5 Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Book

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Let’s imagine that you are a truly talented writer. You developed a book of 200 pages and you want to share it with the world and make some profit. We are sure that you wrote a valuable content. Still, is that enough for your book to become a bestseller?

The answer to that question is simple – No, it is not enough.

Being a high-quality writer does not guarantee that your book will become famous among readers. You need to give them a good reason to check and buy your book. That also means that you need to be a good marketer.

However, can you even imagine how many books are published daily? The number is huge and you have to be clever and creative. Fortunately, together with the development of Internet technology, readers have a lot more possibilities to promote their book.

Many factors will influence your success. Still, we want to share with you the 5 most effective ways to promote your book. Knowing these 5 tricks will be helpful for each book author.

Engaging Title and Clear Book Description

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The best way to explain this is to compare your book with an article that you can find online. Millions of articles are published per day, but only a small number of them attract a lot of visitors. When you google for something online, you click on the article that has the most attractive headline.

Well, in this case, the title of your book is the headline that you see online. It doesn’t matter if you promote your book online or offline; the influence of engaging title is crucial. People would rather choose to grab a book in the physical store that has an attractive title.

Anyway, the potential reader of your book will not stop there. The next thing he will do is reading the description of the book. The title does not say too many things about the book, and the potential reader would want to find out more. You won’t be able to talk with each person independently and convince him that your book is fantastic. That’s why the description needs to be clear.

Avoid salesy descriptions and using phrases such as “This is the best book for…” Talk a little about the topic and explain clearly who should write this book. That makes things a lot easier for the potential buyer.

Attractive Design of the Book

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How to split your book from the masses? Well, engaging titles and descriptions are not enough. You will be able to find hundreds of them that have these two things. Let’s compare this once again with the websites online. Do you spend more than 5 seconds on the websites that have an unattractive design? Most people do not even start reading the content which confirms how important design is.

More precisely, you need to discover which mockup would be a perfect choice for your book cover. Yet, if you are not a graphic designer, then this task is going to be complicated for you. That’s why we suggest you hire someone else to do it instead of you. We suggest you check placeit.net and see which options you have.

Run an Ad on Social Media

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There is no reason to talk about numbers here. We suppose that every person around you has at least one social media account. Well, why should you use that advantage?

Social media are definitely one of the most powerful advertising tools. It is necessary to invest a certain amount of money. Yet, that won’t hurt your budget a lot. Imagine that you need to pay for TV commercials. That would be a lot more expensive move. Anyway, investing in so-called paid ad campaigns is a lot of smarts and affordable move. You will be able to target a specific group of people that would potentially want to read your book.

For instance, you can target gender, ages, demographics, interests that they have, etc. Advertising your book among millions of eyeballs that do not have any type of interest for your book is the worst advertising tactic you could have. In this way, things are going to be a lot easier.

Ask for a Review

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Even today, when we live in the world of modern technology, recommendation is the best way to promote yourself. More precisely, “word-to-mouth” advertising is the best way to grab people’s attention. Whatever people want to buy, they are looking for some sort of social proof that confirms the quality of a certain product. This especially counts when we talk about books.

The biggest problem is not to spend money on the book. Spending their time on a bad book is something they actually want to avoid. However, if the book has many positive reviews, they would not hesitate at all. That’s why it is necessary to ask your previous readers to leave a comment about your book. These reviews can be written on Google, social media, or selling platforms such as Amazon.

Still, you should not stop there. Use social media and highlight those positive reviews. For instance, you can publish them on a Facebook or Instagram page. When social media users see those reviews, they will at least check the description of your book. After that, your duty is to convince them to buy it.

Connect with Influencers

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This is another way to use the power of social media to promote your book. For instance, let’s say that you are writing a book that is related to the personal development niche. Your task would be to find influencers on different social media platforms that are sharing content related to this niche.

These profiles/influencers are already connected with your target audience. Their only task would be to publish a post about your book and write some attractive caption/description.

Still, not every influencer is good for the promotion of your book. You have to find those that have a good reputation on social media. A huge number of followers is not enough reason why you should hire an influencer. Check his history and see if someone else already promoted books on that profile.