7 Reason Why Women’s Fashion Trends Evolve

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One of the most confusing aspects of women’s fashion for many women is the rapid change in style that occurs every season. From new trends in colour combinations to exciting changes in silhouette, these changes can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking at. The fad for designer clothing isn’t going anywhere, but women are still focused on practicality and comfort.

This year, your best fashion investment will be in pieces that work well together, can be mixed and matched with a variety of outfits, and don’t require special care or maintenance that’s why Impulse Boutique saves the day as they provide the best clothing line. To help you keep up with this season’s hottest trends, we created this guide on how women’s fashion trends evolve so you can look your best all year long!

1. The Life Cycle of a Trend

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In order to fully understand how fashion trends change, it helps to break down how new fashion ideas go from being introduced to mainstream audiences. Let’s take a look at how each trend goes through its lifecycle. By understanding how styles come about and how we react to them, you’ll be able to spot what will become popular next. That way, when it comes time for your company or business to decide whether or not a trend is worth investing in, you can make an informed decision based on first-hand experience with the style and research into its history.

2. The Colour Palette

Over time, we learn that certain colour combinations look good on us. For example, some women prefer a more muted palette with subtle colour combinations; others might be drawn to brighter hues with bolder contrasts. This doesn’t mean that one palette is better than another—everyone’s tastes are different. However, it does help explain why trends go in and out of fashion: If a woman isn’t comfortable wearing certain colours or styles, she won’t purchase them. It all comes down to personal preference—and not much else. When you’re trying to learn how women’s fashion trends evolve, pay attention to what you’re drawn to each season as well as what other people are wearing at work and around town.

3. Fabrics and Materials

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Though it’s hard to believe, we’re currently in the midst of an organic fashion revolution. Organic fabrics aren’t just reserved for Whole Foods anymore; you can find them in everything from socks to silk dresses at your local Impulse Boutique. The use of sustainable fabrics has become such a trend that mainstream brands like Nike and American Apparel have even gotten on board with it, so it won’t be long before organic materials are de rigueur. If you’re looking for a place to start shopping in today’s market, go with whatever feels right when you wear it — even if that means cotton! You’ll feel better knowing that natural fibres don’t have all those nasty chemicals used to treat them.

4. Fall Seasonal Styles

The best way to be prepared for a new season is to start shopping in advance. If you’re planning on hosting a fall party, make sure you have enough sweaters and booties on hand so you can accessorize your getup at a moment’s notice. Another great way to keep up with seasonal trends is by signing up for an Impulse Boutique service; these services deliver one or two curated boxes of clothing each month based on your personal style profile. You might not always like everything that comes in, but these subscription services are super affordable and keep you ahead of any trends.

5. Winter Styles

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The Impulse Boutique model pioneered by chains like H&M, Forever 21 and Zara has forever changed women’s fashion. In fact, when it comes to trends, those three companies have become just as important (if not more) than New York and Paris runways. That’s because in these stores it doesn’t matter if a trend is on-trend or off-trend; what matters is that you buy into it now so you can wear your purchase as soon as possible before it goes out of style. For example, lace dominated fashion for most of last year—but only at Zara would you see that trend translate from a dress to a backpack within two weeks.

6. Spring Styles

Spring is not just a time for renewal, but it’s also when many women decide to try new styles. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to put away your heavy winter coats and your long underwear and start wearing shorts again! With spring around the corner, now is a great time to start planning what type of fashion trends you want to follow. From maxi dresses to light sweaters, there are plenty of options that will help keep you cool while looking stylish. At [website], we offer an extensive selection of women’s apparel that makes it easy for you to choose items based on colour or design. Whether you prefer bright colours or subdued hues, we can help you find exactly what you need.

7. Summer Styles

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Think boho chic is a new fad? Think again. The hippie style has been around for decades, and although it isn’t as prevalent today as it was in its heyday, its influence can still be seen on women all over. Hippie fashion came about during one of our nation’s most turbulent times. The U.S. was fighting an unpopular war in Vietnam while protests against that war were rampant on college campuses across America—and those tensions sparked social and cultural shifts all over.


Fashion and how women dress are always changing, sometimes subtle and sometimes dramatic. Looking at fashion from a woman’s perspective, what we wear is meant to help us define who we are. Whether you love heels or flats, a cardigan or a skirt, fashion impacts your life in ways big and small. If you’re trying to be more stylish at work but not sure where to start, here are some pointers that will help you look your best every day.