7 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmers in 2024

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There was a time when cordless hedge trimmers were unimaginable, due to the nature of their use, Trimming and pruning requires a lot of power and only corded or gasoline-powered ones could handle it. Thankfully, the technology has improved significantly and it is hard to see why would anyone buy a corded model if they can afford a cordless one.

These powerful models can easily tackle even thicker branches, up to ¾”. Battery charging seems like an issue, but if you trim your hedge 2 or 3 times a year, as required, you can split that into several weekends, which will be easier for you and provide enough time for the battery to always be on full capacity.

There are several safety precautions when using cordless trimmers. Never use them immediately after rain. Wait for the hedge to dry before trimming it. Also, avoid getting the tool in contact with any water, including your wet hands. Water can easily get inside and short-circuit the trimmer. Not only it is expensive, but it can also be very dangerous, as you risk electrocuting yourself. Take very good care when trimming over uneven terrain. Slipping and falling while holding a working trimmer can be very risky. For best results, keep your blades sharp and replace them if they break. You will get the job faster and put less strain on the motor.

Picking the best cordless trimmer can be tricky, as there are so many models on the market today. That is why we have provided you with this handy guide, with a detailed description of seven models we feel are the best you can find in 2024.

  1. Makita XHU02M1 Lithium-Ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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The XHU02M1 is another excellent product from Makita. It features a 4 Ah battery, which holds enough power for two hours of work on the lowest settings. Not only that, but it has the quickest recharging times of all models on our list. It comes with Makita’s warning technology, which shuts down the motor and gives a warning light when the battery needs to be recharged. The motor has five cushion mounts, which eliminates almost all vibrations during the operation. It weighs just 7.2 pounds. All that comes at the price and XHU02M1 is considerably more expensive than other models.

  1. Husqvarna 115iHD55 Hedge Trimmer

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Husqvarna 115iHD55 Hedge Trimmer is the quietest model on our list, allowing you to work even during off-hours or next to sensitive neighbors. With this model, they won’t have anything to complain about. It has a handy Save Mode, which can prolong battery life up to 90 minutes of use. The trimmer does feel a bit underpowered, not something we are accustomed to from Husqvarna products, but it is designed for use in dense urban environments and as such, some sacrifices had to be made.

  1. DEWALT DCHT820P1 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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One of the most practical solutions on our list, DEWALT DCHT820P1 Cordless Hedge Trimmer features excellent 22-inch dual-action blade that goes through hedge-like knife through butter, light-weight design, and a powerful 5.0Ah high-capacity lithium-ion battery. Even larger branches, up to 3/4″, present no problem for this trimmer. Due to the position of the battery, it may feel a little unbalanced at times. For this model, Dewalt offers a 3-year limited warranty and 1 year of free service.

  1. Greenworks 22262 40V Hedge Trimmer

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Greenworks 22262 40V Hedge Trimmer features a very useful design with rotating handle, making it easy to switch from trimming sides to the top of the hedge without twisting your ankle. A 40V 2.0 battery will be sufficient for most jobs around the house on a single charge and should hold power for one hour. Despite the excellent high quality 24″ steel blade, it can struggle with thicker branches and some users noticed that it can stutter when facing them. Still, this trimmer isn’t designed for commercial use and it should have no problem tackling hedges in a single yard, especially if they are younger and thinner.

  1. Milwaukee 2726-20 Hedge Trimmer

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Milwaukee 2726-20 Hedge Trimmer can be considered a commercial solution for cordless trimmers, but only if you get 9.0 battery, which will provide two hours of uninterrupted work. It comes in a durable metal case, so it can handle a few bumps easily during transport. Branches up to 3/4” shouldn’t be a problem for this beast and its 24″ blade. However, due to the fact that it is designed for Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel system, you have to buy the battery and the charger separately, unless you already have a tool that uses the same system.

  1. Worx WG284 40V Dual Battery Hedge Trimmer

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Worx is a relatively new name in the world of power tools, but their WG284 40V trimmer is a very good solution for maintaining your hedges. It is powered by two 20 V batteries, providing combined 40 V of power, so even thicker branches won’t be an issue. The downside is that you have to recharge two batteries instead of one between uses. At least they recharge fairly quickly, so if you trim your hedges once a week, it shouldn’t be a problem. The handle is designed to be vibration dampening, making the trimmer easy and comfortable to use. The second battery adds a significant weigt, so it may not be the best solution for smaller and elderly people.

  1. EGO Power+ HT2402 Cordless Hedger

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With a 24″ hardened steel, dual-action blade, EGO Power+ HT2402 Cordless Hedger is an excellent choice for wider hedges, as it can save you one pass while trimming. It features a 56V battery, which provides enough power for even the toughest hedges. Despite its power, it still holds enough juice for up to an hour of trimming. The downside is the weight, as such large battery weighs quite a bit and the entire trimmer feels heavy because of it. However, it is well-balanced and the design limits vibrations. EGO Power+ HT2402 costs a bit more than its competitors, but you get more power and a 5-year warranty for your money.