Understand the ZTE’s Involvement in 5G technology

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Technology takes up a large part of our lives. Especially when we talk about information and communication technology. This affects every segment of our lives and networks have constantly continued to be upgraded. However, the 5G network is definitely one of the biggest milestones in last few years. Its characteristics and applications bring a lot. That is why there is more and more talk about the sources of 5G equipment and various technological, economic and other considerations are being initiated. This refers to greater speed, higher capacity communication and ultra-low latency.

Either way, we will focus specifically on ZTE’s involvement in 5G technology. China’s progress thanks to 5G is huge. This refers to gaining geopolitical, economic and technological advantage by being the pioneers of the technology. We can say that it is an important trade and investment partner for countries across the region. Read more about it below.

5G network development

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Even during the early phase of the development of this network, a proposal appeared in the form of a creative solution when it comes to precise 5G planning. Therefore, it was necessary to pay attention to the accuracy of network planning. The solution consists of using 4G wireless network data with a combination of the parameter planning of the field environment and user data, accurately predict the coverage of the planning network, and intelligently mine the value area. It was ZTE that proposed this creative solution that includes everything needed to build a network and improve the cost of construction.

This was achieved through the use of basic technical means such as precise positioning, AI and big data, coverage forecasting, etc. Many intelligent functions were also present. We mean the prediction of traffic suppression, capacity, optimization and everything else. In this way, the quality of the network and the user experience are effectively improved, which means greater benefit to the operators.

Competitive edge

Involvement of ZTE in the 5G network project means so much for China. The telecommunications company has made efforts during the construction of infrastructure, the provision of network services and the sale of communication equipment. However, together with the equipment, the country bought its standards. In this way, the company can establish control over equipment, technical assistance and technology design in development. In this way, great progress has been made in general commercial representation. This company has also become a global magnet for engineering talent.

This would not be possible without a series of upgraded ZTE 5G solutions. ZTE is based on self-developed chips, advanced algorithms, SBA architecture, etc.

Automatic integration solution

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We are witnessing great progress in the development of the network. Its development was gradual until one moment, and then 5G happened. And it has become more open, resource sharing is more flexible, and innovation is faster and more agile. Networking is also becoming more complex, and the evolution of virtualization is being followed by the separation of hardware and software. Challenges are present all the time and relate to planning and network design, verification, implementation and testing. Integration in the regions is becoming a problem. However, the solution was provided by ZTE and thus strengthened and interested in the integration process through AIC.

This way they get a customized real-time integration design. In doing so, the customer’s request is respected and the feasibility of the design is confirmed. We must not forget the cloud experience model. We mean support for offline design and remote application.


A precise 5G transport network is necessary and that is why it needs precise channels, management and control, network diagnosis, etc. Operators need help. This refers to the effective reduction of difficulties in network delivery, improved delivery and general application of the 5G network. That is why the promotion of 5G applications in vertical industries and accelerated digital transformation is extremely necessary. Various intelligent tools, data research and analysis platforms and everything else are used for this purpose. By finding new design solutions, simplification and lower network construction costs are achieved.

The main factor in this whole story is ZTE. ZTE is credited with more than 40% of the leading 5G networks. Results at the global level have been achieved. This is due to build performance, user experience and innovation when it comes to applications. This company has collaborated with others, but also assisted in the implementation of custom 5G products, related solutions and supported many commercialized 5G projects.

Problems with the complexity and diversity of 5G networks

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In order to overcome this problem, it is necessary to offer an intelligent management solution. With its unique platform, ZTE has made this possible or offered an intelligent management solution. This refers to dealing with a series of maintenance tasks. These challenges are faced by service providers in the 5G era. However, through basic chips, key components, advanced algorithms and AI, ZTE has managed to achieve the required capacity.

Service alarms, actual malfunctions, and performance bottlenecks must be anticipated and prevented before they occur. That is why proactive action in this area is necessary. This company has characteristics that can cope with such and similar tasks. One of the business values ​​is reduced investment in labor, tools and improved skills. Thus, the potentials as well as the work activities in the 5G network are better used and improved.

User experience

When it comes to this part of the job, it is important to offer a better experience in terms of network quality. Improvements in operation should be maximally customer-oriented, and the solution lies in monitoring 5G signaling. However, this is not enough to fully satisfy all user requirements. Much more is needed than that, and that refers to technical means, global data collection, etc. Things like this significantly help operators improve user perception experiences.

The solution lies in user applications that bring 5G new things and added value. Thus, the establishment of standardized methods and experience management processes improve the level of work of operators. This level of work is realized through the system’s self-optimization capability adaptation analysis scenario offered by ZTE.


So, ZTE has conducted detailed cooperation with global operators when it comes to customer demand, scenario studies, new business applications, network innovations and much more. And the main goal is to create the most suitable solution. We hope we’ve helped you learn more about ZTE’s involvement in 5G technology.