How To Bring Elegance To Your Kitchen While On A Budget?

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Are you looking to give a revamp to your kitchen within a budget? Well, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in our house, and thus you should consider revamping it from time to time. However, it might so happen that the cost of updating the tiles, getting new counters installed, and switching the present appliances may fall out of your budget.

The good news is that we have done the hard work for our readers. This article consists of several ways with the help of which you can give your kitchen a zest of luxury without devouring a fortune. Some of the cost-effective ways of giving your kitchen a revamp include, updating the carpentry hardware of your kitchen, swapping outdated or very old fixtures and other fittings, adding a piece of hanging art, to add elegance etc.

You can choose to hire experts from to give your kitchen a modern look. They have a team of the best kitchen architects who will revamp your kitchen space in the best way possible.

In this article, we have shared a few budget-friendly stylish tricks that would help you revamp your kitchen completely and give it a modern look.

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  • Reinvent the Cabinets with Modern Hardware:

If you cannot afford to buy new cabinets for your kitchen space, plan to revamp the existing hardware and give it a stunning new look. Replace the handles, hinges and pulls with some fancy pieces. Ensure to pick pieces that fit the holes of your cabinets perfectly well. You can also make an outstanding combination of different types of metals to obtain robust quality products. You can also add to the charm of the sink of your kitchen by replacing its steel faucet with one made of brass.

  • Display the Best Stems at the Upfront:

You should make a little investment in the new stemware. If you have a good budget that you are ready to spend on your kitchen, we recommend you to buy a gorgeous open shelf otherwise you can also choose glass-front cabinets. Keeping pretty glasses and coloured kitchenware on this shelf will make the display worthwhile.

  • Play with Different Textures, and Pick Luxurious Colours:

We highly recommend using sophisticated, natural colours for your kitchen. Such colours look beautiful give out elegant vibes. If you look at the work of some high-profile luxury designers, you will notice that most of their kitchen work consists of primary colours, and light natural colours. That said you can choose cream, charcoal, harsher black, silver, and even champagne colours for your space.

While planning the colour palette, you can also consider choosing textures. To make your design more high-end, choose varied textures with different complexities. Use a combination of two to three close colours, and play with different textures. When it comes to finishes, choose matte, varying high-gloss, and distressed finishes, to make your cooking space stand out.

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  • Paint The Cabinets or Add Doors to Them:

If you have old cabinets in your kitchen, consider adding a good coat of paint to hide all the rusts present on it, and make it look more appealing. The old cabinets in your cooking space, make it look aged. Hire a professional to get the job done effortlessly. They will also make sure that you get a smooth, silky finish that makes your space look all the more appealing. You can also choose to cut out the existing doors of your cabinets and add glass doors to give them a more modern look.

If you are not sure about what needs to be done and how we recommend hiring trusted contractors.

  • Recast the Backsplash of your Kitchen:

Apart from the cabinets, the backsplash of your kitchen is what adds elegance to it. You can showcase your personality, style and taste through this space in your home. Experts generally prefer monochromatic styles for the backsplash of your space such as the herringbone, concrete, and subway tiles. However, if your budget doesn’t allow going for such options, you can choose to add the backsplash by using an adhesive-based product, or a simpler and in-budget product, such as the SimpleMat.

  • Revise your Lightings and Fixtures:

If your budget doesn’t allow giving the entire architecture a revamp, you can choose to modify the lighting, to give your space a new look. If not able to decide what to choose, we recommend using global fixtures with brass or nickel details to keep the look elegant and chic. Dimmable lighting is also a go-to option.

Lastly, you should not forget the lighting under your cabinets, or the task lights. LED lights that are battery-powered, come on a budget and can be very easily installed. Get them positioned under your cabinets at the place, where you spend maximum time when you are cooking.

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  • Give An Upgrade To The View:

Using window appliques is one of the best ways of faking a great view outside your kitchen. Such options add to the visual charm of your space if the outside space is not conducive enough. You can also choose to apply another great trick. Hang some ferns and several other flowers, outside your window to give the illusion of verdant and lush space outside. If you have counter space above the sink, choose to place a herb garden just outside the kitchen or above the sink.

  • Incorporate Fruits:

Fruits will bring life to your kitchen. Place a bowl full of bright coloured fruits on the tabletop to add elegance to the space. Fruits sit for a longer period and their life span is more than the flowers. Moreover, fruits will give an attractive lively feel to the space.


Keep the clutter away from your kitchen. No matter, how good it looks, clutter will bring the look of your kitchen down. Choose to keep the counter space clean and tidy. Also, keep the smaller appliances like the blenders, toasters and coffee pots away. We hope the above mentioned tips will help you revamp your kitchen in the best way possible.