Gun Cabinet Vs. Gun Safe – What To Choose – Guide 2024

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With such an enhancement in crime rates, your safety is in your hands in today’s world. Acquiring a gun to keep yourself and your family and near ones safe is not a bad idea. But with the acquisition of a gun comes the responsibility of keeping it properly. If you have children in your house or visitors, you must keep the gun away from them. Any wrong movement can also turn out to be life-threatening.

Thus, along with a gun, you need to get a place where you could safely keep your gun. This can either be a Gun Cabinet or a Gun Safe. The question arises, which one will be a better option for you? To decide upon that, first, you need to know what a gun safe is and what a gun cabinet.

Gun Safe

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It is a safe specifically designed to store firearms such as a gun. It is the standard option that most people opt for when storing guns. The under-desk safes are the secretive form of gun safes because they cannot be spotted easily. Click here for more information. There are certain features of a gun safe. These are:-

1. 14 gauge steel body

It is essential to keep your gun safe. You cannot keep your gun in something which can be easily cut or burnt. Moreover, what is the first mental image you perceive? A steel box! Hence, a gun safe is composed of solid steel. Now, most sun safes are composed of 14 gauge or above steel. This makes the safe very tough and durable. A few gun safes are also composed of 12 gauge steel, making them impossible to break. But, 14 gauge steel is considered standard in the gun safe industry.

2. Advanced lock mechanism

Another striking feature of gun safes is the advanced lock mechanisms inbuilt in them. You will find a proper lock on the exterior of every gun safe. But this lock mechanism ranges depending upon the type of gun safe you opt for. It can be a number lock or even a highly advanced biometric lock. The biometric locks are so efficient that they cannot be opened without biometrics, such as your fingerprint or the retina of your eye. Also, if anyone tries to fabricate the lock settings, an alert message will be sent to your phone.

3. Impressive fire rating

Fire ratings refer to the period when a gun safe can endure the firing of a gun. This is an essential feature of a gun safe that confirms its ultimate safety. For example, gun safes offer a 30-minute fire rating, meaning that they can endure gun firing for 30 minutes before breaking down. But there are also a few gun safes that offer above 200 minutes of fire rating.

4. Locking bolt work in the interior

To enhance the safety features of a gun safe, they are also complemented with bolt work on the interior of the gun safe’s door. So when you unlock the safe, this bolt work is seen to retract into the door, and then it again goes back when you lock the gun safe. At times, instead of using actual bolts, the manufacturers also use strong steel plates, which equally serve the purpose.

Gun Cabinet

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A gun cabinet is a cabinet that is dedicated to storing firearms such as a gun. A significant factor about the gun cabinet is its price. It is way cheaper than a gun safe. Though a gun cabinet provides efficient resistance towards any smash-grab break-ins, its efficiency diminishes if it has to protect the gun from any pre-planned determining criminal activity. But since they are rare occurrences, you can take gun cabinets under your consideration. There are certain features of a gun cabinet. These are:-

1. Presence of standard key lock

Custom gun cabinets do not have a very advanced biometric locking system, but they have an efficient barrel key lock or a standard key lock. These locks nicely serve the purpose of keeping the gun out of the reach of the children and other family members.

2. Slider locking mechanism

Gun cabinets are designed so that the sliding bars retract from the bottom and top of the gun cabinet door and enter into the cabinet’s interior frame. This is a significant drawback of the gun cabinet as it can easily be opened via any small tool such as a screwdriver.

3. 18 gauge steel body

Gun cabinets lack a very thick steel wall, The main reason being their lower cost. Most of the gun cabinet bodies are composed of 18 gauge steel bodies. These impart them with a fair amount of security because an 18 gauge steel is not much resistant towards hard side smashes or attacks with very sharp objects.

4. Provides with larger internal space

One good quality about the gun cabinet is that it provides ample internal space. Apart from keeping firearms like guns in this cabinet, you can also use the other-selves to store other essential things.

5. Lacks fire rating

Unlike gun safe, a gun cabinet is not resistant to bullet attacks and provides a negligible fire rating. Installing the fire rating feature in an object makes the object very expensive. Since gun cabinets are not expensive, installing this feature in them is impossible.

Bottom Line


After this analysis, it is as clear as water that gun safes are way more efficient than gun cabinets as long as security is concerned. Also, gun safes are a lot more expensive than gun cabinets. So, if you are looking for an option with less investment, a gun cabinet is what you are looking for. But, the factors to consider here are, from whom are you trying to keep away the gun. If it is from children in the family, then a gun safe will efficiently perform its job. Gun cabinets also provide extra space to accommodate your essential things, which a gun safe does not. Hence, both gun safe and gun cabinets are functional in specific ways. But, you need to decide which one fulfills your purpose better!