Will I Ever Be Able To Withdraw My Casino Bonus – 2024 Review

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Betting bonuses can always be a great way to get things rolling, however they can provide a rather frustrating experience for those gamblers that do not know everything about them.

Naturally, bonuses are hugely attractive as they provide a player with an advantage or an incentive to bet as there will be things that go in their favour. For example, when a bookmaker provides players with the chance of earning double the amount they deposit, this could be seen as a win by the gambler.

Indeed, it should still be considered a win as the player will have twice as much to bet with than they would have initially have had, however a good phrase that should be followed – and can easily be applied to this situation – is that “nothing in this world is for free”.

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Online casino bonuses

Casinos are ultimately looking to make money and to increase their profit margins via the revenue that is brought in. One of the best ways for them to be able to achieve this is to continuously attract new bettors. How do they do this? By offering out promotional bonuses such as an online casino bonuses. How do you find a bonus online? There are now lots of dedicated review sites which list all the best bonuses, such as casinoguide.co.uk.

One of the best bonuses to be regularly provided to potential new customers is the no deposit bet bonus. They might not be as popular as they used to be because of the sheer number of options that can be offered these days – things such as free bets, matched free bets, enhanced odds, free spins and many others all exist now – however they can still be rather attractive.

For those that do not know about no deposit bonuses, these are essentially risk-free bets that are offered by an online casino or sportsbook and provide players with funds when they sign up as a new player to start gambling with.

What this particular bonus can be used on could be restricted, thus it is important to check out the terms and conditions that have been set out. One of the main things, though, that players will perhaps notice before it is too late is that the winnings are not withdrawable without meeting certain requirements.

What can players do to ensure they have a chance of withdrawing bonus winnings?

Here are some things players can do, though, to be able to withdraw winnings from the bonuses that they have used successfully:

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Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are one of the main ways that online casinos prevent players from taking out their winnings from their bank balance. This is a protective mechanism that they have implemented to ensure they do not lose money on the free funds that they have provided.

For example, players may be required to place a multiple of a certain amount on a number of bets before they are able to withdraw the winnings from the bonus bet. Whilst low wagering requirements are available, these are usually set rather high and can see players needing to place bets of an extreme nature just to withdraw the winnings that had initially been made.

Playing the right games

This might sound rather obvious, but by playing the right games will put players in a great position in being able to withdraw their winnings from the bonus used.

We say this because some casinos will limit which games can be played when using the bonus money that has been received. Players can look to play whatever game they wish, however some of them will not allow for them to reach the aforementioned wagering requirements as they fall outside the bonus offer.

If players look to play games with their bonus money that they are prohibited from playing because of the terms and conditions laid out in the offer, the casino may have the right to take the earnings from them, therefore leaving the gambler with no opportunity to win them back.

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Follow the terms set out

Everything is about following terms and conditions and we cannot stress how important it is to follow them, especially when money is on the line. As bonuses such as no deposits have cost the gambler nothing and the casino a little fee, they will want to ensure they recover it and not lose any more additional money for free.

If players do not follow the terms, then they would be well within their rights to take any of the bonus winnings that have been made from the casino bonus, whilst they will also be able to take the actual bonus away as well.

For example, just like in the previous point, if players do not play the right games or they do not stick to the limits that have been set – for example, following a betting limit per spin whilst playing a slot game – the casino can act and leave players without a chance of withdrawing any of the casino bonus or winnings they have made.

Do not redeem a no deposit bonus twice in succession

Players should not look to redeem a no deposit bonus after another one without having deposited their own funds in between at some point. A casino will easily be able to recognise whether a player is looking to make the most of an offer and are not actually playing with their own money.

Essentially, the casino may assume that you are only there to exploit the bonuses that they offer and may actually cancel the account that is being used.

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There is no hiding from the fact that there are a number of rules and regulations that are implemented in regards to bonuses, however they equally protect the gambler as well as the gambling operator.

Players who stick within the terms and conditions of the bonuses that they have activated will certainly have a chance to withdraw the winnings that they make from the casino bonus they have used, although withdrawing the actual bonus is not possible. As mentioned, casinos do not want to see money leave their establishments for free, let alone ever, which has seen them introduce the protection mechanisms that are pointed out above.