7 Habits to Avoid in Gym 2024

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There is a common saying that mistakes are inevitable. This explains why individuals make mistakes in their areas of discipline, without even realizing the harm they are doing. The world of gym enthusiasts is not left out in these “unconscious” mistakes. There are many myths and lies associated with cardiovascular exercise and other related physical activities.

For instance, contrary to the view of many people out there, studies have shown that fat burning can be increased with as little as six minutes of exercise. Sounds incredible, right? Well, what matters in the world of the gym is how well and not how long you have been doing the exercise. Below are some useless but common gym habits, which you must endeavor to avoid.

1. Too much Cardiovascular Exercise

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Sincerely speaking, a good result cannot be obtained by indulging in long hours of horrible cardio exercises. Many people even misunderstood cardio as a sort of strength training program. But the truth is that this unique type of physical activity is specifically designed for shedding excess body fats and building lean muscles. This can only be accomplished by taking part in a quick well-observed training session.

2. Putting Too Much effort in Exercising without a Complementary Lifestyle

Generally, a long duration of exercising helps in keeping your body in good shape. However, your long hours in the gym can be jeopardized by the very lifestyle you adopt, after leaving the gates of the gymnasium. It is absolutely stupid to finish six hours of strenuous physical activity, only to dash into the nearest Macdonald’s store and place order for huge junk of pasta meals.

The manner in which you observe these exercises is also important. For instance, you don’t have to spend hours on the elliptical machine, while still catching on your desired TV programs. Again, a lasting solution cannot be obtained by visiting a gym once in a blue moon and spending long hours. The best alternative is to embark on shorter but more vigorous workouts on a daily basis.

3. Using the Elliptical on Low Resistance

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At times, using the elliptical machines can be deceptive and ineffective. This is because; these machines are capable of doing some of the work for you. This is what happens when you fail to put on the machine’s resistance to the high level. Thus, the highly desired weight loss can only be accomplished by setting the resistance of the elliptical on the high side. It’s only when this physical quantity is set high that the body will be said to be doing real work.

4. Adopting AB Exercises as the only way of Getting rid of the Belly Fats

Many individuals are making this horrible mistake of concentrating only on AB exercise as the only way of getting rid of belly fats. But the truth is that these exercises are only useful in dealing with one small group of muscles. Thus, they are of very little use in dealing with fats that cover up the abdomen. The best way to get rid of belly fats is by controlling what you eat.

5. Spending too Much Time on Work Out

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Embarking on regular workout is one of the surest ways of burning off excess calories and boosting one’s health. However, there are two severe disadvantages of spending too much time on workouts. These are increased hunger and tiredness.

Unfortunately, extreme hunger can make you overeat, thereby gaining the same weight you have been striving to get rid of. Similarly, extreme fatigue can make you inactive, which is also responsible for weight accumulation. Therefore, one should embark on a shorter but daily strength session.

6. Taking sports drinks during and after workout sessions

Generally, all the calorie-laden sports drinks in the market are rich in sugar. Unfortunately, the acetyl CoA formed at the end of sugar metabolism can be converted to triacylglycerol. This triacylglycerol is the building block of the body fats. Therefore, taking sports drinks means acquiring the same fats you are trying to burn off. The best drink to take during and after a workout session is water.

7. Saving Cardio for the Gym

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The gym should not be the only place to exercise the body. Try as hard as possible to integrate cardio into your daily activities. For instance, you may decide to shun the elevator and use the staircase in getting to your office. You can choose to use a bicycle to get to your friend’s house. All these help in putting your weight in check.

Now you might be thinking to yourself, is going to the gym really worth it? With some under-desk elliptical and adjustable dumbbells such as ones at ellipticalhub.com, you could burn all the calories by yourself. If you calculate all the expenses for a gym membership, going to the gym costs more than the actual membership fee. With home workout, you will even save a lot of money and time.

50% of Americans quit going to the gym within the first 6 months. 14% of females who join a gym leave in the very first month. But most of the home trainers stopped their home workout before that. This is why we always suggest going to the gym (with a friend).

The time and money you invest are mainly for the motivation and the variety of equipment available there. Most of the members who quit the gym within the first few months have very high expectations from the gym.

Manage your expectations. Do not plan to lose 10 lbs in the first month, if you are not planning to change your lifestyle.

Start with some home workout before you start going to the gym. Some pushups, planks, and 30 min jog will build you up for the gym.

In short, stay active, be realistic, and work hard. Please talk with your trainer, they are your friends. You will never get the type of advice your trainer can give you in google (I am not sure if google already knows our body type).