear from straps to protect your wrists and ankles to flexible and lightweight clothing. It is important to prepare the essentials to perform at your best before leaving your home destination.

This can prevent delays having to seek the necessary apparel and training accessories when abroad. Travel to an international destination will require preparation of the correct documentation. A travel Visa for a few weeks can provide the time you need to train and to see a visible change in your body shape and in your health. Learn where the consulate for your country is located so you are prepared should a problem with your Visa or travel documents occur.

Once you have ensured that all formalities are completed, you can best enjoy your fitness holiday experience in a beautiful country. The new way of enjoying a holiday focuses on improving your health. When you are relaxed and the stress of city life removed, it provides the focus you need to dedicate to your health. Thailand is a popular vacation destination because it also provides incredible sightseeing opportunities across its urban and rural landscapes. Combining the beauty of Thailand with high intensity exercises will support your fitness goals.

Join a Muay Thai  or Thai Boxing Program in Thailand

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Muay Thai is a fast paced and high intensity program that is introduced at a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand. From fitness programs on the weekend to sparring and events held during the week, you can combine your exotic holiday goals with a fitness plan like no other. At a Muay Thai training camp, all participants are introduced to a structured program guided by experienced and professional Muay Thai instructors.

Muay Thai fighters have been performing mixed martial arts from a young age and dedicate their lives to the sport. They are fit and focused requiring only the very best standards from their students. During your stay you will be required to spend a few hours of each day performing jump rope activities, jogging, engaging in sit-ups and various cardio challenges. This is only the warm-up stage. Once you have completed your set of high intensity movements, your Muay Thai training will begin.

Your holiday will focus on refining your footwork, punches and kicks while packing power behind every action. A Muay Thai training camp in Thailand also offers the best accommodation with modern comforts to ensure that you can relax and rejuvenate when you are not exercising. The training camp is located in the lush surroundings of Thailand providing exceptional scenic views and the chance to achieve your fitness goals in a beautiful tropical destination.

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You can extend your training activities to warm-ups on the beach on the weekend where you can enjoy the true beauty of the tropical country. A Muay Thai training camp in Thailand at Suwit Muay Thai for example is an affordable choice for holiday. Experience the excitement of the fast-paced action sport while saving on the costs of an international vacation. The reason a Muay Thai holiday has become so popular is because it delivers results for all.

Participation in the combat sport with a group of dedicated fitness enthusiasts provides the motivation you need to push through challenges and achieve your health and fitness goals. Be sure to plan at least a 2-week vacation so you can learn life changing routines and healthy lifestyle habits you can easily integrate back home.

A Muay Thai training camp in Thailand is certainly one of the best ways to experience the beautiful country while working on your weight loss, fitness and wellness goals. Be sure to plan a Muay Thai holiday in Thailand with the very best fitness instructors. Experience a new way to travel and enjoy a fast paced fitness vacation with Muay Thai.