5 Good Reasons Why You Should Take Up Boxing in 2024

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There’s no question that you could use some type of structured physical activity. Both doctors and psychologists advise physical activity as one of the healthier hobbies.  Why is this so? Well, it positively affects both your body and mind. Not only does it contribute to your health, but it also makes you feel better and deal with different problems easier.

One approach that you should consider it taking up boxing. It’s easy enough to find boxing beginner and introductory classes that will help you get started properly. What can you expect to get from the experience? Here are five benefits that come with pursuing boxing as part of your mixed martial arts regimen.

1. Great Way to Tone the Muscles

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One of the most powerful things about boxing is the number of muscle groups that you employ. It’s not just about the arms and shoulders. When you box, the chest, abdomen, thighs, and lower legs also get a workout.

If you stick with it, those boxing lessons will help you shed excess pounds as you build and tone those muscles. It doesn’t hurt that boxing is also good for the muscles that you can’t see, like your heart. What can help you in this are punching bags as suggested by Speak MMA.

2. Self-Defense

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Everyone should know how to defend themselves if the need arises. Boxing is one of the most effective ways to fend off attackers. The variety of moves plus the understanding of where to strike certainly provides an advantage. Additionally, boxing helps you with predicting the opponents move.

Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a situation that you need to defend yourself, you will probably know what the attacker is planning to do, and you can react accordingly. That’s one reason many gyms that offer MMA classes include boxing sessions that are appropriate for all ages and genders.

3. Blowing Off Some Steam

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Did you know that boxing is a wonderful way to deal with stress? No matter who you happen to be, there’s some type of stress going on every day. It may be a tense situation at work, a project that’s driving you mad, issues at home, or a variety of other sources.

You need a productive outlet that allows you to let go of that stress. By choosing to take boxing lessons at a Toronto MMA gym Revmma that is featured in CP24, CityTV and Toronto Star, you will have expert guidance in how to get the most from the activity, including how to use it to deal with stress.

4. Increasing Your Levels of Coordination and Discipline

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Boxing is an art that requires intense concentration and focuses. It also means being in control of your body. As you take the lessons, the level of physical coordination that you possess will begin to increase. You are more aware of your movements and can make them intentional to the point that they are almost second nature.

Along with the increase in coordination between the mind and the body, you also develop more discipline and focus. In order to be successful with boxing, it’s important to remain in control at all times.

This increased sense of discipline transcends the time that you spend in the ring while at the gym. It will spill over into the way you handle things at work and at home. Thanks to the enhanced discipline, it will be easier to focus on tasks, pursue a logical sequence of actions that leads to resolving whatever you’re facing, and leaves you with the satisfaction of a job well done.

5. Reducing Panic Attacks and Anxiety

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Boxing is known as a very effective anxiety reducer. People usually take up this activity in order to relax and overcome panic attacks which very often appear with anxiety.

In most cases, this hobby makes you realize that anxiety is only the subjective fear, and you can easily overcome the crisis when it occurs because you focus only on one thing during the workout session. Also, it can help you sort out your thoughts and observe the problem in a different way after the workout is done.

According to some people who are struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, boxing has been one of the most effective strategies in overcoming the crisis. Also, besides being helpful when it comes to overcoming these emotions, boxing is helpful in fighting fear, anger, and sadness.

People who have implemented this sport into their everyday routine usually say that their life has changed for the better. The reason behind this lays in the fact that they can deal with different states and emotions in a more productive and healthier way.


Boxing is beneficial for many reasons. Not only does it affect your health in a positive way, but it is also useful when it comes to your mental health, self-perception, and general wellbeing. On top of that, it can make you feel safe, due to the fact that it provides you with a self-defense technique.

Also, it can help you develop different sets of skills which will be beneficial for many aspects of your life. For instance, discipline is crucial when it comes to boxing. Once you have developed discipline, you will be able to achieve great things regarding your career or personal life.

There is no real downside to taking boxing lessons under the care of a professional. The only thing to keep in mind is that you should always choose experts and reliable trainers to work with because they will guide you in a proper way, and give you valuable advice.

As long as you have that settled, there really isn’t anything stopping you from taking up this hobby. So, why not give this type of workout a try? Arrange to take lessons for a month or so and see what happens. You may find that between the physical and emotional benefits, you will want to box for the rest of your life.